An unexpected (belated) birthday present

Yesterday, a package arrived at my house.  I wasn’t expecting anything–my only dolly order in the pipes, a 22 inch ballerina doll, is a pre-order not due to ship until mid-September–so I was understandably rather confused to be receiving a package.  (And even if it had shipped early, this package was way too small to be a nearly two foot tall doll!)  When I saw that the package was addressed to my brother, I was like “oh, he accidentally clicked the wrong address when he was making an order from Amazon.”

So I called him to tell him his package had arrived at the wrong house, and he tells me to go ahead and open it in this very mysterious kind of way, and I start getting a little suspicious.  But I was in the middle of trying to do the photo shoot for Kaiko, so I didn’t really think too much of it, and besides I was worried about how I was going to get my laundry done despite my dryer being broken (ugh) and I could draw this story out for a long time, but I’ll just cut to the chase and say that although I didn’t end up opening the package until my brother came over to pick me up to go use his dryer (and buy him lunch), it turned out that the package was, in fact, something he’d bought for me as a birthday present, only it arrived considerably after my birthday, on account of having come all the way from Japan.

Of course, I told him he shouldn’t have.

But I also didn’t say anything along the lines of “gee, you should keep her.”  Because I’ve been wanting this for a long time now. 😀  (And I totally should have taken a photo before I de-boxed her.  Didn’t even think of it, ’cause she’s a statuette instead of a doll.)

Airi Ban
Airi Ban

This is Airi Ban, one of the characters from Devil Survivor 2:  Record Breaker, the Nintendo 3DS RPG I’ve been playing for a large chunk of the summer.  (Okay, technically speaking, this supposed to be tying into the anime version, but…from what I’ve heard, the anime royally screws it up.  This, of course, does not surprise me.)  Airi is one of my favorite characters in the game, and the statuette really captures her beautifully.

Note the musical notes on her scarf.
Note the musical notes on her scarf.

I’ll have a lot more to say about Airi later, on my main blog, when I finally finish with the game and prepare a full post on the game’s treatment of gender and sexuality.  (Uh, in Airi’s case, mostly just talking about gender.  Just in case you’re worried about that.)  For the moment, though, I still have to get the last ending, and play through the 3DS-exclusive sequel game–which is probably not nearly as long as the main game–so I’m not ready to write that post yet.  Anyway, the reason she’s got musical notes on her scarf is because she used to want to be a concert pianist, and had won several competitions when she was younger, but she had to quit, because her family couldn’t afford it.

Another angle
Another angle

As is typical of this type of statuette, she came wrapped in a bunch of pieces of protective plastic, right, and I had to take her apart to get the protective plastic off.  In doing so, I realized the horrifying fact that you could put her back together without her skirt, just like with Lisa Silverman.  That’s disgusting, considering she’s like 15.  (Lisa’s at least 17, I’m pretty sure.)  I hope there aren’t any perverts out there who did put her back together without her skirt, but…

Airi's angry face
Airi’s angry face

…Airi’s angry face says otherwise.

LOL, sorry, couldn’t resist that one.  Okay, see, I just wanted to include a photo of her angry face, and I was going to put the angry face on the statuette, take a picture, and then put the angry face back in the box, right?  Only I couldn’t detach her hair from her happy face, so I decided “okay, I’ll just take a photo of the angry face by itself instead.”  And then this opportunity in the text came up, and….

Yeah, sorry.  Anyway, Airi’s angry face comes up a lot in the game.  She’s a temperamental little thing sometimes, but that’s one of the things I love about her:  she doesn’t hold back.

Final shot
Final shot

And a final shot, so we won’t end on the loose angry face. 😛  The reason she’s holding her cell phone, btw, is because in the game Devil Survivor 2, the characters use a cell phone app to summon demons to fight for them in an attempt to survive the end of the world.  Well, okay, what’s going on is more complicated than just “the end of the world,” but…

Anyway, I’m very glad that there’s this nice statuette of Airi, because although this game has a fantastic cast, there’s not much merchandise, and even less merchandise of the female cast that’s actually appealing.  There’s a similar statuette of Io Nitta, the primary female character, which is entirely unappealing, because it’s too on-model.  (Io has an unfortunately designed bosom.  It’s not just that it’s too large, it’s also that it behaves in a manner unlike any human bosom ever.  Also unlike normal anime bosoms, or Barbie bosoms, or…it’s more like two helium balloons stuck inside her school uniform.  Really unappealing.  Fortunately, Io actually looks a lot like a basic JerryBerry doll, facially, so eventually I’ll get one of those and name her Io. 😀 )  I still want the Nendoroid of the hero…even though it’s rather pricey for a Nendoroid…sigh….it’s really cool, though….

What I need now, though, is a little Kama to go with her.  Just a mini one to linger by her feet and peer up at her belly button longingly. 😛  (Yep, that’s an in-joke for those who’ve played the game.)  Sadly, they don’t seem to have ever merchandised Kama…


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