The twins arrive! (And Humpty Dumpty, too!)

The second order-I-shouldn’t-have-made from Groove arrived today.  (And the universe punished me even more for this one.  The first time, my laptop broke and had to be replaced.  This time, I found water in the basement that seemed to mean the water heater was leaking.  Only after I had spent $800 replacing it (well, it was at least 16 years old) did I find out that the water was coming from somewhere else and will still need to be dealt with when I can scrounge up the money and clean up the house enough for a repairman to have access to the entire place.)

Er, yes, got off topic there.  Point is, the package finally arrived!  This time, the dolls were samples, so they were loose dolls that had been displayed at shows.

As they arrived.
As they arrived.

Obviously, the first order of business was getting them out of those bags!

Unbagged trio
Unbagged trio

So we’ll start with the reason for the order, Vocaloid Kagamine Rin.

Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Rin

I’ve been saying for a long time that I wanted to use a Pullip MIO kit to make a Rin instead of buying the Dal version, because Rin shouldn’t be pouting (except in Doppelganger) but Dal’s pouty expression is a bit more subdued on Rin in person than I had thought from the photos I’d seen online.  I’d still be happier if she was smiling, though.


Her face-up is charming, and I like her eye chips, but her hair is a bit untamed in the front (due to having been a sample for years) and I have no idea if I’ll ever manage to get her necktie to behave itself.  Look at that!  (Again, that’s because it had been packed up that way after she’d been on display, you know?  The problem with sample dolls.)

If she was supposed to have any accessories–apart from the usual stand and photo card–she doesn’t have them.  But the only accessory that mattered to me was her headband/bow, and she’s got that, so that’s what matters. 😀

Kagamine Len
Kagamine Len

Moving on to her counterpart/twin brother/source of confusion, Len, I have to say:  what the heck is up with that hair?  It’s just…not…right.  Admittedly, every artist who has ever drawn/3D-modeled Len has done his hair differently, but I don’t think any of them ever made it look quite like that.  Not sure if that’s because he’s a sample or what.  (For one example of what his hair typically should look like, this is what it looks like in Project Diva f 2nd.)  All his joints are very loose, presumably because he was a sample doll.

Len's close-up
Len’s close-up

While the eye chips are almost identical to Rin’s, they’ve given him a more masculine face-up.  Though that doesn’t make it any less distracting when you’re holding the doll and accidentally brush “his” breasts with your fingers.  It’s like “Wah!  Len-kun, when did you become a girl?!”  I need to perform a body swap on this guy.  Question is, should I just get an Isul body and swap that on, or should I get some other kind of male body in a similar size?  (Not that I’m going to do either any time soon, mind you.  It’s just something that needs to be done.  Because Len should not have boobs, no matter how small.  His masculinity is tenuous enough already.)  Of course, what I’d really like to do with him is to get someone to make him his costume from “Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku“, fix up his hair, maybe give him those pointy ears…yep, that’s what would be perfect. 😀  (That’s probably my all-time favorite Len song there…)

Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Battle
Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Battle

Len comes with a keyboard–keytar?–so the twins can have their musical duel, even if the instruments have changed somewhat.  (Gotta paint that guitar!  Though it’s a bit big for Rin, it turns out…)

Now, before I move on to Byul Insane Humpty Dumpty, I have prepared a brief skit.  Because I am–as the title of the blog informs you–crazy.  (Besides, what fun is it to have toys if I can’t play with them?)


skit 1

Luka:  Rin-chan!  You’re finally here!  C’mere and let onee-chan give you a big hug!
Rin:  Stay away from me, you freak!  Don’t make me get out my rocket!
Len:  Ooh…that’s good…Luka-san….mmm….

skit 2

Len:  *sigh*  I’m bored.  Where is everybody?  Apart from Luka-san, I haven’t seen anyone!  Not even Miku-chan…

skit 3

Rin:  Finally!  I thought I’d never escape…

skit 4

Len:  Hey, Rin, did Luka-san tell you where the others are?  I haven’t been able to find anyone.

skit 5

Rin:  That’s because there’s no one to find.  It’s just you, me, and Luka.  Well, and there’s this small-headed girl who’s dressed up like Miku.  And a tiny chick who kind of looks like Teto.  If that’s any consolation.

skit 4

Len:  Teto’s not even a Vocaloid!  But the others must be around somewhere!  MEIKO-san?  Or Haku-san?  Or what about Neru-san?  She’s really all over the place!  I’d even settle for Zatsune–I’d even settle for KAITO, I’m so lonely!  It can’t really just be the three of us alone!

skit 5

Rin:  Hey, at least you’re not getting chased around by that pervert!  Count your blessings!  Besides, it was almost just two, not three.  Luka says the giant living here was planning on waiting for an older version of me instead of me as I am now…

skit 6

Len:  F-f-f-future-style?!  YES!  That!  Do that!  Future-style for the win forever!  My luck is finally changing!

skit 7

Rin:  No, no, you missed the point.  It was going to be an older me…and no you at all.

skit 8

Len:  *fwump*
Rin:  There there.  Want me to go get the small-headed Miku cosplayer and the mini-Teto?
Len:  Grrgmrmphg.

I had fun with that last photo. 😛

Okay, moving on to Byul now. 😀

Insane Humpty Dumpty
Insane Humpty Dumpty

So she’s part of the “Insane” Alice series, and it’s easy to see why they called it that.  Her stock is complicated–and she had to be sewn into it–and in her case, she had to be padded to maintain her egg-like shape.  Most of her body was thoroughly encased in a protective sheathe of plastic, so she has minimal staining–though there are a couple of small spots–but I was a little alarmed when her arm came out as I was struggling to get her out of her clothes without having to cut them off her.  Her arm had simply come unscrewed at the shoulder, so it went right back in again, but yikes!  Both her legs came unscrewed at the knees, too.  The majority of her stock I’m simply glad is off her, and will probably never think of again, but there are a few exceptions.  The obvious first exception is her hat; there must be a good use for it, though I can’t think of one off-hand.

Second exception
Second exception

Byul’s purse, shaped like an egg, on a nifty little chain, has printed on it one of the original illustrations from Through the Looking Glass.  How cool is that?  I don’t know what I’ll use it for or when, but I’ll find a use for it!

Third exception
Third exception

Then there’s her tights and boots.  I have laid claim to both in the name of Kagamine Rin.  I have no idea what costume they’ll be part of, but I’m sure they’ll fit into one of her costumes.  (I totally plan on assembling several of her more famous costumes for her.  Same goes for Len, too, I suppose.)  They seem like Rin’s style, don’t they?

Now, as to Byul herself, obviously I had to find her something else to wear.  And in the interests of science, a number of other dolls offered to loan her clothes to see if they’d fit.

The donors
The donors

(Okay, technically I already knew that Bratz clothes would fit.  There the experiment was to see if the outfit would look good.)

Lain's pajamas
Lain’s pajamas

While Lain’s bear pajamas fit, they’re too big for Byul.  The question was, would they fit Pullip, and then the further question was would they fit Pyrrha?  (Because every question comes down to “will it fit Pyrrha?”)

Lain in Rena's clothes
Lain in Rena’s clothes

I didn’t want to undress any more dolls than necessary, so I just put some other clothes on Lain as a size gauge.  Rena’s clothes were a tiny bit big on her, about the same fit as her pajamas, actually.  (Not the greatest manufacturing job in the world there…)

Lain in Pyrrha's dress
Lain in Pyrrha’s dress

Pyrrha’s outfit is larger on her than Rena’s.  From this I can deduce that Lain’s bear pajamas–and the school uniform on the other Lain doll I’ve never opened, as well as the clothes on the Armitage doll at the used place that I’ve contemplated buying, which has the same body type–would fit Pullips, but be slightly too small for Pyrrha.  Of course, unless I plan on having a slumber party for my dolls, this is probably irrelevant information.

The next outfit I tried was Meilin’s outfit.  I picked up a number of those dolls from the used store some time ago, figuring that they were cheap, so the fact that the likenesses were terrible didn’t matter much, since they were so cheap.  I hadn’t ever actually paid too much attention to them.  So until I removed Meilin’s clothes, I hadn’t realized that they weren’t proper dolls, but just bendies!  Ugh!  Trendmaster, you should be ashamed of yourselves for thus mutilating Cardcaptor Sakura!  Uh, anyway, the clothes would not fit over Byul’s hips.

Next up was Lottie, and to my surprise…

In Lottie's clothes
In Lottie’s clothes

…it fit beautifully.  Well, maybe not beautifully.  It’s way too short–she couldn’t sit down in it–and it’s extremely tight.  But it does fit.  Still, I think a comparison shot will clarify why I thought it wouldn’t fit.

Byul and Lottie
Byul and Lottie

Lottie, as you can see, was able to wear Meilin’s clothes.  I might have been tempted to just leave them in these outfits–especially since this outfit was a shade of blue that looked so nice with Byul’s hair–except that this Lottie was my mini-Romana II, and I couldn’t do that to her; she had to go back to being Romana!

Yeolume in Lottie's clothing
Yeolume in Lottie’s clothing

But before everyone could have their clothes back, first Yeolume had to try some things on.  First, she had to try on Lottie’s clothes, and they fit her like a dream.  Dang, if only I’d known that back during July, while the buy 2 get one free thing was on!  I could have gotten Yeolume a bunch of clothes!  😦  (I’ve felt lately like Yeolume is staring at me, and now I think I know why:  she’s sick of wearing her school uniform.)

Yeolume in Meilin's clothing
Yeolume in Meilin’s clothing

And Yeolume can also cosplay as Cardcaptor Sakura characters. Well, she’s already got pretty good Tomoyo-chan hair…

Anyway, back to Byul!

Byul in Bratz clothing
Byul in Bratz clothing

So it turns out that Byul’s coloration and the colors of this outfit really do not work together.  In fact, they look somewhat awful together.  And I’m appalled that it took me until this point in the process to notice that I put her feet back on the wrong legs.  (I did fix them as soon as I took this picture.)  Anyway, I don’t know, off-hand, what she’s going to end up wearing, or what her name’s going to be; for the moment, she’s just “Byul.”

I need to do something about her hair; it’s a bit ratty.  And I should probably do something about those few stains, too.  Then I can worry about names and personalities and clothing.  Or I can worry about those first.  There’s no set order to these things, right?

One last thing before I sign off.  I went to Target to see if they still had clearance of the Vi and Va dresses (which it turns out are a good fit on Byul, I found out too late), and although I came up empty-handed on Byul clothes, I did find a few other things.  It was the first time I’d been in a store of the sort since Bratz relaunched (despite that that was nearly a month ago!) so this was the first time I saw the new ones…and I found that they looked pretty much just like the old ones.  Funny thing, that.  Saw no indication of Bratzillaz returning, so I didn’t care, except that they had taken away a huge chunk of Monster High’s space to make room, which ticked me off.  (That was what turned me against Bratz when it first came out, that it took space away from Barbie, and now its re-re-launch is repeating that mistake, only with a different doll line.  Some people never learn.  (Though whether the people/person failing to learn here is them or me is debatable.))  Anyway, I didn’t leave the store empty-handed.

Target finds
Target finds

I’m thrilled by the reproduction Strawberry Shortcake doll.  Why can’t you give us something that perfect for She-Ra, Mattel?  Is that so much to ask for?

Anyway, the other one is a new line by MGA, which seems to be called Project MC2 (Uh, how do I do a superscript?  That should be a superscript 2, as in “squared” but…I don’t know how to do that on here.)  Given the photos of real girls on the fronts of the boxes, I’m guessing it’s a tie-in to a television program or something.  The dolls remind me of Moxie Girlz Teenz, only Barbie sized.  I’ll give a more thorough review after I’ve opened her.  (I’ll probably put it with this week’s entry for the Byul-tiful Photo Contest.)

Oops, almost forgot!  The full photo gallery for this post is here.



3 thoughts on “The twins arrive! (And Humpty Dumpty, too!)

  1. Olive August 20, 2015 / 7:09 am

    Yes!!! I now need to find Lottie outfits for my middie! I think they will fit her if they fit yeolume ^^. Also, I’m curious to see how bratz clothes will fit on pyrrha. Nice haul 😀


    • 39yearslame August 20, 2015 / 8:12 am

      Arklu’s site sells them directly, or you can get them from Amazon, with Arklu as the seller, which is practically the same thing. (Probably from Toys R Us’s web site, too, now that I think about it.)

      Bratz bottoms fit on Pyrrha okay, but the tops are too small. I think. I have a picture of her wearing Bratz pants with a Stacie shirt, so I assume the matching Bratz shirt didn’t fit. (Am I going senile that I no longer remember?)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. kewpie83 August 20, 2015 / 10:57 am

    I feel like you raided my doll room. I own a lot of the CCS dolls and a few Lain dolls… Mei-Lin’s outfit looks so cute on your doll!

    Liked by 1 person

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