Curiouser and Curioser

I’ve been working on assembling a mad tea party lately, with each doll in the party from a different line.  (Yeah, I know, it’s weird, but…it is supposed to be a mad tea party, right?  What’s madder than everyone being created in a wildly different style?  I am at least trying to keep the scale moderately consistent.)  At first, it was just going to be characters who might actually take part in a party given by the Mad Hatter, but I decided to extend it to every significant character in Alice in Wonderland.  (Not, however, any characters from Through the Looking Glass.  So, no twins, no Jabberwock.  Though I might do a second set to include them…)

ANYWAY!  Point is, in the past couple of days, because I had some new shelf space, I’ve been taking the first steps of getting the party started, including opening some things that have just been waiting around to get opened, whether they were old purchases that got set aside and semi-forgotten, or new things bought specifically for the tea party.  Including the Queen of Hearts.

Since I had her anyway, I decided to use the Liv Queen of Hearts doll for the task.  (I also have their Mad Hatter and White Queen, but the Mad Hatter role was already taken, and the White Queen is from Through the Looking Glass, so the Red Queen it was by default.)  At the time, I bought her on clearance, thinking that I wasn’t sure if I wanted the doll, but her wig was sure to come in handy eventually.  (Sadly, I have a lot of Liv dolls I bought for similar reasons.  I feel rather guilty about that now.  Especially since Monster High’s Create-a-Monster kits first re-designed the heads to prevent using Liv wigs, and then went the way of the dodo.  Ooh, that’s right, I still don’t know what doll to use for the Dodo…!)

The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts

She looks good, right?  Though she’s got “scars” across one eyebrow that I don’t understand.  (I don’t recall anything about the Queen of Hearts being attacked and/or wounded in the book.  Admittedly, I haven’t read it in 10-15 years, but…I think I’d remember that.)

But when I started trying to put her in a seated position so she could take her seat on one of the random selection of chairs, I was surprised to realize that her legs wouldn’t bend forward at the waist:  they would only move sideways, so she can do the splits, but she can’t sit down.  (How very unregal!)

In inspecting her legs, I got the feeling that a factory error had put the wrong legs on her altogether.

It's the Queen's knees! (Yes, all right, stupid joke.  I know.)
It’s the Queen’s knees!
(Yes, all right, stupid joke. I know.)

Do you see what’s odd about that picture?  (Apart from the fact that her fishnet stockings don’t reach the tops of her boots.  Or the fact that she’s even wearing fishnet stockings in the first place, for that matter.)  Maybe this picture will make it more obvious:

Knee comparison with another Liv doll
Knee comparison with another Liv doll

Normally Liv dolls have–had–nicely jointed knees, with a simulated kneecap and everything.  But the Queen of Hearts has no knee joints whatsoever.  The other two Alice in Wonderland Liv dolls in my collection have the same working knees as all the others (sadly, they’re inaccessible at the moment, so I couldn’t use them for the comparison photo) and yet Queenie here does not.

Very odd.  Either they felt her hose would interfere with her knee joints (though I thought I recalled the White Queen wearing silver-colored fishnets) or my doll really was a factory error.  No idea which.  I just thought I would share, because…well, because.

Next day edit:  looking around a bit, I realize that my doll was definitely a factory error, more so than I realized when I posted this last night.  I went on Amazon to see if their entry for this doll had any photos of her, and it contained a photograph of one in the box, and in the photo I could clearly see that that doll had the same knee joints as the other Liv doll in my comparison shot.  She also didn’t have the strange scar-like markings across her eyebrow.  And she had a  heart mark below that same eye, which mine doesn’t have!  Clearly, they not only put the wrong legs on the doll, but they also put the wrong doll in the outfit.  (Though she is wearing the right earrings.)  Knowing she’s such a huge factory error makes me a bit regret opening her, or at least regret that I didn’t take a picture of her in the box first.  Still, since she’s technically going to be the “daughter of the Queen of Hearts” in my tea party (they’re all the daughters of their respective characters, since a number of their respective characters are male) it doesn’t matter that she’s a little off.

I’m still clueless as to what dolls to use for the Dodo, the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle, though.  Everyone else is pretty much set, except I need to make the Caterpillar’s costume, and the ears for the White Rabbit and the March Hare.



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  1. Trisha April 1, 2015 / 7:32 am

    Hi – I stopped by for the A to Z. Will visit again tomorrow 🙂


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