The diva Kaiko is born!

(Or something like that.)

Byul has finished her transformation into Kaiko.  More or less.  She still has to borrow Len’s headphones/microphone for every photo shoot, and I should probably get her a scarf that matches her shirt a bit better, but…otherwise, I feel like she’s pretty much come into herself.   (Though I still want to fix up her hair at some point; it’s still a mess.)

Showing off her diva stuff!
Showing off her diva stuff!

The one thing that annoyed me, in taking these pictures, is that I felt like no matter what I did, I wasn’t really capturing the Kaiko essence of her costume.  😦  It’s that coat; it’s too small for her, being Monster High, so it doesn’t photograph very well.  Maybe I should re-body her with a slightly smaller body, so it’d fit better.  (God, that would be dumb reason.  There are plenty of good reasons to re-body her, but that would not be one of them.)

Playing her guitar.
Playing her guitar.

Actually, I have no idea if Kaiko is usually depicted with a guitar–it doesn’t seem like a typically KAITO instrument, so probably not–but it matches her so perfectly that it absolutely is her guitar, regardless.  Besides, Kaiko’s just a fanloid, anyway.  I can do whatever I want with my version of her, right?

Singing her synthetic little heart out.
Singing her synthetic heart out.

The Byul mouth is perfect for a singing mouth, isn’t it?  I’m surprised they didn’t use Byul for any of their official Vocaloid dolls.  Actually, they should have done some UTAU dolls; Byul would make a great Defoko.  Okay, yes, stop me now.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to go there.  I’m not buying (or making) any more Vocaloid Pullips.  Except maybe KAITO…or MEIKO…or….

I have to figure out how to make Kaiko her own set of headphones.  She can’t keep borrowing Len’s.  It’s not fair to Len, plus what if I want to do a photo shoot with both of them?  (Not to mention the fact that I have to be careful about angles, since the yellow on the earpieces reveals them to belong to Len, rather than Kaiko, as hers would have blue.)  I looked for doll headphones on Etsy, but the closest I found were some Blythe-sized ones that were very un-Vocaloid in design.  Being Blythe-sized, they’d be too big, and being un-Vocaloid in design, they wouldn’t work even if they were the right size.

I’m thinking I’ll have to make my own, but I’m not quite sure how.  I bought some resin at Michael’s, and I already had some mold materials from my polymer clay days, so I guess I’ll try experimenting with that…if I can find the free time.  If.  Ugh.  So much reading to do…

Anyway, speaking of Etsy, I did finally place an order.  I ordered a Moxie Girlz Teenz dress so that Madra Lord can have the Gene dress one of mine has been wearing all this time, and a dress for Pyrrha, and a mold to make blank eye chips for Pyrrha, plus a download to print out eyes to go behind those blank eye chips.  Won’t look as nice as hand-painted eye chips, but if they don’t fit, then I won’t have spent as much money, right?  Plus maybe I’ll find I’m good at making eye chips.  (Unlikely, but weirder things have happened, I’m sure.)  I already got the clear resin to use with the mold, and while I was at it, I got super-fine sandpaper to get rid of the shine on her face, too.  (Didn’t need to buy anything to do the re-paint, as I’ve already got a huge number of such supplies from various semi-abortive attempts to re-paint Monster High dolls.)  For the moment, I’ve told myself “no buying vintage toys online.”  I can look all I want, and create lists galore, but I can’t buy them.  That’s the rule I’ve set myself.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it.  (Though it’s sorely tempting, seeing some of the stuff from my childhood that’s available on Etsy…)


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