Pangie don't cuddle!
Pangie don’t cuddle!

Okay, before I begin my rant, I thought I’d add some nice, Halloween-appropriate photos.  (Well, one photo before the rant.  The other is at the end…even though it’s the “before” to this photo’s “after.”)  I realized after it was too late that I had another vampire doll who might look better with Pangju than Draculaura or Elissabat:  Vampelina (at least, I think that’s her name) the late entry into the Bratzillaz family.  (And a rather hard to find entry, too.  I was checking stores for her for ages!  Which makes her also a nice segue into the rest of the post…)

So, JPGroove is having another sample sale.   Admittedly, my first thought was “why are they doing this to me, just when my bank balance was starting to recover from this summer?”

But of course I clicked on the link anyway.

How could I not?  China China was one of the thumbnails, and since she’s the Pullip to match my Namu, I’ve been sort of wanting to get her, even though I’m not a big fan of the older dolls on the whole.

But looking around at the listing, I didn’t see any others that were screaming “buy me” at me…but I also noticed that dolls seemed to be being added to the list even as I was browsing it.

So I decided to keep checking back over the course of the rest of my blog-reading.

And on one of my check-backs, there she was:  Elizabeth.

One of the coveted (by me) vampire series dolls.

Obviously, I was elated, and immediately added her to my cart, then quickly scanned the list for more to get up to the $175 for free shipping.

Once I’d done that, I went to check out…and was told that there were insufficient numbers to meet what I had placed in my cart.

In the time between when I added her to my cart and when I checked out, someone else had bought Elizabeth.

I cannot begin to express how frustrating that was.  How infuriating, in fact.

I tried to tell myself “this is a good thing:  now I’ll have the money for the Alice-themed Blythes being released in November,” but that was no consolation.  I love Alice, but I love vampires more.  And I hate having something jerked out from under me like that even more.

I kept checking back until well after midnight.  (And I had been doing my blog-reading with my dinner, I might point out.)  They never did post any other dolls that I really wanted (in fact, additions to the list became rare) and I wasted the entire evening online, instead of writing my paper.

Because I was so annoyed by what had happened that I couldn’t concentrate on work, instead I was surfing other sites to see if there were any dolls or doll accessories I could buy to make me feel better.

I spent a long time on Amazon, seeing if I could find anything I wanted that I could buy with free two day shipping (I got tricked some time ago into accepting a free six month trial of Amazon Prime (I just have to make sure I cancel it before they charge me for a further year!)) but I couldn’t find anything to fit the bill.

Then I went to Etsy, and spent a long time trying to find a new outfit for Romana, to match as closely as possible her outfit from “Destiny of the Daleks.”  But I couldn’t find the scarf (well, that’s hardly surprising, given the length and thinness it needs) and ended up not actually buying any of it.

So then what happens today?

I go to my parents’ place to watch last night’s episode of Doctor Who, right?

And there are two places where the episode really should have at least mentioned Romana.

One of them, in fact, was screaming out to mention her.  (I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, so I won’t say why, but anyone who knows Romana’s episodes and has seen last night’s episode probably knows exactly what I mean.  (My brother, in fact, brought up the episode in question as soon as we left the room and wouldn’t have to explain what we were talking about to our parents.))

Naturally, the subject of Romana was not in even the least way broached.


Now I’m doubly ticked off.

(And, of course, Groove hasn’t added any new dolls to the sample sale since last night.  And by now both the other two dolls I was going to get are gone.)

When I’m done posting this, I’m going back to Etsy and buying that outfit after all.  (Just watch:  someone will have bought it.  Well, okay, actually most of it seems to be stuff where there’s more than one on-hand, but the coat — which the most essential part and the one where there are no alternative choices — is definitely the only one available from the seller.)  I can get the scarf later, and in the mean time I can give her a temporary scarf out of a ribbon.  (Like I did for Kaiko.)  Of course, the sparkly, TARDIS-blue shoes I already ordered for Romana still haven’t come in, but…well, it’s not like they’d be part of her “Destiny of the Daleks” outfit anyway.

The annoying part is that of course I still won’t get my hands on any of the new outfit for a long time.  Most of it will be coming from Asia, except the coat I think is coming from England.  (Well, that’s only appropriate, really.)

I still want to order something on two day shipping to get rid of this bitter feeling.  I just don’t know what.  (Or maybe I should go to Toys R Us and see if there’s anything new in.  That’s probably the more pragmatic solution; literally instant gratification, instead of two-days-delayed gratification.)

Although the book I ordered last week might get here tomorrow.  That ought to make me feel better (it looks like a really fun read) but it’s not like I have time to read it right now, so that’ll only make it more frustrating.  (And there’s no way it’s going to contribute to my final paper for the Roman history class; Statius was writing a hundred years after Virgil. 😦  There’s just no excuse for me to try reading it until I’ve finished the semester.)

Okay, I’m going to stop ranting now before I get myself worked up again.  I’ll wash away the bitterness with the sweet-and-cuddly “before” picture:

Before the storm
Before the storm

Anyway, I know I said I was going all Halloween-themed this month, and then ended up posting very little, but I’m going to make up for it with a special post on Halloween.  (Though I’m not sure when I’ll get the time for the photo shoot…)  I’ve been slowly getting my dolls into their Halloween costumes over the last few days, so hopefully it’ll be a fun post. 🙂


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