New Dolly Furniture

Well, “new” may not be the right term, considering I got it at an antique mall. 😛  I don’t think it’s actually all that old, either, though.  Since it’s less horribly hot today than it has been (and will be), I thought it was a good day to go somewhere, and there was an antique mall I’d found out about recently that I’d never been to, so I went there to see if they had any interesting vintage toys, and more importantly to see if they had any furniture that would work for Pyrrha when she gets here.  (Seriously, this is scary.  She’s already taking over my life, and she’s not even supposed to get here until next month.  What’s wrong with me?)

Anyway, I found a number of pieces of furniture there that were about the right size, but only two that I liked both the look and price of.  (There was one bench that I really liked the look of, but which cost $30, which was only going to be acceptable if there was nothing else.)

The bench
The bench

Nice and simple, right?  It’s much smaller than the bench I already have (see the intro posts for Namu or Madra Lord, for example, to get a good look at that bench), and has a very different design, so I think it’ll differentiate itself nicely in photos.  Or something.  (Oh, and if you’re wondering about the unfamiliar blinds behind it, there’s a long, complainy story there.)

Rena tests the bench.
Rena tests the bench.

So, based on the way Rena’s feet are dangling, and how Blythes are shorter than Pullips, Pyrrha may be a bit dwarfed by the bench, but…she can always sit sideways on it, right?

The chair
The chair

The chair is even larger than the bench.  (Yes, you read that right.)  I knew from the start that it’d be too big for Pyrrha.  In fact, the back leans forward too far anyway; I doubt she’d be able to sit in it anyway.  I tried putting Namu in it, and I meant to get a photo of that, but for some reason I didn’t. 😦  Anyway, the real reason I got this chair is that I knew it would be absolutely perfect for someone else:


I mean, is that a perfect fit, or is that a perfect fit?  Now if only I had more of those chairs, for when they release more ghouls in that size!

Anyway, there was one more thing I got at the antique mall, which wasn’t furniture, but a doll.  However, I must warn the squeamish that this is a frankendoll.

You were warned.
You were warned.

Yep, that’s a Twist ‘n’ Turn Barbie’s head on a Skipper body.  Both appear to be genuinely vintage.  I have no idea why someone did that.  Or, actually, why I paid money for it.  (Though admittedly, I didn’t pay very much money for her.)  I guess I felt sorry for the poor doll.  She’s dirty and in need of a cleaning, but apart from the frankendoll treatment, she’s otherwise in pretty good shape.  The hair’s mostly there, and not too frizzy, and the paint’s in decent condition.  Once I clean her up and put some clothes on her, she should be all right.

So, three items at the antique mall, grand total slightly under $20.  That was a good outing. 😀


4 thoughts on “New Dolly Furniture

  1. Olive July 15, 2015 / 3:43 pm

    I should check out antique stores! Though the ones I’ve been to typically price things expensively. Those are good finds!


    • 39yearslame July 15, 2015 / 6:12 pm

      Well, this was an antique mall, not an antique store…although I’m not sure the old-fashioned antique store as such exists anymore, come to think of it. Been ages since I saw one. Several of the local antique malls around here have cases that focus on vintage dolls, though not typically the type I collect. You never know what you’ll find, though. (Of course, I always *hope* I’ll find someone who didn’t research and will be selling a Kenner Blythe without knowing what it is, and therefore will only be asking a song for it, but…yeah, I know that’s never gonna happen. This is the Internet age, after all.) Some of the antique malls are tonier than others, I find, so some are more like the old antique stores used to be, while others are almost more like a place for crafters to sell re-purposed vintage stuff…or just vintage-looking stuff.

      So, yeah, definitely have a look, ’cause you never know what you’ll find. Unfortunately, you never know what the price tag’ll be on what you find, either. (Witness the $25 difference in price on the doll benches, between the one I got and the one I didn’t, which weren’t significantly different in size or quality.)

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  2. Blackkitty July 15, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    Why would frankendolls be scary? The furniture is lovely.


    • 39yearslame July 16, 2015 / 10:10 am

      I don’t know; I’ve had varying responses to her since seeing her, honestly, which seems weird since I’m the one who paid money for her. Sometimes I’m just like “aw, poor little thing!” And other times she makes me cringe because it’s so wrong to see the Twist ‘n’ Turn head on a clunky Skipper body. Other times it’s just like “whatever.” (It’s gotten better since I put clothes on her, though. 🙂 )

      Anyway, since my own reactions have been so up and down, I thought maybe other people would be just as all over the map as I was, and a warning might be in order, just in case.


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