Rory the Roman!!

For most major three day weekends, the local used store that’s been such a gold mine for goodies has a big sale, including 33% off all used toys.  So naturally I went in to check it out yesterday.  (The sale starts on Friday, rather than on Saturday.  Don’t ask me why; I don’t know.)  They always seem to get in new stuff right before one of these major sales, and this time was no exception.  Nearly the entire bottom shelf of one of the cases was taken up with those blind box Doctor Who Titan figures, including…

Rory the Roman!!
Rory the Roman!!

This is practically the only one of those figures I really wanted.  In part because this is, as far as I know, the only way they’ve merchandised Rory in his Roman centurion gear.  It’s like, seriously?  Why isn’t there a full regular figure of him this way?  There’s a regular figure of him, there’s a regular figure of an ordinary plastic Roman, so why not one of Rory the Last Centurion?  Sheesh!  (I mean, I guess one could custom-make one, swapping the head off the ordinary Rory onto the body of the ordinary plastic Roman, but…I think said plastic Roman had a different body type than Rory’s, so that wouldn’t even work anyway.  It’s like “Get with the program already!”)

3/4 view.  Because.
3/4 view. Because.

He does have one small smudge on the side of his nose (the other side, not the one in the picture above, obviously 😛 ) but noticing that made me think of a quote from an episode in which Rory does not dress as a Roman.  (But does, at one point, wear ’60s glasses that make him look like he shrank.  His face was not made for bulky glasses.)

“I’m the Doctor, and these are my companions, code-named the Legs, the Nose and Mrs. Robinson.”

Hehe…totally mean, but so funny!  Besides, the Doctor’s always had his mean side.  (Check out the un-aired, original version of the first episode sometime.  In addition to Susan being way more interesting and unearthly, the Doctor is decidedly much meaner than usual.  And he could get pretty cranky in his first body!  Well, you know how it is when you’re young…)

Aaaaanyway, since I already had the guy opening the case, I ended up getting a bunch more of them.  I would have gotten Kiss-o-gram Amy to keep Rory company, but she cost twice as much, and I just wasn’t going to pay that much, y’know?  I took individual shots of all the new ones, but to save blog space, I’m not going to post those here–there’ll be a gallery link at the end–and instead I’ll just show the group shot I did with the two I already had, the first Doctor and Strax.

Doctors assemble!
Doctors assemble!

Sadly, they didn’t have the second Doctor or the eighth Doctor, and the sixth Doctor was bizarrely expensive.  So the collection is not complete.  Uh, well, obviously not, what with missing the whole new contingent (apart from John Hurt because, you know, he’s John Hurt!) but their costumes are all so dull that I just couldn’t see my way to paying money for them.  Besides, this lot already came to a fair amount.  Though much less with the 33% off and all.

I was surprised at just how many different things there were those little figures of, though.  I mean, you had all kinds of Doctor variations:  there was a black and white first Doctor (which I totally would have gotten if I didn’t already have the colorized version), there was the eleventh Doctor coated in that red stuff from the episode with Diana Rigg, and there was even the tenth Doctor, in his pajamas, holding a sword, with one hand cut off.  That’s really, really specific, you know?  (Also, slightly morbid.)

I think the only other one I was tempted to get was one of those clockwork robots from “The Girl in the Fireplace.”  Because those things had a really fabulous design, and the episode was pretty good.  (Ending needed work, though.  He shoulda come back the long way.  That would have been way more interesting all around.)

Also, btw, Davros does not work in this format.  Period.  Looked ridiculous.

Anyway, so that’s what I found at the first location of this chain.  I also visited the other location.  What I found there wasn’t nearly so interesting, but I thought “why not?”  (Though there was something else interesting there, which they’ve actually had for a while, but I just wasn’t going to buy a Batman Nendoroid.  Iron Man, sure, but Batman?  Nope.  Costume’s too dull.)

Storm doll
Storm doll

The copyright date on her foot says 2000, so I guess this was a tie-in to the first movie.  (Though honestly, I only like First Class and Days of Future Past.  My brother showed me all of the other movies so I could watch Days of Future Past and fully get it, but…the original three didn’t do much of anything for me, despite that I liked a lot of the cast.)  I’m not a fan of this outfit as doll clothing.  It works in the movies, but on a doll?  No, not for me, thanks.  But then it turned out there was almost nothing I could have her wear, after I went through the arduous task of removing her original garb (and from the damage to the sleeve, I’d say her previous owner at least tried to re-dress her, even if they failed to do so in the end) and I ended up having to put her in a Barbie dress that’s a bit too big and looks ridiculous for stylistic reasons.

Storm's new (temporary) garb
Storm’s new (temporary) garb

And why, you may ask, was it so difficult to get her into any other garment?  Well, in word, this is why:

Nightmare hand
Nightmare hand

Seriously, they could not have picked a more awkward pose for that hand!  It makes it impossible to get her into almost any other clothes.  (Okay, yes, I know they didn’t intend you to remove the clothes…but since they did, in fact, make the clothes removable, they had to know people were going to remove them!  And it’s like they designed that hand purposefully to discourage you from trying to re-dress the doll.)  I’m going to have to make something for her by hand, I fear, which will mean it’ll look terrible.  But that black (faux) leather thing looked awful to begin with, so…anyway, I’m thinking of studying my brother’s statuette of Storm in her comics costume and trying to emulate that for her outfit.  That should look a lot better, though I’ll probably need to paint her gloves and shoes white.  I probably also need to do something about her staining:

Serious staining
Serious staining

Looks like she’s badly bruised, doesn’t it, like she’s just been in a terrible brawl?  (Of course, being a superheroine, terrible brawls are kind of her stock-in-trade…)  The weird thing is, she’s only stained on one side.  It’s like the previous owner got her clothes half off and left them that way, so that only the other side of her body got stained.  Weird.

Anyway, despite Friday being a pretty good day, today was a pretty terrible day.  Everything just kept going wrong.  I forgot I had no money, I didn’t take a meal bar with me, “closing at noon” turned into “closing at 12:30” turned into the reality of not leaving until 2:00, I got cut off for the last parking place at the antique mall, and when I finally got into the antique mall, the only thing inside I actually wanted I couldn’t have, because it was $255, and I wasn’t paying that for a board game I had as a child, no matter how rare it is now.  (And seeing as it’s an electronic board game, who knows if it even still works!  But man….I loved the Dark Tower.  That was the most awesome board game ever.  Why they haven’t re-released it, seeing how expensive it is as a vintage item, is beyond me.  Although maybe now there are copyright issues, since Stephen King used the name for one of his books?)

But when I got home, I was surprised to find two packages on my front porch.  One was literally nothing (seriously, it was granola bars; don’t ask) but the other I was really amazed by, because I only ordered it on Thursday morning, and although the box said “2 day priority” on it, I don’t recall hitting the “expediting shipping” toggle, nor did the shipping cost look like I’d paid for expedited shipping, either.  (Though the order was placed through Amazon, it wasn’t from them, so the shipping is all third party stuff.)  In any case, that helped me feel a bit better, because all the contents of that Thursday order were little dollies:

Little Dal+ Soldier of Cards
Little Dal+ Soldier of Cards

Yup, the vendor got more of them in, so I’m one doll closer to a complete set on the Little Alice series!  Yay!  Of course…I’m not likely to get any closer than this.  I saw Pink Alice on Amazon…for $25 plus $10 shipping.  That’s more than I want to pay.  Besides, why would I need two Alices?  And as to the Mad Hatter…I’ve never even seen anyone selling her.  I bet she costs a lot on the rare occasions that anyone does sell her. 😦  I should home-brew a Little+ Mad Hatter.  Not sure from what, though.  I mean, should I stick with Dal, switch to Pullip, or maybe Byul?  (I do have a Little Byul+ who’s already been re-dressed…) I’d say I could switch to Taeyang, but the only Little Taeyang they’ve ever released, as far as I know, is Sebastian, and he’s too expensive to buy a second one and re-purpose him.  (Though I suppose I could just put a hat on him for photo shoots and call him the Mad Hatter, and say that his madness reflects itself by dressing like a butler…)  Anyway, getting back to this doll, I’m pretty sure I’d seen her at Tuesday Mornings and passed her up, which I’m surprised by now, because looking at her I’m struck by how pretty and delicate her face-up is.  But I guess the lighting in Tuesdays Mornings wasn’t good enough to let me see that. 😛

Uh, anyhow, because of the way this particular vendor on Amazon works, the shipping’s pretty high on these little dolls, unless you get more than one, to spread out the shipping costs between ’em, and make it feel less egregious.  (In other words, $7.50 shipping on four dolls is much better than $6.99 shipping on one.)  So I got several others…


Phonetika here is going to need to be de-boxed sometime fairly soon.  Because right now she’s not looking right.  She’s got this massive hat–in a Russian style, as you might expect from the rest of her costume–that looks really nice, but they couldn’t have her wearing it in the package.  So it’s in between the layers of the backing.  (One of the reviews on her on Amazon mentioned that, so I was expecting it, and didn’t become alarmed by the lack of hat.)  But that means I probably won’t want to wait to de-box her until I have the new display area set up.  Probably.  Anyway, I think Phonetika will go nicely with one of the other Little+ dolls I already had:


Oddly enough, I got her at a sci-fi convention.  I have no idea why that particular vendor was selling a few Little+ dolls, but this one I hadn’t seen before, and I was charmed by her ethnic costume–as it would be described in the museum’s catalog, lol–and her deep blue eyes, which I’m sorry to say didn’t photograph very well.  Fortunately, she was a price I was willing to pay, and she’s been one of my favorite Little+ dolls ever since. 🙂  And now she has a friend. 😀

Angel Dal/Pullip
Angel Dal/Pullip

I also got a couple more of the Angel Pullip line, because they were $5, and I’ve quite fallen in love with Candy since I re-dressed her.  Granted, neither of these has fluffy pink hair, but…I think they’ll still be charming once I get them in new clothes.  Actually, the Dal’s stock isn’t that bad to begin with; it’s just the Pullip’s stock that’s terrible.  I’m not terribly fond of those orange eyes, either; maybe I’ll give her eyes a gentle re-paint, just into another color, while otherwise following the original.  While I’m at re-dressing them, I’ll do that detailed comparison I’ve been meaning to, of the Angel Pullip/Dal line and the Bratz Kidz line.

Okay, just a couple more things before I go.

One, the mold to make Pyrrha’s new eye chips has now been shipped, but since it’s coming from the other side of the world, it won’t get here until sometime next month.  I need to give her a haircut before that, though.  Maybe on Wednesday, if I get my paper done early enough…

Two, I’ve decided on a major purchase, and I’m just waiting on Paypal before I make it.  They had this thing going in August where you get a “mystery reward” in September if you spent $150, right?  So the Kagamine twins and Kaiko alone met that $150, and now I’m just waiting to get that “mystery reward” so I can apply it to this purchase.  (If, by some miracle, it’s the maximum $100, I may also apply it to Pang-ju Black Russian Pang…but it’ll only be $10, the minimum, so there’s no point in fantasizing, right?)  Anyway, the purchase I’ve decided to make is that I’m finally going to buy my first real Blythe.  Country Summer is still affordable, and I really like her, so I’m going to go ahead and get her while I can.  I just want to wait and get that reward, even if it is only $10, first so that I’ll be saving at least a little bit of my money.

…though why I’m trying to save money now after throwing it around like confetti all summer every time anyone said “doll sale” is somewhat of a mystery…

I fear I have no impulse control whatsoever.

I should probably be grateful that my hobbies and interests are inclined to toy collecting, instead of something dangerous, or something far more expensive, like cars.  (I shudder at the thought!)

Ack, I almost forgot the gallery link!  Here it is!


3 thoughts on “Rory the Roman!!

  1. Olive September 6, 2015 / 8:55 am

    ^^ remember the episode where Rory is the pretty one and not the doctor or Amy? The doctor can be mean sometimes but I think it’s just from years and years of living and also being used to being the center of attention from all the companions.

    Also, country summer is a gorgeous doll! Do you have a Flickr account? You should check out the Country Summer blythe group ^^. Owner photos are often way gorgeous and help increase anticipation ^^.


    • 39yearslame September 6, 2015 / 10:25 am

      I love that episode! 😀

      I don’t have a Flickr account; they required me to be able to receive text messages to sign up (some kind of verification thing) and my phone doesn’t do that, so I couldn’t sign up. That’s why I have to store my pictures on Dropbox.


      • Olive September 6, 2015 / 10:26 am

        I think the group photos are still public and worth taking a look! I don’t remember verifying with my cell phone, but I do remember having to create a yahoo account in order to sign up.


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