Dolly blog-blocked! :(

My laptop is broken!  Worse still, it’ll be Thursday before they even start looking to see what’s wrong, let alone if they cam fix it!   That means I can’t post any more pictures!

I can take all the pics I want, naturally, but I have no way to get ’em from my camera to the blog.   Or, contrariwise, if I take lesser pics with my iPad (from which I am now fumbly screen-typing) then I have no way to get the pics from Dropbox to WordPress. ;(

On the other hand, there will be exciting pics when my pics can return.

I doubt Pyrrha will be here by then, but I bet the gal I ordered this morning might be.  Anyone reading this probably saw the same post I did, about Groove’s US store getting in all those rare dolls, mm?  Well, obviously, even though I was fumbling with my iPad and couldn’t remember half my passwords without my laptop (yes, yes, I know), I had to rush over and check it out!

I probably should have jumped on the birthday set of Pullip and Namu, since I’ll never see it again.  But, if there’s anything that my Namu and Rena have taught me, it’s that I’m not really a huge fan of the really old ones, so I left that alone, even though the Native American look is very cool.

Besides, then I hit the next page button and saw that they had in stock–at a reasonable price–a doll who’s been high on my “I so want these dolls!” list for a long time now:   Wonder Woman Pullip.

So, yep, I just totally spent money I shouldn’t have–especially in light of the whole “broken computer” thing–to order me my first limited edition Pullip.  Because she is awesome.   (And, btw, I was just in time, too; I got the last one they had.  Er, maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that?)

But, of course, among other things, that means I absolutely must not get Country Summer Romana–I mean, Blythe–at least until after my birthday.  Or until I can win the lottery.

Which reminds me, gotta start buying lottery tickets…


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