Rainbow Monkey and Mystery Girls

Rainbow Monkey
Rainbow Monkey

I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy this cute little guy for a while, and I felt like I finally had one, so I picked him up at the grocery store the other day. 🙂

Anyway, posting these photos of a little figurine of two anime girls I picked up at a used store some time ago.  (Like, a couple of years ago, in fact.)  Anyone have any idea who these girls are?  There are no maker’s marks on the figures whatsoever.

mystery girls 1 mystery girls 2 mystery girls 3

All I can guess about them is that they’re from some show or other.  (Yeah, that’s informative, I know.)  They look to be pretty young, probably grade school, or maybe middle school, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.  The giant purple bow and the pink hair are probably the identifying factors here, but there are so many other questions!

  1. Are they the show’s leads?
  2. If not, are they important or unimportant characters?
  3. Are they this age for most of the show?
  4. If not, are they this age at the opening?
  5. Is this from a flashback?
  6. Or are these some of those “half-age character” figures like from Persona 4 and Tiger and Bunny?

Their faces are super-cute in a very innocent way–in fact, the brunette looks a bit like Sakura-chan–so I’d think they’re most likely from something either shojo or aimed at a wide audience, so they’re probably not from anything hardcore shonen, but…ah, how would I know?





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