Byul-tiful, Week 2, and Dal Kanta

Week 2 of the Byul-tiful Photo Contest’s theme is “Crush,” so it was kind of a no-brainer that it had to focus on Peter Pan.  I could have used the shot of Tiger Lily gazing at the storybook of Pan preparing to rescue her from Captain Hook, but that would have felt cheap, using a photo I’d already taken, so I took a new one of her watching him rescue her on the DVD.  (Because the Blu-ray does stupid stuff if you pause it.)

Don't try this at home!
Don’t try this at home!

No one ever taught her not to sit quite so close to the television, apparently… 😛  I did edit out some of the loose hairs, as her braids are in pretty sorry shape at this point 😦  but it said it was okay for us to do that.  (And, strangely, that square-looking thing just behind her headband is not a clunky part of my editing.  That was there to begin with.  I think it’s actually the light switch…)

Anyway, the Dal I ordered from Amazon (for the ludicrously low price of $35, which was too cheap to pass up!) arrived a little bit early.  (She wasn’t supposed to get here until Thursday, since I picked the “no rush” option, instead of the “free two day shipping” because they promised to give me a $5 credit.  Yeah, I’m cheap like that.  Unfortunately, it seems only to be good on groceries and home cleaning supplies…I shoulda read the small print…)

Kanta in her box
Kanta in her box

The box was a bit dented and dinged up, but for that little money, I was rather expecting that.  What’s important is that there was no injury to the doll within.

"Forward, men, to battle!!"
“Forward, men, to battle!!”

I hadn’t realized, until I got her out of the package, that she was a warrior doll like Sapphire and Oscar.  I wonder who she’s fighting?  The British?  No one in particular?  (Probably the latter…)  Dang, now I need an Utena more than ever.  Maybe if I can win the lottery I can commission one from a talented artist.  Well, commission a uniform from a talented artist.  The face-up wouldn’t need to be all that complex, and the wig could probably just be bought, but the uniform?  Yeah, that would be difficult.

Um, yikes.  Off-topic.  Moving on.

Curly, pointy shoes!
Curly, pointy shoes!

I love her shoes.  They’re practically the first thing I noticed when I took her box out of the shipping crate.  I’m not entirely certain they fit the overall theme of her outfit (I associate that type of shoes with the Middle East more than with India, which is what her outfit seems to be going for) but they’re wonderful shoes, regardless.  (And I know very little about world dress and even less about world shoe fashion so maybe I’m totally wrong anyway.)

Elegance everywhere
Elegance everywhere

Her sash also doubles as a sheathe for her sword, though I’m not positive if it’s supposed to…though that sword…man…it’s saying “Rome” to me; it looks like a gladius to me.  Uh, yeah…not really relevant, I know.  (And probably wrong, too.  Weaponry is not really my forte.)

There are a lot of different hues in her outfit, iridescence like a peacock’s tail-feathers.

Case in point
Case in point

But, man, that sparkly on her turban…I wonder if Nicodemus is going to give it to Mrs. Brisby as soon as my back is turned…

(Or Mrs. Frisby, if you prefer.)

(1000 bonus points if you know what I’m talking about.)

Why did I take this picture on this crazy angle?
Why did I take this picture on this crazy angle?

I actually had some difficulty getting the turban on at first, but it fit snugly, so it’s probably not going to fall off again.  (Unlike poor Tiger Lily’s headband; that thing falls off at the slightest provocation.)

Kanta's face
Kanta’s face

She’s got a very subtle face-up, I think.  Her lips are a pretty shade of pink, very naturalistic, and her eye make-up is underplayed.  Her eyechips aren’t actually quite that orange when you’re just looking at her; I was losing the natural light, and had to use the flash.

Tink is sulking...
Tink is sulking…

Now that she’s not my only (full-size) Dal, Tink is sulking…but will she be more or less sulky when two more arrive?  (Yep, I went ahead and made that order.  I shouldn’t have, but…I couldn’t stop myself.  Besides, Paypal has this thing right now that if you spend $150 in August, you get a “mystery bonus” in September of between $10 and $100, so…at least I’ll get $10 of it back.)


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