Project Diva Arcade Prize Figures

They’re usually referred to as “figures,” but they don’t move; they’re more accurately called statuettes or figurines.  They’re tie-in figures to the game Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade, which is, well, just what it sounds like:  an arcade game.  I presume that, like the two Project Diva games released in the US on the PS3 and PSVita, it’s a rhythm game.  (Or rather, I know it is.  But I haven’t seen gameplay footage, so I don’t know how similar it is to the games we got.  Probably very similar, I would guess.)  As to these figurines, it seems they were originally made as prizes to go in a crane game (a.k.a. a UFO catcher) or something similar.  So while they’re nicely made, they’re also relatively inexpensively made.  (Cheaper material, and less detail than some other statuettes of the same scale.  But mostly it’s just the material.)  The plus side of that is that they’re therefore cheaper than most similar items of their size.  (About 8″ tall, roughly.)

I ordered all three of them at the same time, but the one I was most looking forward to arrived last.  The other two arrived together, which is appropriate, since I kind of ship them.  (God, what an embarrassing thing to admit!)  We’ll start with the one I opened first.


It was about time I got my hands on some Meiko merchandise!  There isn’t actually very much of it, surprisingly.  Not available to the American market, anyway.  It’s pretty much this, the Nendoroid, and the Pullip, if one can still find her.  (They had her at Groove’s US website until recently, but then they put on a sale where you got a $20 credit for buying a licensed doll, and someone else bought her before I went to check out the sale.  But…I didn’t really want her.  I mean, it would have been nice to do a photo shoot with her and the Taeyang Kaito, but as I don’t have him either, that would have gotten very expensive!  I thought about using that sale to get the Dal Rin, but…I dunno, I don’t like a frowning Rin, I guess.)

The bases are a bit wide, but that makes the figures very stable.  They’re attached by means of really thick pegs on the bases of their feet.

Look at that sweet face!
Look at that sweet face!

This shot really shows off the different finishes on the figures.  Since her clothes are leather (or something like it) the have a glossy finish, while her skin and hair have a matte finish.  It’s a nice touch that adds a lot.


Hmm, that shot’s a bit washed out, isn’t it?  I have trouble lighting things properly. 😦  Hopefully I will improve in time.  Anyway, as you can see, lots of high gloss on Kaito’s clothes.

He's a happy guy...
He’s a happy guy…

I’m particularly pleased by the facial sculpts and paints on these figurines.  They’re quite inexpensive (I paid $25 each for Kaito and Meiko, and less than that for Rin) so I was afraid the paint jobs would be lazily done.  (Witness the horrible facial paint on Nintendo’s amiibo figures.  Which, admittedly, are less than half the size of these, and are only supposed to cost half as much, but still!  I’ve seen smaller things with better face-ups than the Marth amiibo.  (Though I still sort of kick myself for having let the terrible paint stop me from buying him.  But I had no idea he was going to be this rare!))

Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Rin

Rin had some to go through some awful stuff in Project Diva f 2nd (I’m thinking of “Silent Voice” and “kokoro” here) and then I saw how “Daughter of Evil” ends, and suddenly Rin moved from “just another cute Vocaloid” to “my maternal instincts make me want to cuddle and protect her forever!”  (Maybe that makes me weird…but as long as I don’t turn into Miku and Luka in “Rin-chan Now!” I figure I’m okay…)  Consequently, I needed to add more Rin to my collection!  And this seemed like a good choice.  (Though I’m still thinking about the Dal Rin, but…she’s cheapest direct from Groove, but I didn’t buy her on that “get a $20 credit” sale, so…it feels like I missed my best chance.  Ugh…I hate the way my brain functions.)

Such a cutie!
Such a cutie!

There’s a slight flare to the base of her shirt, and the ribbon is also flipping up slightly, as if she’s only just settling into that pose.  I think that’s a nice touch.

..and this is why he's so happy!
..and this is why he’s so happy!

Yep, Kaito is always surrounded by his adoring fans.  (And sadly two of the three are washed out in this picture.  Because my lighting situation is either too much or not enough.  There seems to be no middle ground with my current set-up.  I need to hurry and clean my house so I can have a better photography set-up!)

Anyway, I really adore these figures, and since they’re so inexpensive, I’ve been thinking of getting the rest of them, but…I dunno.  The problem is Miku, really.  The Project Diva Arcade version isn’t nearly as nice as some of the other Project Diva tie-in figurines–which run a similar price–but if I get one from a different game, then her base won’t match.

Sounds kind of silly when I say it like that.  But…then again, I’ve been spending too much money already.  I should probably just content myself with what I’ve already got, right?  (Or at least start buying lottery tickets in the hopes of winning the money to buy all the cool stuff I want.  Ooh…winning the lottery….if I did that, I’d totally blow however much money it took to get the Pullip Luka…)

Anyway, I took photos of them from other angles, and put them in an album, if anyone wants to have a look.


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