Antique Mall Finds

So, I should still be talking about stuff I got during April, but I went to an antique mall this weekend, and I wanted to talk about the stuff I bought there.  Though there wasn’t much, mind you.

The first thing I found was one of those “oh, that’s not bad; I’ll get it if I get anything else” type finds:

Happy Meal Doll of the World Barbie
Happy Meal Doll of the World Barbie

Not spectacularly exciting, but fun.  Obviously, since I bought it, I found something much more interesting:


If you’re looking at that picture and going “What’s that?” then you’re in the same boat as the person who was selling it, as the tag simply read “toy robot.”  On the other hand, if you saw that and wondered which pilot was on Guncannon duty at the moment, then you’re more like me. 😛

Obviously, I had to buy it, because how could I leave it in the hands of someone who didn’t even know what it was?  Sergeant Keroro would have a fit if he saw a gunpla in a place like that, and then we’d have a tiny, angry alien on our hands!

I wouldn’t actually call myself a Gundam fan, but the original series is one of the few I’ve seen and liked.  In fact, after seeing the TV show, I bought the movie compilations so I could hear the original voices.  (The TV series is dub-only, even on DVD, because it’s so popular in Japan, even now, that if they released it with Japanese language as an option, then Japanese fans would order the American version because it would be cheaper.  Or so it was said at the time of its American release.)

Somewhat surprisingly, this is the second piece of Gundam merchandise I’ve bought (not counting some fan art of the Wing boys) and even more surprisingly…well, see for yourself:

Seeing double?
Seeing double?

The teeny-tiny one I got at the local anime store.  (And paid slightly more for it than for the larger one!)  While I’m not a fan of the mech, per se, I do like the pilots.  Particularly Kai, who has one of the better arcs through the original series, and in the original Japanese is voiced by Ataru from Urusei Yatsura, which is always a plus. 😛  (Coincidentally, the girl he’s most interested in on Mobile Suit Gundam was voiced by the same seiyuu as Ran-chan on Urusei Yatsura, a girl that Ataru was especially eager to chase around.  This is the kind of bizarre trivia that my brain finds interesting.  I apologize to those who find it tedious.  I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.)

Anyway, back to the model, it’s definitely from a kit, but there are a few small pieces missing–one on the upper part of the face, and one of its hands is posed to hold a gun–and for whatever reason the person who made the model didn’t put any of the decals on it.  Though apart from one on the faceplate, I’m not sure how many more it would have had.  Still, it was a real bargain for what I paid, and I’m glad it’s no longer in the hands (display case?) of someone who doesn’t even recognize it for what it is.


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