Pyrrha’s haircut

Well, I said I was finally going to get around to giving Pyrrha her haircut, and I did.

Of course, just as I feared I would, I also kind of botched it.  Particularly in the place where it shows the most.  😦

The hair cut...or hatchet job...
The hair cut…or hatchet job…

I made the bangs much too short, and they’re uneven to boot. 😦  Worst of all, the center tends to fly upward, because it was originally side hair, since she didn’t have bangs before.  Until I get that to behave itself, she’s gonna look pretty weird.  On the other hand, choppy, fly-away bangs kind of fit her personality, so it could be worse, I suppose.  (And if I ever decide I just can’t stand the horrible bangs, I could always buy her a new scalp, and hope I can get one with hair more or less the same color as what she’s got now.)

Back view
Back view

Naturally, I did a much better job in the back, where it doesn’t matter.  *sigh*

I need to do something about her super-boring, skin-colored pull-ring now.  And I need to get her some more hands so she won’t be stuck with just that one awkward hand pose.

As to her eyes and face-up, well, the mold for the eye chips is on its way (from Hong Kong, so it’ll be a while yet) and I have printable eyes to go under them, and if I don’t like the way those end up looking I can always try painting the resin eye chips myself, though that will probably be slightly disastrous.  And I don’t want to try taking her apart any more than I have to, so I’ll deal with her face when I take her apart to give her the new eye chips.

Hopefully, this is all enough attention that she won’t be jealous.  Because I did indeed place that order; Country Summer Blythe is on her way.  (Again, it’ll probably be a while before she gets here.)  She was on sale and I had $10 from PayPal, so I actually ended up spending less on her than on some of my more expensive Pullips, amazingly enough.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the hair I cut off.  It’s such pretty hair that I don’t want to throw it away, but I don’t really do re-rooting right now (too much time involved), and most of it’s not really long enough for that anyway…


2 thoughts on “Pyrrha’s haircut

    • 39yearslame September 10, 2015 / 8:39 pm

      Yeah, I saw their pull rings, though I’m tempted to try making one myself, as a test of the resin kit I got. Probably won’t turn out, but since I have to get out my mold-making kit to repair one of my old molds, I was thinking of making a mold off Pyrrha’s ring, just to see how it turns out. The worst that can happen is that I waste a bit of resin, right? 😛

      Part of me wants to not check out the tutorial, just ’cause it’ll point out all the ways I went wrong. 😦 But I really want to know how to make the part that’s flying upwards settle down, so I’ll probably look at it anyway. If I could just get that part to behave itself, I think I’d be okay with the short-and-uneven rest of it, since it fits her personality, but with the one part sticking up like that, it keeps exposing the difference in shade between her scalp and her face, which is exactly what I wanted to hide in the first place. 😦


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