Pang-ju Black Russian Pang

The idea here is, according to Groove itself, a doll inspired by Dracula.  So why is he called “Black Russian”?  I can’t say I understand that.

Well, in any case, I’d been wanting this little puppy for a while, because I have a thing for vampires, and he’s so very cute.  (Now I just need the vampire Pullips to go with him…)  PullipStyle has all their Pang-jus on sale at the moment (also the BJD Ais, but I’m too broke to pick up the two Ais I’d like as well) and I’d been holding off, telling myself to wait until I got some more money first.  But then I saw kleintoys’ post about Black Russian Pang, and I realized I just couldn’t stand it; I had to have him!  I ordered him that very day, and he arrived by Monday!  (Or was it Tuesday?  Doesn’t seem possible that it was Monday, does it?  Ugh, I’m losing my mind…but it really doesn’t seem like it was Tuesday, ’cause I feel like I told him twice that I was putting off the opening and photography, and that would make it Monday, since I opened him on Wednesday…and, uh, sorry, no one cares about exactly when he arrived.  I’ll jut move on.  Wait, maybe there’s a time zone thing, and what’s labelled as a Saturday post showed up in my feed on Friday?  Um, yeah, sorry, moving on.)

In the box
In the box

He has an elaborate box, with a view window that looks like you’re looking at a stage.  It’s a very cute touch, and very different from the white book-box of the BJD Ai dolls.

As he was sitting in the box impatiently waiting for me to open him, I noticed something about him that I was slightly less than pleased by, though.


One of his eyes was looking straight ahead, and the other was staring at his nose.  Not what I was hoping to see.  And it seems to be a slight defect in the mechanism inside his head, because I struggled and struggled to get him to look straight ahead with both eyes, but eventually had to settle for almost having both eyes aimed in the same direction.


The right eye is still aimed towards his nose, but at least it’s a bit higher in its focus than it was.  Technically, I’m sure I could have gotten them going in the same direction if I’d used the putty he came with instead of the mechanism, but I had enough trouble using that putty for Freya’s eyes; I didn’t really want to try again if I didn’t have to.  (And it’s fair to call it the same putty, ’cause it’s the putty that came with my BJD Ai!  Before I remembered I had that, I had tried using tape to hold Freya’s eyes in place.  That hadn’t worked so well…)

Out of the box at last!
Out of the box at last!

Pang-ju came with his body wrapped entirely in plastic — presumably to protect him from staining caused by his black clothing — but the plastic was pretty thick, and his clothes were on over it, so his clothes are too big for him. 😦  I had the worst trouble getting his shorts to stay up for photography!  I had to use a safety pin, in fact.  (Though I think somehow that ended up stretching the material and making the problem worse instead of better. 😦  I’m not sure how or why, but it does seem to be the case.)

Pang-ju tries his paw a traditional Russian dance.
Pang-ju tries his paw a traditional Russian dance.

I’m not sure if I accidentally stretched his interior strings too much trying to get that blasted plastic off, or if Pang-ju is always like this, but his legs are a little bit floppy.  They tend to bend easily, whether I want them to or not.  I was just trying to get him to stand up when he assumed the Cossack dance pose above.  Naturally, I had to take of photo of it, given his name includes the word “Russian”!

Taking a rest.
Taking a rest.

He’s so adorable it just makes me want to squee every time I see him!  (And at my age, I really should not be “squeeing” no matter how cute the provocation.)  He has a cute little human-like outie belly button, and strangely he also has two small nipples (but only two!) and a human-shaped pair of buttocks.  (I didn’t photograph the latter, however.)  Maybe that’s normal for anthro BJDs; my only previous experience is Freya, who — now that I think about it — does indeed have only two breasts, and a human-shaped posterior.  (In Freya’s case, I’m glad of that; she would look freakish if she had the six breasts that an actual humanoid cat would have.)  It suddenly occurs to me that I really should have photographed him with Freya, since she’s the only other anthro BJD in my collection.  I’ll have to do that at some point.

"Master, I need a tailor!"
“Master, I need a tailor!”

I like the scale difference between Pang-ju and my Living Dead Dolls Dracula, but…they look weird together.  And Dracula has no posing ability other than the most basic movements of shoulders, hips and head, so he can’t really interact with Pang-ju.  (But I didn’t want to put Pang-ju with Draculaura or Elissabat!  I don’t think he’d mesh too well with Monster High, and they’re both so very pink, whereas he has a lot of red.  Though I suppose the Londoom Elissabat is wearing red, so maybe that wouldn’t have been too bad…hmm, maybe I’ll try that later in the month as part of my Halloween theme.  Though I’m trying not to depend too heavily on Monster High, ’cause that would be too lazy.  Not to mention monotonous.)

"It's okay, Pangie.  My clothes are too big, too."
“It’s okay, Pangie. My clothes are too big, too.”

Unsurprisingly, he looks great with the BJD Ai dolls.  I meant to fetch Gloxinia’s hat out of her box for the photo, but then I forgot. 😦  (I don’t like the hat, so I leave it in the box.)  Gloxinia, like Pang-ju, had also been covered in heavy plastic wrap, leaving her with a costume that’s slightly baggy.  Not as baggy as his pants, though.

"N-n-n-nice doggie..."
“N-n-n-nice doggie…”

Not sure I’d recommend that Rapunzel should really try petting him!  (BTW, this Kelly dress is longer than the previous one, so she can actually sit down in it, without exposing her painted-on panties!  The down side is that the tights are nowhere near long enough, and don’t come anywhere even close to her waist.)

"Regrettably, I do not find dogs as appealing as cats."
“Regrettably, I do not find dogs as appealing as cats.”

Heh…couldn’t resist this one. 😛  (Oh, man, if I ever get a full-size Sebastian Taeyang, I will definitely have to have him pose lots and lots with Freya!)

Well, that seems to conclude what I have to say about Black Russian Pang.  There are a lot of other Pang-ju dolls in widely varied styles (I think PullipStyle has about 12 or 13 different ones in stock, or did when I ordered this one) so if you like the looks of Pang-ju but aren’t as enthused about vampires as I am, you’ll probably find one of them to your liking, so definitely check it out before the sale ends.  (I have no idea when that’ll be, of course.  That’s one of the reasons I decided I had to order him sooner rather than later, lest he go back up to $100 (or thereabouts) from $50.)

Oh, before I forget, there’s a gallery of the Pang-ju pictures, though mostly the only ones there that aren’t here are the other three shots of his box.


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