V is for Vocaloid
V is for Vocaloid

This isn’t actually my complete collection.  I have some of those cute little enamel pins, only I don’t remember where I put them (ack!) and since taking these photos, I picked up the Funko Pop! versions of the Kagamine twins, but I didn’t think it was worth photographing them.  (Gotta say, though, I love the fact that the sub-series is called Pop! Rocks.  I always used to love those Pop Rocks candies…)  Also I couldn’t photograph Project Diva f because I only have the download version, and I couldn’t photograph Project Diva f 2nd because I got it used and it’s in one of those plain GameStop boxes because whoever sold it back to them didn’t sell them the box. 😦

My collection is sorely missing any representation of Meiko, apart from one of those pins I can’t find. 😦  I was hoping to find some at the convention last weekend, but all they had was one over-priced Nendoroid Petit.  But a couple of days ago I ordered a nifty Meiko from Amazon, so that’ll be changing soon. 🙂  (Also ordered Kaito and Rin, but Rin’s coming from Japan, so she won’t be here for a long time.  Which is sort of annoying, ’cause she was the one I was actually shopping for at the time.  The others were just in the same line and I couldn’t pass them up.)

Anyway, there’s another angle on the group shot above that makes a few things easier to see while obscuring others:

V is still for Vocaloid
V is still for Vocaloid

The doll in the Licca-chan Miku’s lap is one of the Littlest Pet Shop mini-Blythes.  I added her to my Vocaloid group because with those pink twin-drills, she looks like Teto.  (I know, Teto’s not a Vocaloid.  But close enough!  Especially since she’s an extra character in the Project Diva f games.)  The thing behind the tall Luka figurine is the soundtrack to Project Diva f, in case anyone was wondering.


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