Isul Lir Nostalgia

Been a while since I posted anything here, and I really don’t want to work on my paper (shame on me!) so I’m going to post about Isul Lir Nostalgia, which I got on a serious sale from Pullip Style.  I fell in love with this doll a long time ago, after seeing his picture on Amazon, but I kept putting off buying him, waiting for a price drop.

Lir in his box
Lir in his box

Much like what happened with Isul Midnight Deja Vu, I was initially disappointed, though this time it’s hard to say exactly why.  Something about his face-up didn’t seem quite like what I wanted it to be, I guess.  That went away quickly enough, though, and I’m very pleased with him now.

Lir Nostalgia
Lir Nostalgia


I love the rust-colored outfit, and the way it goes so well with his red hair.  (I have a thing for red hair, apparently…)  This is the second version of Lir, the original having a navy-colored outfit (and I think blonde hair?) but I like this version much better.  And I just love those little boots for some reason!

When I was getting the protective plastic off his hands and arms, both his hands popped out of their sockets.  They’re supposed to screw in, but the sockets didn’t have any grooves to hold the screws in place.  Not sure if that’s a factory error on my Lir, or if all Isul arms are that way.  (I don’t want to tug on my other Isul’s hands to find out, lest I accidentally break something!)

Lir likes a rakish tilt
Lir likes a rakish tilt

Since I’m calling my other Isul by his name, I decided to call this one Lir.  It is, after all, the name of one of the characters in one of my all time favorite novels and movies.  (Though I can’t picture this one going out to slay dragons or ogres, or facing fatal riddles.)

It’s weird, though.  I have 9 full-size dolls from the Pullip family (not counting one that’s on the way) and only the two Isuls are originals:  all the others are licensed characters.  Not quite sure why it’s turned out that way…

LIr's lashes
Lir’s lashes

For some reason, Lir has the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on a male doll.  Scratch that.  They’re the longest lashes I’ve ever seen on any doll, period.  In fact, I think I’ve seen actual human beings with shorter eyelashes than these.  They’re like Sephiroth in Crisis Core length eyelashes.  Seriously crazy.  I don’t know if all Lir Nostalgia dolls have eyelashes like these, or if someone just made a little goof and forgot to trim them.  Either way, they’re certainly unique.

The full gallery of Lir photos is here.


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