Happy World Doll Day!

To celebrate World Doll Day, I’m posting a few more pictures of the World Doll Day exhibit at the Eugene Field House and St. Louis Toy Museum, where I do volunteer work.  Everything in the photos is the property of the museum.  As is the camera with which I took the pictures, and it’s a new camera (thank goodness for that, ’cause the museum’s old camera was terrible!) and I don’t really know how to use it yet, so the pictures aren’t quite as good as they would have been if I’d brought my own camera from home.

The fireplace in the gentlemen's parlor
The fireplace in the gentlemen’s parlor

The mantle above the fireplace is where the Liddle Kiddles were moved.  (The man in the portrait is Roswell Field, Eugene’s father, who was the first lawyer to represent Dred Scott, btw.)

The Liddle Kiddles at play
The Liddle Kiddles at play

While I liked my “some kid left them out after playing with them” thing, this definitely looks more professional.

The new version of the desk display
The new version of the desk display

The light streaming in the window kept washing out the photo. 😦  I tried a couple of times, and nothing worked.  Like I said, I don’t know how to use that camera properly yet…

The sofa in the gentlemen's parlor
The sofa in the gentlemen’s parlor

Thought I’d show the rest of the dolls on the sofa, the ones I didn’t show before because they had been out anyway.  Usually, it’s just china shoulder-head dolls out on display, because of the age of the house.

A better look
A better look

Since someone got left out before, I got a photo of her this time.  😉

These photos have joined the photos from my own camera in the World Doll Day Exhibit album.

As to my own personal celebrations for World Doll Day, after spending much of the day cataloging and putting away dollhouse furniture that’s just been removed from exhibit, I didn’t have any strength to go doll shopping (especially not in this heat!) so I gave in and made an order from PullipStyle that I’ve been fighting with myself in a “should I or shouldn’t I?” debate for some time now.  (Including the first Pullip I’ve ever bought with the intention of re-dressing her into someone else!)

After dinner, I’ll probably do a bit of customizing work on some Monster High dolls or something.  Er, after my bath I’ll do that, I mean.


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