Random Finds and a small package

I was on my way to a Tuesday Mornings that I don’t usually go to–because it’s too far out of my way–with my brother, because we were in the area for another reason.  He parked the car way far away from the store, for no reason I could see.  (There were spaces in the aisles near the entrance, but he parked four aisles away.)  So we’re walking towards the door, and I’m talking as we walk past this consignment (or second-hand, not sure which) shop I’d never given a second glance because it looked rather tacky.

I don’t remember what I was talking about in the first half, so I’m just subbing in something that seems plausible.  It would have gone something like this:  “So it was only after the myth really got going that–those are Gene dolls!”

Because I had turned my head towards the window and thus had seen the backs of three Gene dolls standing on the counter in the store.  So I had to rush inside and check it out!

Blue Goddess Gene
Blue Goddess Gene

I only ended up buying one of them.  One of the other two was a “Simply Gene” with platinum hair, and since I haven’t found clothes for Madra yet, it seemed silly to buy another dressless doll in the same line!  The other was in a sort of brownish-tan dress that didn’t do much for me.  It was too “ordinary life 1940s” instead of “movie premiere 1940s” like this one.

Dramatic Portrait
Dramatic Portrait

She was marked at $31, but apparently that store marks items down over time, because she was actually a little under $20.  I’m totally going to have to keep an eye on that shop on the rare instances when I’m in the area, because I got some great deals!  In other words, yes, Gene was not the only doll I bought in there.

Winter Princess Barbie
Winter Princess Barbie

This find was particularly amazing because she’s the first in a series, released in 1993…and I have all the other dolls in the series, but this one had always eluded me.  Plus she was super cheap.  On the other hand, there’s a reason that I don’t have a photo of the doll herself to post.  I was going to take one, you know.  I opened the box and set it to stand up, so I could photograph her in the box.  But she fell forward–having been an opened doll–and released a hideous reek of cigarette smoke.

Ugh.  In addition to finding that one of the worst odors ever, I’m also allergic to it.  So, anyway, I had to close her box up again, and now I need to figure the best way to de-stink her.  Usually, I’d put her open in the basement and let her just air out (just airing out in the store is probably why the box doesn’t stink, and most likely why Gene doesn’t, either, as I suspect they all originally came from the same person) but I just had this drain clog issue down there, so my basement currently smells like, uh, to be less indelicate about it, a sewer.  I don’t want a Barbie that smells like sewage any more than I want one that smells like cigarettes.  But the plumber fixed the problem, so once I’ve mucked all the crap off the floor (eew) and it’s gotten less stinky down there, maybe then I can air her out as per usual.  By that time, too, hopefully Dante won’t stink anymore.  (Found him at one of the used stores I visit frequently.  PlayArts Kai of Dante from, uh, Devil May Cry 3? 4?  I dunno; I’ve only played the original.  But he was half price because he was used, and how can you go wrong with a half-off bishie?  Well, by stinking of cigarettes, it turns out.  Plus that plastic apparently really holds in the odors.  He’s been airing out at least three times as long as most things, and he still reeked last time I checked.  Though perhaps now he reeks of something else…)

Jenny in her box
Jenny in her box

Jenny is Takara’s answer to Barbie, and the store had a number of them in their boxes (though it turns out this one–and likely the others as well–has simply been placed back inside the box) but I only bought this one, as the others had rather dull outfits, whereas this one is in a lovely kimono.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any shots of her out of the box, because she, too, stinks inside her box and needs to be aired out.

Back of the box
Back of the box

Based on the image on the back here, I think this doll isn’t actually Jenny herself, but one of her friends.  I could probably look it up if I felt like it, but…yeah, feeling too lazy right now.  (According to the box, this one dates to 1995, if that tells anyone anything.  Yet another reason for me to conclude that Gene probably belonged to the same person, as she’s also from the 1990s.)

Comparison shot
Comparison shot

Another reason I think she might not be Jenny is that her face doesn’t seem quite the same as the other Jenny I have.  But it’s hard to tell when one of them is in the box and the other isn’t.  Once she’s been de-stunk, I’ll take a better comparison shot, and throw in my Miku-cosplay Licca-chan while I’m at it.  It does seem like the new doll’s face is a bit more narrow, but it’s hard to tell for sure.  (The Jenny I already owned is currently wearing a Barbie dress, btw.  Not sure why, or what I did with the clothes she originally came in.)

Now, moving on to the “small package,” or rather the “package of small dolls.”  (Which probably ought to be its own post, but…yeah, don’t care.)

There’s a seller on Amazon Marketplace that sells some of the Groove dolls at a very similar price point to the one Tuesday Mornings does on the rare occasions that they get one in.  (Only some of them, though.  Others are at essentially the standard retail price, and some are in between.)  But they have pretty high shipping, so they don’t move the small dolls very often.  For example, you’ll see a Little Pullip+ going for $14.99 with $7 shipping, or an Angel Pullip for $4.99, again with $7 shipping.  However, looking at their shipping rates, I noticed that most of their shipping costs is a “per shipment” rather than “per item,” so I realized that if I got a number of them, the cost would be spread among them, so the total shipping wouldn’t be much more than $7, even though I’d be getting a number of dolls from them.  I spent a long time deliberating, and eventually went for it, because I wanted to see how Angel Pullips compared to Little Pullips.  Eventually, I decided on an Angel Pullip, an Angel Dal, as well as a Little Pullip+ that I’d had my eye on for a long time.

Mini trio in box
Mini trio in box

I was quite surprised:  I hadn’t really understood the size difference between Angel Pullip and Little Pullip+!  I had picked that blonde one with the thought of giving her to my Peter Pan Pullip to be an appropriately-sized Tinkerbell, but she’s way too big!

I get that the idea with the Angel Pullips was to make a doll for children, rather than adults (hence the 6+ age range listed on the box, instead of 15+ like on the others), but the difference in the face is quite surprising.  I would have expected that they would have just sized-up a little, and not changed the facial sculpt much apart from having painted on eyes.  (This is perhaps revealing naivete/lack-of-understanding about how dolls are made.)  However, the faces are distinctly different from either the full sized or the other mini dolls (though I actually don’t have any of the pre-Angel Littles, so I don’t know how they compare to those) and the body shape is very different, particularly in those forearm-heavy arms! (It’s like Popeye’s arms, y’know?)

After looking at them a while, though, I realized that there was another doll line that the Angel Pullip/Dal dolls reminded me of:

Surprising comparison!
Surprising comparison!

Not so much on the full-size Bratz doll there, but the Bratz Kidz doll?  She’s even got meaty forearms, just like the Angel Pullip!

Closer comparison shot
Closer comparison shot

Look at those arms!  They’re practically identical!  The faces are pretty similar, too, though the lips are wildly different.  But the shape of the eyes is extremely similar, as is the overall shape of the head.  (I also did a profile comparison shot, but it didn’t turn out very well, as I had trouble getting the dolls to stand up, and it turned out the Bratz Kidz doll’s face was turned slightly towards the camera, so I didn’t get a proper profile, only then I couldn’t get them to stand up any more for another shot…)  It would be interesting to see what the dates are on these two doll lines, the Bratz Kidz and the Angel Pullips.  Certainly I know that Bratz itself pre-dates Pullip entirely, but I don’t know off-hand when the Bratz Kidz sub-line was added.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, I think a bit of Bratz was added into the mix when the Angel Pullips were being designed, but with a very different aesthetic as far as clothing, of course.


At least the Angel Pullips (well, Angel Dal, in this case) are the right size for the miWorld playsets, unlike the Little Pullips!

However, as you can see, the Angel Dal I got came in a very uninteresting outfit.  But I liked her hair, and at $5, I figured that was more than enough.  Because I thought she’d be able to wear the same clothes as the Little Pullips and LPS mini-Blythes.  Only then she turned out to be so much larger, and I had to assemble a great many other small doll clothes, searching for anything at all that would fit.  And, miraculously, the first thing I tried on her was so perfect that I couldn’t bring myself to take it back off even to test the others.  (The fact that I had trouble getting her huge hands through the sleevelets had something to do with that, too.  I didn’t want to have to do that again!)

Angel Dal's new dress
Angel Dal’s new dress

Doesn’t it suit her perfectly?  I was somewhat indifferent to her before, but I absolutely love her in this dress!  The ironic part is that I only have this dress by chance:  when they put out the new Strawberry Shortcake line, I hated it because it wasn’t even a quarter as cute as the original line (in my opinion), but I eventually bought one either on clearance or at Tuesday Mornings (don’t remember which anymore) so I would always have a visual reminder of just how much less cute the new ones were.  And that doll’s dress was the one that looks so perfect on Angel Dal here.

Of course, now that I know those new Strawberry Shortcake dolls are exactly the same size as Angel Pullips–and that Angel Pullips are actually quite endearing in person–I’m going to have to start paying attention to them to see if there are any of them that have dresses that would look good on other Angel Pullips.  Though that sounds silly now that I come to say it out loud… 😛

Anyway, I’ve been cutting back on my spending lately, so this is the last of my “new acquisition” posts (unless I come up with the right photoshoot for SHF Sakura), so hopefully soon I’ll be able to get to some photography of things already in my collection.  I promised a photo shoot for my Moxie Girls Teens dolls, and I have a photo shoot for my Attack on Titan Figmas that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now…


3 thoughts on “Random Finds and a small package

  1. Blackkitty June 14, 2015 / 2:01 pm

    Oh God! Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I tell them I’m allergic to tobacco smoke. This is so annoying! I hope your doll doesn’t stink now.


  2. E. Mlck October 30, 2016 / 6:54 pm

    I smoked for 38 years. So I quit a year ago; not the reason I’m writing. I smoked outside since 1988 and Gene came on the scene in 1995. None of my fashion dolls reek of cigarette smoke, I’m proud to say. And they are all mint. I’m fussy. Try this: place kitty litter into the bottom of a plastic container, then lay the doll on a piece of foil on top of kitty litter and seal the container. Leave this for a few weeks and the kitty litter should absorb the odour.


    • Iphis of Scyros October 31, 2016 / 2:03 pm

      I’ve heard about the kitty litter thing before — I’ve also heard about using charcoal and baking powder (baking soda?) too — but I never seem to think of it to pick up some to try it.

      All the dolls in this post are long since de-stunk, but the Dante figure is still stinky (though practically *bathing* him in Febreeze has finally started to help the problem after about five or six attempts) so I may try that on him.


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