Byul-tiful Photo Contest, Final Week

The final week’s theme is “Oh no!” or “Oh my!” or something like that.  Due to Byul’s permanently shocked expression. 😛

Obviously, my first thought was to make poor Tiger Lily witness some pseudo-yaoi embrace between Pan and Hook–since they’re actually just Pullip and Taeyang dressed up as said characters–but even if I could bring myself to do that, it wouldn’t look very good because default Pullip bodies aren’t very actually flexible.  (I mentioned the difficulty on the forum, and it was pointed out that it’s not so hard to make them look intimate, and examples were provided…every single one of the examples showing a modified Pullip on another type of body.  Yeah.  That’s helpful.)

Eventually, I decided to settle for her love of nature, because, well, I wanted to submit something.  Unfortunately, by the time I did, the sun decided that it was time for three or four days of cloudy skies. 😦  So the lighting’s not very good on the photos I ended up taking.  But since the idea was none too great, either, perhaps that’s irrelevant.

I thought I had four working versions of the shot, but it turned out I only have the two, because in the other two her stand is still showing. 😦

Version "1"
Version “1”
Version "2"
Version “2”

Bah, the lighting’s pretty bad on “2” there, isn’t it?  I mean, worse than on the other one.  She’s pretty washed out.  I guess I’ll have to go with version “1” by default.  Ugh.  I wanted to have options.  I took about fifteen or twenty of these, and most of them are utter garbage.  (Lol, that’s ironic, considering the subject matter is litter!)  It didn’t help, of course, that the hedge row in the background was actually pretty thin and I had to trim the photos because you could see my neighbor’s house.  That kind of ruined the illusion, too.

Anyway, since I was finally done with the contest, I had one last photo to take with Tiger Lily:

Tiger Lily's Revenge
Tiger Lily’s Revenge

That’s what Pan gets for having all those Tinks around!  Now Tiger Lily’s got a mini-Pan of her own! 😛  (Too bad it’s not a Liddle Kiddle one, though.  That would be be awesome.)

(I would provide a link to all the photos in their full size, but it would seem that Dropbox has decided that it doesn’t want to work anymore.  Seriously.  I tried to put the pictures into the gallery and it told me my log in wasn’t being allowed because it seemed to be automated.  Eventually I managed to convince it it that I was, in fact, a human being pushing buttons and not a robot pushing buttons, only now it won’t give me anything but an error screen and won’t let me at any of my files.  So, yeah…no bigger versions of these pics right now.)

(Dropbox is back up, so the link to the full Byul-tiful photo gallery is here.)

Anyway, in other Byul-related news, Kaiko has her jacket now, and I almost ordered her dress from Etsy last night, but kind of panicked at the last second when I saw how much I was going to be spending on other stuff, too.  (There were also dresses for Pyrrha, Moxie Girlz Teenz, the eye chip mold for Pyrrha, and stuff like that.  It was going to be like $86…and I freaked out and decided to wait until I could buy those lottery tickets first.  Just in case.)


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