La Belle Oscar

(That, btw, is the entire extent of my French.  So please don’t reply in French; I won’t understand a word of it.)

I’m not really ready to start my toy collecting blog yet, but I got the first of two major doll deliveries today (the other will be in a day or two) and I didn’t want to wait until I had gotten my stuff together to post about them, nor did I want to keep letting my hobby intrude on my main blog.  So, I’m starting prematurely with the beautiful Oscar Pullip!

Boxed Oscar smaller
Oscar in her box


I fell in love with her right away when I saw her on Amazon, but she was a whopping $280 there the first time I saw her, and soon jumped to $440, so I despaired of ever seeing her in person.  Then I found kleintoys‘ blog, which included a link to Pullipstyle, and lo and behold!  There was Oscar at list price, instead of at more than double list price.  From there, it’s pretty obvious what happened next. 😛

Oscar with anime smaller
Oscar Pullip with Rose of Versailles DVDs


I like her even more in person than I did in the pictures online.  Her hair’s a little less crazy-with-curls than it is in the promotional pictures, but it’s still curly enough that it feels accurate to the original character designs.  (In fact, it feels more accurate this way, because the curls were too over the top in the promotional shots!)

Oscar lounging smaller

The picture doesn’t really show her curls very well. 😦  It’d be better if I had a decent photo area set up so she could be standing.  That’s why I wanted to wait until I’d gotten my house a little tidier before starting this second blog.

At the moment, I have only two small complaints about Oscar.  One, her left epaulet will not behave itself.  You can see in the picture how it wants to lean up towards her head.  I can’t get it to do anything else, which is frustrating.  The second thing is that the little “gem” on that ribbon-cross at her neckline fell off.  I found it rattling around in the bottom of the box.  Most likely the glue loosened due to heat while she was being stored in a warehouse.  That sort of thing happens from time to time, but it’s still frustrating.  (Especially because I’m afraid I’ll make a hash of it when I get up the nerve to glue it back on!)

Poor little gem!
Poor little gem!

In one way, it may have been foolish for me to go ahead and buy her as soon as I found her at a reasonable price.  What way, you ask?  Well, I haven’t actually finished watching the anime yet.  😛  I’ve finished disc two of eight.  So, technically speaking, it might turn out that I end up disliking it.  But I doubt it.  It wouldn’t have been such a genre-shaping manga/show unless the quality was consistent throughout, and I’ve really enjoyed the first two discs.  And since I knew before I even bought the DVDs how it ends, it’s not like the ending will ruin it for me.  Uh, okay, let me qualify that statment.  The ending could ruin it for me, if it’s handled badly.  But so far I’ve been very impressed with the level of research the mangaka Ryoko Ikeda had done on the French Revolution and the time period in general, so I’m expecting that it will continue to be accurate to the historical reality (while adding in the fictional characters like Oscar and Andre) and that should prevent most of the worst ways the ending could be ruined.

(The gallery of full-size pictures is here.)


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