Moxie Girls Teens (And Friends)

Okay, so back at this point

Moxie Girls Teens thumb

I said I’d eventually do a photo shoot for my Moxie Girls Teens dolls, yeah?  And while I was cat-sitting for my parents and got Emma, I did bring the girls over to my parents’ house to take some pictures, but didn’t get them posted because of my wonderful package distracting me.  But now I’m getting them posted.

Fair warning, the light was terrible, and I didn’t manage to do much in the way of, you know, taking actual photos. 😦  While I was at it, I brought a couple of other girls in a similar size range with me to the photo shoot.  In one case, I had an ulterior motive, and in the other, it was more for a lark/laugh.  (You can see her hair above, btw.  The brown hair, not the red.  Her I didn’t bring.)


She’s wearing the one outfit I bought for these dolls.  If I’d known they were going to disappear quite that quickly, I might have bought more outfits, but…actually, they didn’t release many outfits.  I would have bought wigs, too, but again, there weren’t many.  (And the pink one is still only about $9 on Amazon, weirdly.  The brown ones are more like $30, but the pink one is cheap?  Weird; that’s the only one I’d want.)  This doll is from the first run, when they still wore wigs.

Notice the lack of wig-line

This doll’s wig is better made than some of the other Moxie Girl Teens’ wigs; on some of them, the plastic wig cap is painfully obvious.  (Though the same can also be said of most, if not all, other play-line dolls with wigs, especially the Monster High Create-a-Monster line.)

Those eyes!
Those eyes!

I think she may have the nicest glass eyes I’ve ever seen in an inexpensive (or at least relatively so) play-line doll.  That’s probably why she’s the one I ended up getting two of.  (That or maybe she’s just the one who was still left in the stores?  It’s been long enough, I honestly don’t remember what happened when I got the second one.  Then again, I feel like I genuinely have at least one more from the second line around somewhere, but you’d think a doll this large would be hard to misplace, especially while still in her box.  It’s just that I thought I had one of each of them except the male doll, but according to the Internet, there’s one I don’t have…)

A Pirate's Worst Enemy
A Pirate’s Worst Enemy

This was one of the reasons I couldn’t get much photography done.  I had just gotten her all perfectly posed when the cat I was sitting decided her hair looked like a fun toy and batted at it, pulling her off the table and onto the floor, knocking her wig and bandana off.  The wig wasn’t a problem–except that I forgot to bring a brush–but it took me at least ten minutes to get her bandana re-tied. 😦  After that, I had to try and keep hair well away from him to lessen the temptation to play.


All these girls need new names.  “Melrose” is no name for a pirate.  That’s a name for a California girl.  Or an apartment building.  Or a street.  But not for a pirate.  I’m not sure why I decided to make her into a pirate.  She just looked piratical somehow, y’know?  Also, I needed to cover up the heinous wig cap.  Seriously, her wig cap is awful.  And she’s got some kind of smear on her forehead.  I wonder why the heck I bought her with that thing there?

Never did get the bandana back on right…

The eyelashes are actually pretty impressive.


This second line had the gimmick that you could pull a string on the back of their dresses to hike up the front of the dress and make the dress “glamorous” or “sexy” or whatever it was.  I did so on hers for a particular reason I’ll get into in a moment.  (And no, “sexy” did not enter into it. 😛 )


This is why one should not photograph largely by the light of one’s flash.  (Sigh.)  Oh well.  Anyway, this shot is as good as any to note how this second line was rooted, rather than wigged.  Reduces their easy customizability, but must have made them easier to play with.  Though at this size, I don’t think “playing with” was really the idea anyway.


A Disney Store Talking (Singing?) Belle from a little while back.  Since she’s a similar scale, she occupies the same basic locale as the Moxie Teens.  First, that was on top of a disused TV in my bedroom, but now it’s on that bench in my back room where I spend all my time.  Anyway, at first, I was worried about putting her too near Leigh, because of similarity of colors and such, but…

Sisters in arms?
Sisters in arms?

…I guess I was worried in vain. 😛

(Seriously, I hadn’t realized how different the scales and the color schemes were until they were side by side like that.  Then I just felt silly for worrying.  Naturally, I had shortened the front of Leigh’s dress to reduce similarity, only to have that prove to be totally unnecessary…)

Tristen says "Hi!"
Tristen says “Hi!”

So, yeah, the second run version now, and I was trying to liven up the poses a little, but it just looks weird.

…that necklace really doesn’t match her dress…

Maybe I’m just a sucker for purple eyes…


So then we get to the last of my Moxie Teens, Arizona, wearing Gene Marshall’s…uh, I think it was called Tea for Two?  I’m not sure about that…but I think that’s right.  Well, whatever it was called, Gene’s about the same height as a Moxie Teen, but she’s a bit stockier, particularly in the chest, so the dress is held in place with a lot of safety pins.  Unfortunately, one can’t safety pin shoes, and so they fell off, and I lost them in the bracken that I call my bedroom floor.  I’ll find them someday.  (No, I’m not joking.)  There was also a little hat-like thing, which I think is in a desk drawer somewhere…

It looks so elegant, though...
It looks so elegant, though…

I’ve always liked the way this dress looks on her.  I feel like it lends her an elegant class that the MGA dolls are usually lacking.  (Though the second run of the Moxie Teens are fairly classy, being basically dressed for a nice prom, but…it’s not the same thing as being dressed like a 1940s movie star, y’know?)  However, I have come to face the facts that Arizona–or whatever her name will become–cannot keep this dress much longer. 😦

Becase Madra Lord needs a dress.  And the last doll I brought with me to my parents’ place for this photo shoot was the one of my Gene dolls I hadn’t yet photographed:

Gene Marshall
Gene Marshall

She’s the one who originally came in that blue dress.  Then there was this musical outfits thing with the redhead and the Joan of Arc costume, and for years the navy dress was languishing in a drawer, until Arizona showed up, and I hated the outfit she came in, and tada!  Navy dress had a function again!

Anyway, I didn’t bring Gene just to take her photo.  (Though I did want to take her photo as well.)  I brought her so I could see if she could wear Emma’s dress.  Because while additional clothes for Gene dolls are hard to come by, additional clothes for Tonner dolls aren’t as difficult to find.  (And as Madra Lord is in the Gene line, she has the same proportions as Gene.  As far as I know.)

But, as with the Moxie Teens, Emma’s chest isn’t as large as Gene’s, so her dress didn’t fit Gene.  On the other hand, it did fit Tristen when I tried it on her.  So I’m going to order a new Tonner-sized dress, and put it on Arizona, and play musical Gene dresses until I find a distribution I’m happy with between the three Genes and Madra.  There’s a particular Tonner-sized dress I’m thinking of getting–hand-made, very pretty–once I’m out of my spending moratorium.  (On top of my $300 PullipStyle order that I shouldn’t have made, there’s the fact that my car died about a month ago, and I had to borrow money from my father to buy a new one.  That wasn’t optional, but when I have to pay him back…ouch, is that going to hurt.)

So, that was my photo shoot, such as it was, with my Moxie Girls Teens.  (And yes, I know those were supposed to be “z”s not “s”s.  I just don’t want to do that, you know?  I’d rather give the poor girls some dignity.)  No idea what’s up next, since I’m not supposed to be buying anything new.  I’m thinking either an in depth photo comparison of Angel Pullip and Lil Bratz (seriously, the similarities are off the charts!) or just a photo shoot of my collection of Little Pullip/Dal.  But who knows?

I sure as heck don’t.  I had increase my medication last night, and I’m slightly off my head today.


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