Why did I sign onto Etsy?

Seriously, I think I made a mistake.  I spent a huge chunk of time yesterday on there–and about an hour this morning–browsing and favoriting and stuff.

I mean, I haven’t spent any money there yet, but “yet” is the operative part of the sentence.  (So far, they don’t have my credit card/PayPal information, and that’s about the only thing stopping me.)

I only went to look for eye chips for Pyrrha, and clothes for Byul/Kaiko, right?  That’s harmless, right?

Um, but then I did some searches.

There are so many vintage toys from my childhood!  Things I’ve long lost–like She-Ra dolls and Galoob’s Golden Girl dolls–and things I’d forgotten I’d ever had, and things I remember but didn’t actually have because my parents were more capable of saying “no” to me than I am.  Not to mention all the vintage toys that are older than I am but which I’ve seen in the museum and fallen in love with and now want for myself.  (And it’s kind of scary that I can find some of them in better shape on Etsy than the ones in the museum’s collection, and they’re not even that pricey.)

Thing is, this is exactly how I got myself in trouble years ago.  I started buying toys from my childhood, and ended up with boxes of crap that I no longer want, and…ugh.  I’m trying to stop myself before I start, you know?  I need to put a limiter on myself, on my spending.  I wonder if Etsy has a way of putting a limiter on what kind of things you can buy, like “no vintage purchases other than She-Ra” or something.  (Okay, that’s way too specific, they’d never have that.)

I’m determined that if I do indeed take the plunge and start actually buying things, I absolutely will be a good girl and start with what I meant to start with:  hand-made doll clothes, and eye chips for Pyrrha.  (Am I still allowed to call myself a “girl” now that I’m 40, or am I breaking some kind of international law?)

Not all the clothes are going to be for Byul/Kaiko, though.  In fact, I’ll probably start out with some that aren’t.  I was thinking of getting a crocheted dress for Yeolume…if one of your Middie Blythe dresses with fit her, Olive?  They’re really cute. 😀

I also found some knitted dresses for Moxie Girlz Teenz, which will take the place of the Gene dress one of mine is wearing, so I can give that to Madra Lord; that will be much cheaper than getting a new dress actually intended for a Gene doll.  (Though there are some actual–in package–Gene dresses on Etsy for pretty cheap, but I don’t like any of them for Madra.  Besides, the knitted ones are so cute that I can’t pick which one I want, and I’m gonna hafta get two of them. 😀 )

The real question becomes about eye chips, though.  I could use some advice, in fact.  I know that the way to handle Blythe customization (or any doll customization) is always deeply personal, but hearing others’ thoughts is always a good way to help focus one’s own thoughts.  So there are all these great eye chips out there, but trying to find four eye chips I really like that will fit Pyrrha’s personality and color scheme in a similar style is going to be more difficult.  So is it typical to have one or two that are really spectacular, and the rest be more plain, or is it common for them all to be wild and wonderful and unique, or does it really differ by everyone who customizes, or by the personality of the doll?

On top of all this, I also find myself wanting to buy the Taeyang KAITO before he vanishes like the other Vocaloid Pullips (I checked, and Pullipstyle doesn’t have Miku anymore after all, which is actually okay, because I’d probably do creepy things with her and Luka if I had her), which means roughly $100, and then there’s these other really cute dolls I was thinking of getting from Amazon, one of which is down to the last 3, but to reduce shipping costs I have to get two dolls (since it’s partially by weight and partially per shipment (from Korea), the shipping is $15 for one doll, $10 the other, but $20 for both) but that would be about another $100, and then there’s the Pang-ju Black Russian cute little vampire doggy doll and the BJD Ai Tsubaki cute little fox spirit, both currently on sale at Pullipstyle, both of which I’d like very much…and which would combine to another $100.  OMG.  What is wrong with me?  The worst part is that on all of the stuff in this paragraph, I feel like if I don’t buy these things in moderately short order, I will have either missed out on them altogether, or would have to pay far too much for them later if I do ever want to acquire them.  I think that’s my real problem.  It’s not so much that I have this greedy sense of “I want” going all the time, it’s that I have this sense of “if I don’t get it now, I may never have a chance ever again, and I’m going to hate myself for missing my only opportunity!”  Which is perhaps merely the same thing from a different point of view, but…sigh…

I should get ready to go to class instead of continuing to gripe about this.


9 thoughts on “Why did I sign onto Etsy?

  1. Olive August 27, 2015 / 9:43 am

    For eyechips for Pyrrha, it really depends on what you want her to have. Some people like plain chips, but in colors that suit the blythe (more so than the ones she comes with). Some people like hand painted chips, that can be realistic or very artistic. Just FYI, some of the blythe fakes have smaller eye chip holes than the real blythes. If this is the case, you may have to sand down eye chips you buy to fit your girl. If you order from my etsy store, I might be able to include a set of my real release’s eye chips (which is the default size I think. I will try to find them. they’re scuffed :-/), so you can see if they fit Pyrrha before shelling out money for hand painted ones. I’m not sure if the middie dresses will fit Yeolume, but I’ll try it out on my stock yeolume body and let you know ^^.


    • Olive August 27, 2015 / 9:44 am

      Also, etsy is a dangerous website. I spend way too much on there for both myself and my dolls

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    • 39yearslame August 27, 2015 / 8:23 pm

      Ooh, sanding down eye chips sounds like a lot of heavy work. Would it be more or less work to replace the whole eye mechanism? (Or would that just have exactly the same problem?) I’ve only ever customized Monster High and Barbie before, so all eye issues have been simple matters of paint in the past. (Well, and sticking the eyes in my Hujoo, but that’s different, and exceptionally simple.)

      Definitely let me know if the Middie dresses fit Yeolume! 😀

      Oh, and replying to your other comment, I agree that Etsy is a dangerous site. I could go into debt on a place like that so easily that it’s scary. But so far I’ve held off from buying anything. (And today I was going to buy lottery tickets on the way out of the grocery store on my way home from class, but I was hungry for dinner and had ice cream in the groceries so I decided to let that wait until tomorrow. But if I could just score a few hundred bucks on a lottery scratcher, that’d help me feel better about all the stuff I want to buy online, y’know? 😛 (Like I could ever manage to win money on a lottery ticket.)) There are a lot of really great places to get hand-made doll clothes, though, so I want to support some artists, even if I manage to reign in my collector’s urge to chase vintage toys. (Though I’m not sure I can hold back from chasing the She-Ra and Golden Girl dolls. That may be too much for me to resist. Except Netossa. I’m not spending $80 on an opened, five inch doll from 30 years ago. Awesome as she is, I must draw a line at $80.)


      • Olive August 27, 2015 / 8:26 pm

        I just checked and the middie dresses are way too short on yeolume :-/ . An eye mech can cost around $20-25, and even then, you run the risk of getting the type of eye mech where the slots are smaller than a regular releases’s eye chip slot. If you have facebook, you can also try going on the Blythe Customization group page and posting a photo of Pyrrha, asking if she’s a TBL or a TBL+ (the TBL+ have the smaller eye chip slots). I also like the scratchers, but I’m not very lucky when it comes to blind luck.


      • 39yearslame August 27, 2015 / 8:35 pm

        I’m not on Facebook; I’m way too scared of people finding out what a weirdo I am. (Specifically, people like the alumni from my high school. And my mother. Yikes. She doesn’t spend much time on Facebook, but if she had any idea how much money I spend on dolls? She would have a battering ram at my front door. Or a lawyer. It wouldn’t be pretty. I mean, I’m 40 years old; she doesn’t have a right to say what I should spend my own money on, but try telling *her* that!) Also, I don’t like the idea of, you know, taking photos of myself for any reason. I’m not so much “camera shy” as “camera terrified”.

        There’s a Blythe section on the Dal House forum, strangely enough; I’ll see if they’ve got any advice about eye chip advice for a Blythe clone. Although I did see some stuff on Etsy where you could buy blank eye chips and then buy things to print out and put under them; those might work out better. (If nothing else, they’d have to be cheaper, right?) They wouldn’t look as good, but as an experimental first attempt…

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      • Olive August 27, 2015 / 10:25 pm

        I actually only created a Facebook so I can look at the doll groups! You should try making eye chips! There’s the printing route, or you could always paint the eye chips yourself.


      • 39yearslame August 28, 2015 / 9:10 am

        One of the things I saw on Etsy was actually a mold for making eye chips, which I have to admit looked pretty tempting; it cost about the same as a really nice set of hand-painted chips, and I could try again as many times as need be, since I can always get more resin at local art supply places. That way I could try the printed kind, or I could try painting them, though that probably wouldn’t work out too well, given what my Monster High and Barbie eyes have looked like…. (Though those have, admittedly, been much smaller, obviously…)

        Of course, I know nothing about using resin molds, but…I’ve been tempted by getting into that stuff before, to try and make some custom parts for dolls in the past, so…

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      • Olive August 27, 2015 / 10:37 pm

        Also I know how you feel about prying moms. :-/ I have to hide my mail when I get home.


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