I’m sure it’s common for dating couples to say “I wonder what our kids would look like?”  Or for someone else to look at a couple and say “I wonder what their kids would look like?”

Well, someone decided to ask that question after looking at Pullip and Taeyang, and the result was Yeolume.

Yeolume in her box
Yeolume in her box

Pullip’s future daughter, Yeolume, is 10 years old.  Why?  If we’re just looking through a window into the future, why pick 10?  Why not some other age, an age more compatible with the other dolls?  Or did Yeolume travel back in time to meet her parents while they were still dating?  And if so, why?

(I know, I’m not supposed to ask those questions.  But I can’t help wondering!)

Yeloume thumb

Yeolume is a cutie, but their decision to make her 10 really causes problems.  Because that meant she needed an even smaller body than Dal and Byul.  And when they made that body, they did not make it the same way they’d made the other bodies.  Everyone else has joints at their knees and elbows.  Yeolume’s knees and elbows just bend in a rubbery way, with a thick wire inside to hold the pose.  (But it’s not like Barbie knees that click into two to four positions.  It just…bends.)

I want to quote Dave Lister here, but I don't think anyone would get it.
I want to quote Dave Lister here, but I don’t think anyone would get it.

Have you ever seen the Silly Symphony “Goddess of Spring”?  The rubbery way that Persephone’s limbs contort in that short subject…that’s what Yeolume’s knees make me think of.  …shudder…

For comparison, Byul's knees
For comparison, Byul’s knees

Anyway, let’s not dwell on the negative.  (And the lack of proper movement in the limbs can be seen as nothing but a negative!)

Now THIS is a close-up!
Now THIS is a close-up!

That is a very sweet face.  The face-up is subtle and underplayed, as is appropriate considering she’s only 10.  Her hair isn’t as shiny as it might be, but it sports some wonderful curls:

Yeolume's curls thumb

Her outfit is nothing special–just a school uniform–but it has some interesting accessories.  She has a tote bag (maybe it’s a book bag?) with a print of a purse on it for some reason.  This one is not necessarily “interesting” in the good way; my internal jury is still out on that subject.

A purse-bag?
A purse-bag?

Her bow is on a headband, which made putting it in the right place on her head much easier than placing the hats-with-clips on the heads of various Pullips.  My favorite of her accessories, for some reason, is her little pink socks.  I’m not sure why, but they just push my “squee” buttons.  (I suppose because if I had a love life, I’d be out buying tiny little socks to put on my children’s feet at this time in my life?  Or they’d be old enough that I’d be missing buying them tiny little socks?  I dunno.  Still doesn’t make much sense.)

Her shoes actually fit, btw!
Her shoes actually fit, btw!

Finally, a comparison shot, so you can see how much smaller Yeolume is than most of the other dolls in the Pullip family.  (I say “most” because my Dal and Byul aren’t in the shot.  On account of the fact that I just decided to snap a picture of her new (temporary) home, with some of my other newly acquired dolls, but my Peter Pan set live elsewhere.)

Group photo!
Group photo!

(You can also see how nice that Gene dress looks on the Moxie Girl Teen doll.  Uh…though I probably should have removed the plush pink orangutan, now that I think about it.  I like giving all my seated dolls toys of their own…oh, but more importantly, I finally got a shot up of Oscar and Andre holding each other!)

Anyway, now that I have at least one each of all the dolls in the Pullip line, I can say that I think my favorite sculpt is actually, somewhat surprisingly, Isul.  Though I like all of them, of course!

(I have a few more shots of Yeolume in an album.)

BTW, I got Yeolume at just the right time.  Or rather, right before the “able to buy her” window closed.  I had been keeping an eye on her price on Amazon for a while, and it had been holding steady, and the seller had 6 left.  Then suddenly it went up $5, and that seller had sold out of her.  I decided I’d better get her before she went up any more, since the only other seller who had one was selling her for $23 more.  By the time I actually got her (less than a week later, since it was an American seller) she was going for over $200.  So I managed to get her right before that window snapped shut forever.  (Well, forever unless they decide to release another Yeolume, that is.)


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