New Dolly Dresses

So, my first Etsy orders have arrived, except for the eye chip mold.  (Thought earlier that it had arrived, but that turned out to be Romana instead…)

Anyway!  I can at least show you the dresses!

Pyrrha's new dress
Pyrrha’s new dress

Pyrrha’s dress is from BeMyChic.  Though I shouldn’t really call it “Pyrrha’s” dress.  There’s a layer of netting or something (sorry, I’m utterly inept about clothes) inside to give the skirt some body, which gets bent out of shape by having her sit while wearing the dress.  But with Pyrrha’s body, she can’t really stand well, even on a stand.  (Though it might help if I had an actual Blythe stand for her.)  Net result, though it looks cute on her, this dress isn’t really something Pyrrha can wear.  So it’s actually going to be Romana’s dress.  (Fortunately, it’s definitely Romana’s style.)  But Pyrrha’s going to keep wearing it a little while longer, just ’cause.

Arizona's new dress
Arizona’s new dress

The big reason to buy some doll clothes from Etsy, of course, was to get this dress for Arizona.  (Who still needs a new name!)  What with Moxie Girlz Teenz not having lasted very long, there’s a real dearth of clothes for them, even in the hand-made department.  This outfit was made by DollUniverse, and it fits her so snugly that it was actually a bit tricky getting it on her!  (I probably should have put her undies on second instead of first.  That would have helped…)  It looks really great on her, doesn’t it?  I’m glad the outfit was navy and white; she’s been wearing a navy Gene dress with white trim for the last umpty years, so I’ve gotten used to her being in those colors.   Since taking the photos, I managed to find one of the missing pair of MGT shoes hanging around here (they were in the lunchbox with the Barbie shoes, which sort of makes sense and sort of doesn’t) so she’s no longer barefoot, though I’m not entirely pleased with the combination, since the shoes are black, not navy.  I need to get her some navy or white shoes.  (That’s not going to be easy to do, though!)

The important thing, of course, was that now that Arizona’s no longer wearing that Gene dress, it was available for someone else to wear!

Madra's new (for her) dress
Madra’s new (for her) dress

I think it actually looks pretty good on her — better than on the blonde Gene it came on — but I need to find the matching shoes and hat/hair ornament.  I thought I knew where the hat-thing was, but it wasn’t there. 😦  The shoes…I know where they are, I just can’t get at them.  (God, I need to clean my house desperately!)  I really should have removed her lingerie before trying to get the dress on her; it’s a little tight because of the extra layer.  But worse still was trying to get the sleeve on over her right hand; the fingers are spread out a bit and didn’t want to go through the sleeve opening.  I hate when that happens. 😦  But the net result was worth it, because now she’s no longer hiding in her box due to lack of clothing! 😀

Anyway, back to Arizona!  She also has a new little sister.

Arizona and Bryden
Arizona and Bryden

When I was getting those three Bratz Kidz outfits for the Angel Pullips, two of them were “add-on items” which meant I couldn’t actually order them unless my order already came to $25.  (Yet another oddity from Amazon…)  In order to shore up the order, since the MCSquared dolls were on sale, I decided to pick up another one, and I went with Bryden for a couple of reasons, one of them being that I thought she’d look good with Arizona.  (I’ll go into the other in a minute.)  They do look sweet together:

Arizona and Bryden, portrait version
Arizona and Bryden, portrait version

I think this photo answers the questions everyone’s been asking about why MGA gave Bryden blue-green eyes when the actress she’s supposed to resemble has dark eyes:  they wanted to make her match Arizona a bit better.

I was a little worried when Bryden arrived, because there were some paint smudges on the plastic blister of her box, but there wasn’t any sign of anything wrong with the doll herself, thank goodness!  Her joints seem to be less floppy than McKeyla’s, too, which is nice.  I have a major beef about her outfit, though.  I already knew from Amazon reviews that the fairly ugly orange shirt was attached to the white shirt beneath it, but it looked to me like I could just snip it loose.

No such luck.
No such luck.

The only places the two shirts are actually connected is at the velcro.  I’ll have to ruin one of them to get them apart. 😦  Granted, I hate the orange one, so that’s not a huge loss, but I still don’t like the idea of having to destroy part of a doll’s garments!

Anyway, the other reason I picked Bryden over Camren (and her awesome copper-colored hair) is because I saw this review on the ToyBoxPhilosopher that showed how great Bryden looked in the Disney Store Periwinkle outfit, while also pointing out some shedding problems with the outfit itself.  Well, I didn’t wanna mess up my Disney Store Periwinkle’s clothes, but I thought maybe she’d look just as good in a Jakks Pacific Periwinkle outfit!

Bryden in Periwinkle's garb
Bryden in Periwinkle’s garb

Unfortunately, it’s a bit small on her; getting it over her hips was a nightmare. 😦  Looks pretty cute, though.  Pale blue is definitely her color.  (I need to get her a new, pale blue shirt to replace the orange thing.)  I had trouble figuring out how to keep her hair and the wings from fighting, though. :p  But there was a slight problem I discovered in getting her ready for this picture, as you can see above; the places where she had been fastened to the box pressed her tights into her legs hard enough to stain her legs. 😦  (I also found a surprising stain on the back of Periwinkle’s leg, too, as if the wire inside it was staining outwards.  Probably not actually the cause, but I’m not sure where it did come from.)

The really surprising thing about Bryden’s legs was actually her feet.  Specifically, her high-heeled feet:

Bryden's and Elissabat's feet
Bryden’s and Elissabat’s feet

Look at ’em:  they’re almost Monster High feet!  It’s like they just scaled up the Monster High feet about 5-10%.  Of course, the major reason this was surprising was the fact that her adorable winged sneakers are not high-heeled!  The interior just has supremely massive arch support. 😛  That brings up the question of why they’re high-heeled feet instead of flat feet like McKeyla’s, but…I figure there’s not a lot of point in asking a question like that, since it obviously won’t be answered.

Elissabat in Bryden's shoe
Elissabat in Bryden’s shoe

Of course, seeing the similarity in foot shapes and sizes, I had to see if they could wear each others’ shoes.  Well, Monster High can wear MC2 high-heeled shoes, but the reverse is not true.  Elissabat’s foot fit nicely in Bryden’s shoe, as you can see, but Bryden’s foot wouldn’t go into Elissabat’s boot.  (I used the Londoom Elissabat because of the convenient Monster High dolls in here, she seemed the one with the simplest shoes to deal with.  The shoes have been getting pretty fancy lately…)

Bryden's glasses
Bryden’s glasses

While I was at it, I also snapped a shot of Elissabat in Bryden’s glasses.  As the reviewers on Amazon already pointed out, Bryden can’t actually wear her own glasses; they just don’t fit.  But they fit Monster High just fine.  (Though the fit would be better here if Elissabat wasn’t wearing that headband, which collided with the glasses a bit.  I tried earlier on a different doll, and they worked better there.)  Naturally, I couldn’t do anything about the foggy-looking lenses, though. 😦  Sooner or later, I’ll definitely be handing over the glasses, and possibly the shoes, to some Monster High doll or other.  Just need to figure out the right one.  (Neon yellow is a tricky color, all the more so considering the temples are hot pink.  Actually, they’d look awesome on a miniature Gooliope…exactly her colors.)  I might want to put a thin veneer of a dark colored paint over the lenses and turn ’em into sunglasses; that way the foggy lenses wouldn’t be an issue.  (Or if I could find some mirror-causing paint, it really wouldn’t be an issue!  Mirrored sunglasses are fun…but what kind of paint would I use to emulate that?  Silver-colored paint wouldn’t really cut it…)

Anyway, I just made my second resin casting experiment (not that I’ve given my report on the first one yet, lol) and I’m hopeful it will have turned out better, or at least less worse.  In the boredom of the video that was being shown in class today (seriously, everyone in the class is a senior or a grad student; we’re beyond needing videos!) I found myself sketching out a list of charms I wanted to make in polymer clay and then cast in resin, charms primarily for Romana’s pull-ring, but if they work out, I’d like to sell them on Etsy, maybe actually make a teeny tiny bit of money somehow.  (Just looked at my bank account.  Not pretty.  Which is a problem, because PullipStyle got the Black Russian Pang-ju back in, and I don’t want to miss that again…but it’s $50…and I’m broke….argh!!!)  I’m supposed to be working on my paper for Thursday right now — still — but after that’s done with, I should have time to do some sculpting.  Friday should be doable, I think.  Then if it works out, make the mold and the first casting attempt on Saturday, and by Sunday I’d have an idea if there’s any chance…right?

(The link to the DropBox gallery is here.)


7 thoughts on “New Dolly Dresses

  1. Olive September 22, 2015 / 8:30 pm

    ooh! Please show your progress on your eye chip and pull ring making ^^. Themed pull rings could be cool, like the doctor who pull ring you mentioned. also, have you tried pushing Pyrrha’s joints together to decrease the gap between the pieces of her limbs? I’ve also read someone suggest “sueding” the joints as well, to help with holding poses.


    • 39yearslame September 23, 2015 / 8:48 am

      The eye chip mold hasn’t come yet, so no progress there. 😛 I’m going to post about the pull rings and stuff probably either tomorrow or the next day. Depends how long it takes before I can de-mold yesterday’s experiment. (Turns out clear resin takes longer to solidify than the white stuff, so it was still a sticky mess when I went to bed last night.) Whenever I have time to make some polymer clay stuff, that’ll work better by necessity; I know what I’m doing with polymer clay! 😛

      I do push the various pieces of Pyrrha’s body closer together when I notice gaps, but…most of the time she’s sitting, so I don’t really notice. I gotta get her sitting again; I just noticed she’s slipping forward like she’s about to lunge at Scarah Screams. Which is kind of funny, actually; maybe I’ll take a picture before I re-pose her.

      What’s “sueding” the joints?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Olive September 23, 2015 / 8:51 am

        It’s what people do with bjds to help them pose better. Sueding is lining inside the joints with a thin layer of hot glue so there’s some resistance between the pieces of plastic. I haven’t gotten a good look at my jointed body, but I might try it if it looks possible and then give the jointed body to one of my girls. It may not work though, because bjds have sockets and I’m not sure the jointed Blythe body has them.


      • 39yearslame September 23, 2015 / 9:03 am

        Wow, that sounds complicated. (I don’t even have a hot glue gun. Probably should get one on general principles, but…) I’m not sure Pyrrha’s pieces come apart enough for a technique like that (apart from her hands, anyway) but I’ll have to keep it in mind. It’d be nice if she could hold poses better.


    • 39yearslame September 23, 2015 / 9:06 am

      I’m not sure I really have time to go through the award post process (looks like the kind of thing I’d spend way too long on); I’m supposed to be writing a paper even as I type this. I already spend too long blogging as it is.

      It’s a flattering thought, though; thanks. 🙂


      • Blackkitty September 23, 2015 / 9:26 am

        Ah, don’t worry. I skipped a few tags in the past myself and only did this one after receiving it twice 🙂 Good luck on your paper!


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