Last night I used time I don’t really have to go to the theatre and see Back to the Future, Part II, ’cause, you know.  Anyway, due to the time of the screening, we got there early enough to hit all the fun used shops in the mall.  (There’s three of them.  Although one actually focuses more on new collectible toys (mostly action figures) than on used ones, but they do still have some good used stuff.  That’s where I found Glimmer, in fact.)  Anyway, that last one, that’s where I found this:

Medusa 1
Don’t look! The Gorgon’s gaze will turn you to stone!

I’m still on the fence about The Lego Movie itself (too uneven), but I geeked out at the brief moment when there was a Lego Medusa on screen, and said to myself “Oh man, I’ve gotta get one of those!”  Only it turned out there wasn’t one, at least, not one in a convenient “buy this set and get these figures” kind of way.  (They should have done a retro movie-tie in set of the original Clash of the Titans.  That would have been sweet.)  She was only available in those blind packets, and I have terrible luck with those.  Plus I didn’t want a zillion little Lego figures, you know?  So I was pleased to find her at that store, especially since my brother always frets about leaving there empty-handed, because it’s a small store and he wants to support it.  (It was disturbing that the clerk could not figure out which one I wanted when I said I wanted to get the Medusa figure, though.  He kept reaching for Shakespeare.  I don’t even want to know.)

Anyway, I did earlier buy one other Lego figure there…

"Sorry, but I need your head for my breastplate..."
“Sorry, but I need your head for my breastplate…”

There are actually versions where Athene beheaded the (a?) Gorgon herself, rather than waiting for Perseus to do it for her.  Though I’m not sure if this little Lego figure is supposed to be Athene or an Amazon.  (Though it’s not really dressed right for…well, either, actually, but it’s even more wrong for an Amazon.  The helmet’s wrong for Athene, and the hem on her dress way too high, but otherwise not too wrong…)

I really should have done a shot of just Medusa’s head. 😛  (If I could find my Perseus figure from Clash of the Titans, I would totally take one with him and the head…)  I should also take a shot of her with one of my Deuce Gorgon dolls.  That’d be a hoot.

Ack!  Gotta get ready for class!  But I wanted to post this today, since I’ll be writing about Medusa’s demise for my other blog today, and since she seems nicely Halloween-appropriate, plus I’ve been kind of posting a lot on the myth in the last couple of weeks, between both blogs…


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