Blind Box Monday (Barely)

Ack.  I keep forgetting and posting so late that I almost miss Monday.

Well, it’s cold out again, so…a penguin Twozie…I guess…?


Calling any “Revolutionary Girl Utena” Fans!

Desperate help is needed from fellow Utena fans!

There’s a Kickstarter going on right now for some really awesome enamel pins.  I’m not asking anyone to back them, though.  (Although if you like enamel pins and anime, you probably don’t want to miss these!)

From Kickstarter campaign. Click for link.

The pins are already fully funded, and they’ve unlocked the four designs shown above (in silhouette and skintone versions), which is all the campaign originally had planned.  So now there’s a vote for what the fifth and final design will be.

And this is where everyone else comes in.  The update with the poll is actually for backers only, so I can’t send you to it, which is a bit awkward.  I’ll just pass on the links contained within it, then.  The artist’s also polling on Instagram and Facebook, where I can’t vote, as I don’t have accounts with either site.

So, if anyone out there is on Instagram and Facebook and feels generous with their time, I’d like to beg them to go and vote for the Utena/Anthy pin to be the last design.

Because I totally need it.

I mean, like, to the point that as soon as I saw the first image, I thought “yeah, but if you’re doing stained glass, you should be doing Utena!”

(Yes, this has been utterly selfish and possibly a violation of the rules of the vote.  What’s your point?)

(LOL, you could also take up the grass roots plea for a Toya/Yukito design.  One person mentioned that as their true choice, and now at least two more of us have said “yup, I’d buy that.”)

Some dolly clothes that got skipped over…

In my utter failure to keep up with photography and blogging, some new outfits arrived, were worn, and got put away again without any fanfare.  Probably a lot of them, in fact.  I only have photos of three, one on Yuzu and two for Ivy.  I’m going to share them now, if only to break up the monotony a bit.

We’ll start with Yuzu’s ’80s rocker look:

It’s sort of an awkward photo, I know, but that’s because I literally just decided to snap a couple of pics right after I got her changed into it.

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Blind Box Monday

This Unicorno blind bag plushie chosen in honor of the crazy weather we’re having.

Admittedly, upper 30s and raining doesn’t feel as tropical as this guy evokes (though considering how long it’s been since it was above freezing, it still kind of feels it), but it’s supposed to be in the 50s by Wednesday, so…that’s pretty freakin’ tropical for January.  (And then, if the extended forecast is right, it’ll back down into the 20s by the weekend…and then back up into the 50s again…)

(And yes, I do realize that the weather where I live is irrelevant to people elsewhere.)

Blind Box Monday – New Year’s

The first photo I’ve taken this year!

The new “season” of these blind box Unicornos is the first one that I like so many of them enough to buy more than one.  (This one is the second one I’ve bought, btw.)  Most of the time, when a particular box out of the array is shouting “buy me!” at me, it turns out to be a trick.

This time, it wasn’t. 😀  This guy is awesome.

I’m hoping to be better at posting things other than just the Monday posts this year.  Certainly, February is promising to be better.  Or rather, I already have a bunch of photos, so how can it not be?  January is probably still going to be quiet; I’ll be working 1 day short of full-time in January (5 days a week every week except the third week, when I have one day off), and a lot of it, esp. in the first two weeks, will be more physical than I’m used to, so I’m likely not to have any energy left over for taking pictures with.  But after that, I’d like to get back to regular photo shoots so I can start doing real posts again.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay, not the most standard greeting, but New Year’s Day is a Monday, and that’s still dedicated to Blind Box Mondays.  (No worries; I have a super-special one to post tomorrow.  Very festive. 😀  )

Anyway, some of my girls are getting ready for the big moment that we leave this crappy year behind us!

Ivy has this pretty kimono to wear, complete with a matching hairbow!  (At least, I assume that was meant to go in her hair, and not around her waist…)  I probably have the kimono put on wrong; I’ve never had to try putting one on before that didn’t have, you know, velcro or something.  I’m not sure which side is supposed to go on top, left or right; I think there’s a meaning to which one is going under the other, only I didn’t have the Internet turned on when I was dressing the dolls, so I couldn’t check.  😦

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