Princess Sapphire

Another long-awaited Pullip has arrived at my door!  (Actually, this one’s been awaited much longer than Oscar.  I only found out about Oscar a few weeks before finding her affordably.  I’ve been gazing longingly at the pictures of this one since sometime last year.)

boxed Sapphire smaller
Princess Sapphire in her box

Sapphire is the heroine of Osamu Tezuka’s shojo manga Princess Knight, which is one of my favorite Tezuka mangas.  (Dororo being the only major competitor.)  While I’ve been longing to have this doll for some time, it was only when I purchased Oscar that it went from merely wanting to have her to needing to have her.  Sapphire and Oscar are, after all, cut from the same cloth.

Princess Sapphire, ready for action!
Princess Sapphire, ready for action!

I think, in a way, Sapphire is more suited to a Pullip version than Oscar, because Tezuka’s style was very rounded and cute, while Ikeda’s style was more angular, so Pullip Sapphire looks more like her original manga version than Pullip Oscar looks like her original anime version.  (I should’ve photographed the doll with the manga!  I forgot to do that this time!  Rats.  I’ll do that later.)  However, I have one major complaint about her hair.  You can see what it’s like in the picture above, right?  This is what it’s supposed to look like:

Sapphire card smaller
The card that came with Sapphire.

The doll does have bangs, but they’re pushed to the side and not curled.  Even if I pull them out to cover her forehead, it won’t look like the picture unless I style them.  And I’m not good at that.  So that’s a bit frustrating.  (As is the fact that her shoes don’t really fit her.  As is typical with Pullips, actually.  In this case, they’re cloth shoes, so they’re too small, unlike the plastic shoes, which tend to be too large.)

One thing I really like about her accessories–aside from the fact that this time she came with a sword!–is that her cape and hat both have wire at the edges, so you can pose them how you want them.  That’s a nice touch.  Her mask, on the other hand, is terrible.  It seems to be black duct tape over a thin wire frame, and the tape is coming loose.  Fortunately, I wasn’t planning on having her wear it anyway, but it’s annoying none the less.

Oscar and Sapphire meet
Oscar and Sapphire meet

They make a suitable pair; two female leads who take up the sword in male attire to protect their homeland.  Of course, uh, Oscar ultimately fails, what with the French Revolution and all, but on the other hand, there wasn’t any excuse of having a male soul as well as a female soul, like there was with Sapphire.

Shaking hands
Shaking hands

Oscar’s stand hates me.  Just had to say that.  It doesn’t want to hold her up at all.  She keeps tilting over backwards.  (But this photo shows off how nicely curled her hair is!  Though now that I look at it, the hair is blocking out that they’re shaking hands, which was supposed to be the point of the photo…sigh…)

All I need now is for them to make a Pullip of Utena Tenjou to round out the set!  (Hey, they’ve done dolls of her in all kinds of other lines, so why not a Pullip, too?)

BTW, as you can see, I’ve gotten a slightly better layout for taking photos, but it’s still pretty unacceptable.  I could have shot outdoors if the grass had turned green yet.  And if life hadn’t interfered and forced me to take the pictures at night. :p

(There are a few more photos from this photo shoot here.)


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