Z is for Despair
Z is for Despair

Zetsubou-sensei is in despair!!

He’s in despair because I put him under his unpleasant nickname, Zetsubou, instead of his real name, Itoshiki.  Also because he knows that everyone was expecting me to put “Z is for Zombie” and then post a picture of Ghoulia or something. :p

He’s also in despair because he’s last.  And because the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge is over.  And because I took a lot more pictures than I ended up actually using, so he’s in despair that those photos won’t be seen.  Or will they?

He is also, of course, in despair because I couldn’t quite get the focus right.  And there’s still a bit of dust on his head.  (Despite that I haven’t had him all that long.)

And, naturally, he’s also in despair because the English translation of his manga stopped.  Or maybe I’m the one in despair over that…


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