Byul-tiful Photo Contest, week 3

This week’s theme is “Best Friend,” which seemed a bit awkward, since my Byul is Tiger Lily, and I’ve been sticking to her movie personality, which was less than fleshed out.  But in thinking about her scenes in the movie, I started thinking further about “why the heck is she the only sane member of her tribe?”  And aside from thinking that there’s definitely the fodder for a novel there, it gave me the idea for the photo.

Version 1
Version 1
Version 2
Version 2
Version 3
Version 3

The idea here is that since everyone in Tiger Lily’s tribe is a useless moron other than herself, and Peter Pan is usually off with the Lost Boys–who are also useless morons–Tiger Lily’s true best friend is not actually Pan (who’s more her crush than her friend anyway) but the spirit of the woods.  (Here represented by a Zelf.)  Taking these photos was rough; the light was so bright I could barely see what was on the camera’s screen, and I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. 😦  Anyway, I’m thinking of using version 2, even though it shoes a bloop of runaway hair.  (Because of the complex background, I couldn’t remove it.  My PhotoShop abilities are not strong enough to delete hair against a background of grass.  Wall, yes.  Grass, no.)

Anyway, speaking of Zelfs, there’s a picture I’ve been meaning to take/share all summer.  And here it is:

Ceiling fans:  the natural enemy of Zelfs.
Ceiling fans: the natural enemy of Zelfs.

There’s another version of the ceiling fan photo (focused on the other Zelf) in the Byul-tiful gallery, if you want to sort through all that.  (Well, okay, it’s actually not all that big.  21 pictures as of this posting.)

Speaking of a different Byul, Humpty Dumpty has a new outftit:

In Bratz-wear.
In Bratz-wear.

I’ve been wanting to get those pants on some doll for a long time, so I’m glad they’ve found a wearer, but she can’t stand up in them. 😦  (Either they’re poorly made, or Bratz dolls are exceptionally short in the crotch region.  Given how nicely that other pair of Bratz pants fit her, I think this particular pair of pants are just really poorly made.  Whatever the case is, the pants form this hideous V going up towards her waist.  It’s really ugly, but you can’t see it as long as she’s sitting down.)

She still needs a new name, though.  I am not going to keep calling her Humpty Dumpty, but just calling her Byul seems anti-climactic.  I need to look up the ancient Greek for “egg.”  Or maybe for “blue.”  Or if those don’t work, I could use some Latin, maybe.  (Uh, not the Latin for “egg,” though.  I’m not having a doll called “Ovum.”  That’s worse than “Humpty Dumpty.”)


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