Byul-tiful Photo Contest first week

Despite having zero chance of winning anything, I decided to enter the Byul photo contest from the Dal House forum.  Because, um, it seemed like fun, I guess?  I’m a terrible photographer and I only have one Byul whose stock I don’t want to remove, so it wasn’t a very good idea in any sense of the word, but…anyway!  The theme for the first week is “Beautiful.”

I went out this morning to a nearby park with Tiger Lily to take some pictures, but August isn’t really a good time for it.  Most of the flowers are no longer in bloom and the leaves have yet to turn.  Still, I found a few roses, and balanced her on the edge of a park bench to take a shot with them in the background.  The idea I was going for was “blowing kisses among the roses” though I’m not sure if that comes across.  I took two versions before she fell off the bench for the second time, at which point I decided to give up before she got damaged.

Byul - Beautiful ver 1
Version 1
Version 2
Version 2

Obviously, they’d both be better without that car in the background. 😦  But removing it would definitely be more editing than is allowed.  I’m leaning towards the second version, myself, even though the roses are a bit less prominent, since the doll looks better, and the sky is brighter and more colorful.  On the other hand, the first one looks a bit more like she’s blowing a kiss.  So…yeah, I don’t know.  I have zero artistic understanding and visual aptitude.

Anyway, anyone have any thoughts?  The photos aren’t due until Sunday, so theoretically I could try again if everyone is of the opinion that these are hideous and ghastly photos…but I’m a little leery of the idea, given that I definitely seem to be cursed lately.

Obviously, I’d get better pictures if I took her to the Botanical Gardens, but…well, I know they wouldn’t want me setting her down among their flowers (they would, in fact, pitch a fit), so I’d have to have someone with me to hold her while I took the picture.  Hmm.  Actually, I could probably rope my brother into doing that.  (Maybe.  He might not be willing to go that far…)  Sigh.  Maybe I should do that.  ‘Cause, actually, these really are kind of awful…

This would be much easier if I was a gardener. 😛



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