A Groovy Package

I apologize for the horrible, horrible pun.

See, I’m giving my belated report (report? to whom?) on a doll delivery direct from Groove, manufacturers of Pullip.  (And J-Doll, and BJD Ai, et cetera.)  This is the first of several posts I’ll be putting up over the next week or so about packages and other major new arrivals over April.  (And before I’m done with it, there will be May arrivals to talk about, too.  I need to cut back on my spending…)

The Pullip logo right on the shipping box gave the package an extra kick of excitement!
The Pullip logo right on the shipping box gave the package an extra kick of excitement!

In the shipment was Isul Midnight Deja Vu and Taeyang Andre.  Also, I was surprised that they used an empty Pullip box as packing material to keep everything from sliding around!  (Actually, I freaked out a little when I opened the box and the first thing I pulled out was an empty box!  But then I noticed there were still two boxes left in the package, so I realized it was just packing material.)

boxed Isul thumb
Isul in his box

 To be honest, my first reaction on getting him out was to be disappointed.  The promotional shots showed him with silver glitter eyes, so I was saddened that the final model didn’t have those glitter eyes.  (They had been what had really sold me on the doll, originally.  Not the first time I’d been sold on a doll by eyes alone.  Well, they are supposed to be the windows to the soul, right?)

Isul thumb

But who could stay disappointed for long, looking at that face?  Not me!  It just took me a while to warm up to his real eyes.  I have to say that the super-pale skin–which had been a bit of a turn-off in the photos–looks so much better in person than I was expecting.  The contrast with his hair and clothes is amazingly striking, and the face-up is really excellent.  And I love his top hat!  It’s all frilly and lacy like a Goth Lolita mini-hat, only it’s full size.  Of course, I prefer keeping it at a jaunty angle, rather than sitting straight up on his head.

"You know you love me!"
“You know you love me!”

He came with plastic wrapping around his limbs, presumably to prevent staining, but I only removed the plastic around his hands and arms; I didn’t feel like undressing him to get it off his legs.  (Lazy, perhaps, but…not like you can tell it’s there by looking at him!)

So, moving on to Taeyang Andre…

Andre boxed thumb
Andre in his box

Andre, like Oscar, is a licensed tie-in doll with the manga/anime The Rose of Versailles.  And I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve still only watched the first two discs of it. (I just haven’t had the time!  But after the semester is over…)  Once I had Oscar, I really needed Andre to keep her company, and thankfully Groove was selling him at a good price.  (Well, a lot better than Amazon’s, anyway.  He was still more than I should have paid, but…well, at least it was his retail price, not a jacked-up price.  Isul, on the other hand, had a “dent box” sale price, thankfully.)

Taeyang thumb

Andre’s curls are all at the back of his head for some reason, giving him much too sedate hair in a frontal view.  But he’s gorgeous otherwise, and he looks great with Oscar, so it’s not a big deal.  And if I had any skill at re-styling doll hair, I could fix it.  But I don’t, so…for the moment, he’s just got bed-head. 😛

Andre and Oscar
Andre and Oscar

I think they look very happy together.  I should have taken a picture of them standing on my shelf, holding each other….oh well.  (BTW, I was able to get the “gem” back on Oscar’s ornament, as you can see.  I realized that one of my BJD Ai dolls came with some putty to hold her eyes in place (or to hold replacement eyes in place) and while I was using that putty on Freya‘s eyes, I used a tiny bit of it on Oscar’s “gem” and it worked beautifully.)

For some reason, I didn’t end up taking very many pictures of Andre.  I took a few more photos of Isul than I posted here, though.  The full gallery is here.




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