T. Cohn Tin Dollhouse

Since I mentioned this last time, I’m finally remembering to get a post up about my tin dollhouse.  I bought this at the same time as the new shelves I got way back in October, as shown in my post about Odile.

So, here’s the back of the house.  There are some detail shots in the gallery, but this is the only full shot, from before I moved it to its current position on a computer desk (displacing the monitor of the 21 year old computer I haven’t used in more than ten years but can’t bring myself to get rid of) where the back can’t be seen anymore.  The lithos on the outside of the house are very nice, though, aren’t they?  The roof does have a bit of a warped spot, but it’s nothing serious.  And actually I could probably bend it back into shape if I was feeling ready to risk it.

According to this informational site I found, this dollhouse was made by a company called T. Cohn, and was released in 1948, the first of the company’s tin dollhouses.  All the windows and the door open, though as you can see one of the double windows on the first floor doesn’t like to close.  Actually, neither does the door.  😛  According to the site, it was sometimes sold with furniture, and sometimes sold empty.

I took a picture of the interior so I could go looking for furniture for it.

There are a few rust spots on the interior, but it’s not bad for something 71 years old!  I hadn’t cleaned it yet when I took this photo, so the roof is still very visibly covered with dust. 😦  Thankfully, it cleaned off beautifully with just a microfiber dust glove. 🙂

My initial plan was to put nothing but appropriate furniture in it:  nothing but 1950s plastic furniture.  And I also planned to get it locally, because I figured mailing fragile plastic furniture would be a good way to get broken furniture.  Well, that second one fell apart almost immediately, because I couldn’t really find any.  And when I was looking around online, I found myself drawn to a set of porcelain miniature furniture from Japan on RubyLane because it was identical to a set at work.  So I was like “well, they can just have nicer stuff in the living room, and plastic everywhere else.”  Only the seller also had a second set, slightly smaller, made in Occupied Japan, but in more or less identical shape, and I just couldn’t resist that, either.  So my initial furnishing of the house looked like this…

I should put some kind of “scene screen” behind the house so it’s not just blank white out those windows…

Anyway, let’s look at this room by room…

The kitchen is I think the only room that still remains 100% period.  I don’t want to have to check every single piece of furniture in the house, so I’m just gonna sum up by saying that the period stuff throughout the house is made by Plasco, Renwal and Marx.

That buffet in the front is way the wrong scale. 😛  At this point, the dining room was still period.

And nothing in the living room is right.  The porcelain furniture might be from the 1950s (that was when the seller dated it to, but the set we have at work was donated in the 1950s, which naturally suggests an earlier date), but the fireplace is Fisher-Price from the 1970s, and the bust of Nefertiti is something modern I couldn’t resist picking up at this nifty shop I stop in at sometimes on my way home from work to escape heavy traffic.

An actual mirror above the vanity. 🙂  I love the mottled plastic in so much of this furniture.  I believe that’s Renwal stuff.

The bathroom almost made it to being period, except that the sink is another FP from the ’70s.

You wanna talk about not period!  The porcelain furniture in this room is from Occupied Japan, so 1946-1949ish…so, actually, that’s more period than the stuff from the 1950s.  Uh, anyway, but I couldn’t resist giving the tin dollhouse a tin dollhouse of its own when I saw this candy container on RubyLane.  I can’t seem to access the listing (it’s been a while now), but I believe the seller dated it to the late 19th century.  So that’s way not period! 😀

Anyway, there have been some new additions since these pictures, mostly of adornment…

The various little decorative touches on the shelves and on the table are more of the fèves I showed you a few of quite some time ago.  As to the dolls…

The drummer is from Haiti.  I bought him at that huge antique mall I was talking about before, and he was labelled as being a souvenir doll.  However, I know Kimport sold dolls just like him…except for being 2-3 times bigger.  I don’t know if that makes this guy a Kimport doll (he’s not labelled as such) or a souvenir as the seller said.  Doubt it matters, really.  I just thought he was pretty nifty.  And I put him in the dollhouse just because he was roughly the right scale.  Standing at the edge of the dining room is probably not the best place for him, but…for the moment, that’s just where he is.  The girl doll is by Renwal, and I found her at my usual antique mall (which is practically across the street from my house), soon after seeing one just like her shown as a scale indicator in another listing on RubyLane.  She’s very cool…

She’s jointed at the knees as well as the hips, so when she sits she bends her knees. 🙂  This photo also shows you the fève of Gilgamesh, and the miniature painting by Windi Rosson of Winjimir Studio, who was running a Kickstarter selling these miniatures to raise money for some studio upgrades.  It’s a lovely little painting; I should have gotten more of them (though it’s somewhat unnecessary in a dollhouse that has paintings printed on its walls).

The living room gained three fèves, and that stone lion that really doesn’t technically live there only I just sort of put him there so he could go somewhere and then just haven’t moved him since.  (He came from the same shop as Nefertiti.)

The patio (whose door does not work, being printed on and not even printed on the other side of the wall) gained a little metal patio set from Michael’s, and a little bird bath or pool or whatever it’s supposed to be exactly.  (Technically, it’s a desktop zen garden, also from Kickstarter, but I had something in particular in mind when I filled it with blue sand.  Only now I’ve forgotten what that was.)

The bedroom got lots more fèves, two on the desk in the back (my favorite two, put there because there’s zero chance of them falling out and ending up on the floor) and the other two Greek ones, a Cycladic replica and a centaur.

Anyway, just today (or it’ll be yesterday by the time I’m done writing this) I added some more dolls, even though they’re slightly off-scale, because they just arrived and they’re very cool and I didn’t know quite where else to put them…

Storybook Liddle Kiddles from 1968!  😀  Sleeping Biddle ended up on the porch because I wasn’t sure where else to put her.

She doesn’t have her booklet (it’s probably the hardest thing to find for any Kiddle), but it doesn’t look like she’s supposed to have any other accessories other than that nifty fainting couch.

Cinderiddle (who unfortunately has a stain on one hand, the only really noticeable damage to any of these dolls) is hanging out in the living room.  Maybe the kitchen would have made more sense, but there is a fireplace, right? 😉

Liddle Biddle Peep doesn’t have her crook, but she has her book!  And also her sheep. 🙂  She’s hanging out in the nursery because it seemed the most logical place for her sheep.

And…the best for last…

Alice Wonderliddle with Mr. Rabbit!  He has, alas, lost his pocket watch, but…hey, he can ask someone else the time.  They’re in here because it was the room with the mirror. 🙂  Alice Wonderliddle has been something of a grail doll for me for years now, so I am really stoked to have found her. 😀

Anyway, there you have it, my tin dollhouse as it currently stands.  I’d like to add something to the kitchen and the bathroom, as they seem a bit plain, but I’m not quite sure what else would go in the bathroom without being too jarring.  (Towel racks and such would seem a bit too realistic for the overall style of the dollhouse, y’know?)  Maybe some more toys for the nursery, some more plants on the patio (although a large chunk of it is currently taken up by the attack of the 50 foot Skipper, as I had no other place to put a newly arrived vintage Skipper), other little stuff like that.


Some recent shopping trips

This is a bit of a long, meandering but also somewhat different post.

It should probably be several posts, but I already named all the files and loaded them to a single gallery so…just one long, meandering post.  In which I am going to show you some stuff I’ve seen in three recent shopping trips that I didn’t buy, and a few things I did buy, too.

Starting with that last antique mall trip looking for actual wooden shelves.  I went to an absolutely ginormous antique mall (my first thought on seeing it was that it was once a grocery store, but no grocery store is that big, so it was probably a Venture or a K-mart or maybe a furniture outlet store) and although I was just there looking for shelves, of course I had to look at every single part of the store (even the cases where I was obviously not going to find any (human-sized) furniture), and I took pictures of some really cool stuff that I didn’t end up getting.  Some of which I will absolutely not get even if it’s still there next time I go (whenever that might be) because it was too expensive or bulky.  I also got some cool stuff other than the shelves, but I don’t have any pictures of that stuff ready.  I need to research one of the toy cars before I could even think of posting about it, and some of it while cool, isn’t really something that needs to be posted about, not on a doll blog.  (I mean, yeah, a(n allegedly) first-pressing copy of “Abbey Road” is awesome, but it doesn’t have much to do with dolls, and everyone knows what the cover of “Abbey Road” looks like, even if they don’t even like the Beatles, so there’s no need to take a picture of it.)

So, here’s some of the cool stuff I saw at the antique mall, starting with a couple of cool tin dollhouses.

This is a very early Marx tin dollhouse, and it was quite reasonably priced given its rarity.  The only reason I didn’t snap it up is that I have no room for a second tin dollhouse!  (Ooh, I still haven’t posted the pictures of the one I’ve already got, have I?  Mental note:  need to do that.)

You may be wondering what’s so rare about it.  Well, you can kind of see it in that photo, but here’s a closer shot:

This is the Disney version, which was only made for one year.  The standard version has generic decor on the nursery walls.  Like I said, I really wanted to get this, because it’s so freaking cool.  But I had enough trouble trying to figure out where to put the one I’ve already got.  To have room for this one, I’d have to get rid of the one I have, and how would I do that?  (Not to mention, I haven’t even had it all that long!)

I don’t know off-hand who made this other tin dollhouse, but isn’t it cool?  The ones that are unusual shapes like this are also pretty rare, from what I recall of my earlier research into tin dollhouses.  (We had one of the Disney ones on loan at work until recently, and when it came in I had to research it to see when it was from, etc.  Learned a fair bit about tin dollhouses all around.  Probably saw stuff about this one at that time, but that was years ago and I don’t remember.)  If I had infinite space, I would have so gotten both of these tin dollhouses…

It would be the coolest job ever to be in charge of a dedicated toy museum that was just starting up and had unlimited funds to go out and buy toys to add to the collection.  (Not that such a job could exist.  Toy Story 2?  Lies, all lies.  Toy museums don’t buy toys.  There’s never money in the budget, and besides people are always trying to give you toys.  Even if their toys are too beat up to display.  Or if you stopped being a toy museum years ago and barely get to display the oodles of toys you already had.)

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The New and the Curvy

Argh, this post has taken so long to get put together!  Every time I thought I was done with photos for it, I realized I was missing something and everything got put on hold until I could get some more pictures taken.  Which has been complicated by a lot of changes in my living space, including (but not limited to) getting rid of an old sofa, scouring antique malls for shelves made of actual wood, and replacing beat-up old metal blinds that looked awful with really nice new shades that let in a lot of light.  So I have a great new place to take photos which looks like this:

Only problem is that it’s not well lit on the side that faces the camera.  The new lighting situation is great for just existing in the room, but terrible for photography.  And my artificial light sources are actually quite awful.  I need to buy a new lamp that’s like a photography spotlight or something.  (Oh, and yes, there will be a future post about a certain clump of dolls in that photo…)

Aaaaaanyway, getting back to the actual point of this long-delayed post…this past May, I finally got my Master’s Degree, and as a graduation present to myself, I decided I would go to Ali Express and get myself another factory girl…but I had something special in mind beyond “just another factory girl.”

You see, since the Kickstarter for Curvy Girls Dolls, I’ve been thinking about the whole plus-size doll issue.  (Speaking of which, though the Kickstarter failed, they’ve moved to Patreon, and have been able to use the Patreon funds to sign on a really talented CAD designer to upgrade their 3D printed prototype.  It may be a while before there’s a physical doll available for purchase, but I’m very excited for the eventual release!  Please check out the Patreon and support them if you can.)  Since I knew there was a plus-size body for Blythe dolls, I thought I’d go ahead and get that one instead.  That meant I ended up going to a different Ali Express seller than the one I got Pyrrha from…which gave me some interesting new options, including a “carved” face.  (I think it’s more like they carved one once and then made a new mold from it, but…)  The new clothes I ordered for her arrived before she did, though her wig took much longer, so the earliest photo I have of my plus-size factory girl, she’s already dressed, but wearing Nadia’s stock wig, which totally doesn’t fit her but I didn’t have any that did.  (Oh, yes, I got her bald so I could get wigs.  Unfortunately, Blythe wigs are hard to come by, so I didn’t have as many options as I was expecting…)

Anyway, meet Melisande:

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Vintage Barbie Hair

It may have taken a long time, but here I am finally making the post I’ve been promising!


(Actually, though, hopefully things will pick up soon.  I’m exhausted right now due to having spent about six hours in two days this past week wandering through antique malls looking for shelves (that are, you know, made from actual wood), and I finally succeeded, so once I’m able to go pick them up (they didn’t fit in my little compact car) I’ll finally have some space in which to do photography regularly.  I’m going to be getting a record player, and so the top of its case will always be free no matter how much the shelves themselves get cluttered with books and dolls in the first two seconds of their life in my house….)

So, you may be wondering why I’m doing a post about vintage Barbie hair, rather than the dolls themselves.

Well, technically, it’s more like vintage Skipper hair.  Hair colors, specifically.

See, a while back (like, in January), we got a donation with some vintage Barbies in it.  I had actually hesitated to accept the Skipper, because she was just in her original swimsuit, and she was a brunette, and we already had a brunette Skipper.  (And we have storage issues at the moment, so I’m supposed to be ruthlessly turning away donations that will only duplicate things we already have.  I am not good at being ruthless, btw.)  But Skipper’s a small doll, and it would have been weird to refuse just the one item, so we went ahead and accepted her.  And as I was inventorying her, I realized that her hair looked a bit different somehow.  Looking around at DollReference.com, I found this:

Skipper doll has painted blue eyes, coral lips and long straight rooted hair with bangs; blonde, brunette or titian; variations are; pale-lemon blonde, reddish-auburn, two-tone brunette (which is usually very heavily rooted)

Sure enough, when I looked closely at that Skipper, I found her brown hair was in two distinct shades.  And I really wish I had a photo to show you, but she’s actually on display right now, so it would be very awkward to take her out and be like “yeah, I just wanna get a picture of her hair for my blog, that’s okay, right?”  I’ll try to get one when the exhibit changes and she gets put away again.

Anyway, as is typical of me, I fell in love with the notion of these straight-leg Skippers with the rare variant hair colors, and started keeping an eye out for one I could afford for my own collection.  Of course, that meant that I had to find one being sold by someone that didn’t realize that the variations were more rare than the standard colors, so I couldn’t search for “lemon” or “two-tone” or whatnot.

Eventually, I came across one listed on Etsy as “brunette” who looked from the photos like she was a two-tone.

On examining her in person, I think she’s actually auburn, rather than two-tone, but she’s definitely neither standard brunette nor titian.  Here’s the back view of her hair:

And for comparison, here’s her between a titian doll and a brunette:

See, very different from both of those!  As to the other dolls in the photo, you may remember my brunette Skooter from the post I did about her arrival.  Or you probably don’t (since it looks like that was three years ago), so here’s a photo of her I took back in 2016:

As you can see, she’s wearing Skipper’s original swimsuit instead of her own two-piece swimsuit, but other than that, she’s quite minty.  🙂  The other doll in the photo is one of the many I’ve gotten in my long hiatus from the blog:

My very first vintage Midge!  😀  She came naked (or was she in her undies?), so I had to buy this outfit separately.  The fashion is “Let’s Dance,” from 1960-1964, though it’s missing at least one of its accessories (can’t recall if the shoes came with the outfit or if I already had them).  It’s not especially hard to find as early ’60s Barbie fashions go, but it’s one I’ve always liked, so I’m glad I was able to get it.

Anyway, to round this out, I thought I’d show some of the vintage blonde Barbie family dolls.  Starting with Barbie herself:

I’ve had her for quite a while now — she was the first vintage Barbie of any sort that I got.  I bought her at the antique mall across the way from my house (well, technically it’s across from my subdivision, not from my house itself), and after I got home with her I thought I’d kind of been ripped off, because I took the shiny, slightly sticky nature of the plastic on her face to mean that she’d been repainted and then badly sealed.  I am now thinking that (whether or not she was at some time touched up) the shininess is a natural result of the aging of her plastic, as I’ve seen other dolls do the same thing.  In fact, it’s the reason I’ve concluded that she’s a #5 Ponytail, as DollReference.com specifically says that #5

may have the greasy, shiny face syndrome

Weirdly, though, her markings don’t 100% match what they should.  #1-4 all have ™ next to the Barbie name on their butt-markings, whereas from #5 onwards, they have ®.  This one has neither:

I’m guessing it just sort of got worn off with time?  A lot of the other markings are really faint.  Anyway, this one clearly can’t be before #5, because she’s also got a hollow body, another thing mentioned as being introduced with #5.  Based on the pictures, it looks like #5 is also when the bangs became a bit more simple, rather than the nifty little spitcurls.  #6 came in a red swimsuit instead of the striped one, which also leads me to suspect she’s a #5.  (Though of course she could be wearing a swimsuit that came with a different doll, so that doesn’t really prove anything.)  Anyway, I am now feeling that I was not ripped off, because she also came with a vintage carrying case (though an off-brand one) and a lot of vintage clothing, some Mattel and some homemade.  I added the petticoat from #921 Floral Petticoat (1959-1963) to her swimsuit, so she’s a little more covered.  Also because I liked it. 😛  Among the other clothes was Cruise Stripes (1959-1962) and at least the jacket of Resort Set (1959-1962), both of which are now on my Fashion Queen Barbie (who sadly has none of her wigs) along with a straw hat that doesn’t quite match any of the Mattel hats; it’s like the one from Suburban Shopper, only with a different ribbon.  Not sure if that means someone changed the ribbon, or if maybe it’s a hat from a different doll line or what.

Anyway, back to vintage hair, here’s my Ponytail’s ponytail from behind:

By contrast, here’s some other vintage blonde hair, on another Skooter:

I displayed this fashion, empty, when the first Skooter arrived, but then I got this one, too, and put her in it. 🙂  Here’s the comparison of her hair and the Ponytail’s:

I almost feel like this Skooter’s hair is closer to the lemon-yellow Skipper hair?  I dunno; I feel like I need more examples.  😉

Before I go, I have one last example of vintage Barbie hair to show you:

I finally got my hands on one of the Julia dolls! 😀  And like with all the other Julias (as well as the early Christies), her hair has oxidized into this deep, rich red color.  It’s a really pretty color (even if it kind of clashes with this dress).

So, looking forward, I have a lot of posts I want to make, but especially next time I want to introduce you to two very special new girls I got recently. 😉  I’d like to wait a few days to see if something else comes in first to add to the post, but…well, we’ll see what happens.  July is proving pretty busy for me (Camp NaNo and all).  My stupid, very expensive camera seems to have a dying battery, and I have zero idea how to replace the battery, so I may start cheating and using cell phone photos for most of the lesser posts in the future.  Which I don’t like, but…I mean, it’s better than more dead air, right?

Curvy Girls Dolls Kickstarter Campaign

I know this isn’t what I said I was going to post next, but I didn’t know about this yet when I posted last.

I encountered this Kickstarter campaign yesterday at lunch, I think?  Something like that.  Had to back it right away, because this looks extremely promising incredibly awesome.  They’ve already put a lot of hard work into getting the prototype ready and everything.

Yeah, just jumped right into the prototype image there. 🙂  (Sorry for the huge image size.  The medium was way too small, and when I tried to do a custom size in between, the result looked horrific.  Maybe WordPress’s image scaling software is on the blink?)  I’m not completely sold on that dress as a fashion choice for the doll, but that’s immaterial.  What’s important is the doll herself.  Very nicely sculpted, very pretty face, and a good number of articulation points.

There are four characters, and as you can see, they’re each representing a different ethnicity.  They all have names, personalities and careers, and I won’t bother going into each one (you should check out the campaign page for that), but I will say that I love what I’m seeing in the careers:  law student/activist, mechanic, robotics engineer, and veterinarian specializing in exotic animals.  That’s an awesome lineup of powerful, well-educated careers.

All the images in this post have come from their campaign page, which you really should check out.  Like, even if you don’t think you’re going to back them, please go look at their campaign page and use your social media accounts to spread the word about the campaign, in case anyone you know might want to back it.  Because I don’t have any social media accounts (other than this blog, if that counts at all) so I can’t do much to spread the word, and they have a lot of money they need to raise.  They’re only on the second day out of 30, so they have plenty of time left, but that just makes the need to publicize them now even more important, because it’ll have time to reach more potential backers, y’know?

It’s not just that I really want to add these dolls to my collection.  (Though, let’s be honest, I totally do.)  It’s also that I think these dolls would be great for today’s (and tomorrow’s) children, to give them more and better lessons about themselves and the other people around them.

It’s very rare that a Kickstarted doll makes it big enough to have any kind of market share.  (Lammily is the major exception I’m aware of, and even she isn’t in stores, as far as I know.)  But I’d love to see that change someday.  Maybe this is the line that could do that.  These dolls certainly have the glamour angle covered in a way that Lammily not only doesn’t but really kind of can’t.  (The disadvantage of being designed to be “average” is that you pretty much can’t rise above “average.”  Which is not a bad thing, per se, but it makes it hard to draw attention away from the high glam competition.)

Okay, so that’s all I wanted to say.  Just please check out the campaign and spread the word.  EDIT:  The campaign was going badly enough that they cancelled it.  Curvy Girls has moved over to Patreon, while they try to get enough money to move forward with the line.  They have a lot of plans about how to get the dolls made, and I’m still hopeful that we’ll eventually get our hands on these girls.  (Ooh, that sounded awful!)

Next time, I really will do that vintage Barbie post I promised last time.

A couple of recent antique mall finds

Yes, I’m not dead.  I finally finished with graduate school, but my house cleaning has not picked up to take up the slack (this should not, sadly, surprise me) so I’m still short on places to actually, you know, photograph my dolls without ten thousand other dolls in the shot.  If I can just get rid of that couch and put in some shelves, then I’ll have room.  I hope.

But I have a couple of lousy cell phone photos to share in the mean time.  To prove I still exist, if nothing else.

Meet her majesty Queen Victoria, post-1861.  (Actually, from the look of her, probably somewhere around the 1880s or 1890s…)  This, of course, being the Liberty of London version…

Specifically, she’s the early Liberty version with the seam down the front of her face.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, but the story there is that when they were making the coronation sets for George VI in 1937 (or was it 1938?), one of the two American importers (I’ve forgotten her name now, it was something like Klug or Krug?) complained about the seam down the center of the face and insisted that they change the design.  And evidently she was buying enough of the dolls that they not only complied, but from that time on never again made their dolls with seams down the center of their faces.  So the ones with the seam in the face are older and more rare.  And I now have two of them. 😀  (I don’t recall if I’ve posted pictures of the other one yet, except in a group shot of the shelf she’s on…)  This one, like the first Liberty doll I got, felt a bit like daylight robbery, because the seller had no idea what or even who she was (seriously, the tag just said “doll,” not even “Queen Victoria doll”) and was only asking $20.  Unlike that one, this one has a bit of smell to her (just sort of musty), so she’s airing out away from my other dolls, or I’d do a group shot of all three.

Anyway, my other antique mall find was more expensive…

Isn’t she a cutie?  I have a bad tendency to fall in love with dolls donated at work and start looking around online and in antique malls for dolls like them, so this doll checked off a major box for me, though she’s not actually the same.  The one donated at work was a Kestner, and this is an Armand Marseille, but they’re both super small baby dolls with sweet bisque faces and composition bodies.  (And, for that matter, they both fit in the category of “German character dolls.”  Also they’re both older than my parents.  So, for that matter, is the Queen Victoria doll…)

Fortunately, the antique mall was having a Memorial Day sale yesterday (which I literally skated into in the last ten minutes) so I got her for 20% off.   Sadly, I didn’t feel like I could afford to buy her and the other two dolls in that case that I really love, or the one in another case that I really like.  Because I’m still bleeding money to Kickstarter, and I need to have blinds put in on two sets of windows, and I need to have siding repaired and a basement door replaced and that sofa hauled away and…so technically I shouldn’t be buying dolls at all, but…I couldn’t resist.  Especially knowing they were having a sale.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll motivate myself to get some work done around here soon, so I can get back to posting regularly.  I have a post I want to do about vintage Barbies, if I can just get the photos taken…

(If I don’t get off my ass and get cleaning soon, maybe I should take the pictures in my chair.  I mean, setting the dolls in the chair.  Like I did with Queen Victoria, only with a better backdrop between the doll and the chair.)

Much delayed post on a new (old) Pullip

Yes, I’m not dead.

How delayed is “much delayed,” you may ask?

Well, she arrived during a big snowstorm on January 11th.

So yeah, much delayed.

I was really surprised when I was browsing Mandarake and found her…

And inside the box…

Yup, 2006’s coveted Nahh-ato! 😀  As you can see, she came with a genie’s lamp and a big cushion to lounge on like a 19th century odalisque painting.

She also came with one of those all-metal early Pullip stands, the ones that are even worse at holding the doll up than the new ones.  Not that the cushion holds her up very well:  there’s actually regular doll stand behind her to hold her up.

See, you can see the stand behind her back in this shot.

And the genie lamp on her lap. 🙂

You may have noticed in the in-box picture above, she came with a decorative chain, which — according to official Groove photos — is supposed to go on her head.  I could totally not get it to work that way, and eventually gave up on it.  She’s wearing her veil because…I liked the way it looked, mostly.  Also because it helps hide the stand.

Anyway, she’s really lovely, isn’t she?  I’m so glad I lucked into finding her!  (And she wasn’t even expensive!)

Hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon, as another new girl arrived recently, and I’m dying to show her off. 😉  But I have to clean off a desk and move a dollhouse onto it before I can do the photo shoot.  (Yeah, don’t ask.)

Oh, and you may notice that these pictures just link to themselves…that’s ’cause I got an e-mail from Google saying that they were deleting free Google+ content, which as far as I could tell from the e-mail is going to include all my photo albums for this blog. 😦  So I have no idea how I’m going to handle picture storage for this blog from now on…