Little Mad Hatter and other news

For someone who’s supposed to be not blogging in order to save all her words for NaNo, I seem to be posting a lot. 😛

Anyway, just some little stuff.  First off, the two Little+ dolls I ordered from JPGroove:

Little Dal+ Mad Hatter
Little Dal+ Mad Hatter

She had shown up on their Sample Sale, but I noticed they also had one in the box, so I decided to go with that one, paying a bit extra in order to ensure that her hat was present and undamaged.  Also so she would have a stand.  So I now have all the Little+ Alice set other than Pink Alice.  (And why would I need two Alices?  It’s not like I have any shortage of other Alice dolls.  Well, not that you can ever have too many Alices…)  But I also ordered one who really was a sample:

Little Pullip+ Rovam
Little Pullip+ Rovam

Now that I’m comparing her to her promotional pictures, I see that the eyepatch was not necessarily supposed to be over her eye.  Oh well.  Anyhoo, you’ll note I just sat her down next to Bee Balm…who now has a name!  Her name is Melitta.

Also, her other outfit arrived just today.

Melitta in her new dress
Melitta in her new dress

The dress is by nubanded on Etsy.  And as you can see, it doesn’t quite fit her.  It was designed for a Hujoo Baby, and I thought they were the same size as BJD Ai, but it seems they vary a bit more than I thought.  So now I’m going to have to get a Hujoo Baby to give this dress to.  Well, I’ve been wanting one anyway…though I can’t get the one I really want. 😦

Due to their frame set-up, I can’t give you a link to the direct page, but at the Junky Spot, under Hujoo 11-13 cm, if you scroll down forever to get to the actual Hujoo Baby dolls, there are three:  Suve, Ted and Is.  The one I really want is Suve in “chocolate” but they only have her in “apricot.”  The only one they have in “chocolate” is Is, who’s too jowly for my tastes.  Ted’s all right, but nowhere near as cute as Suve.  And since they only just got in a bunch of Hujoo dolls, I don’t think they’ll be getting any more chocolate Suve dolls any time soon.  I checked Hujoo’s own web site, and they had Ted in chocolate as well as Is, but still not Suve.  (Obviously, I’m not the only one charmed by her little pursed lips.)  So I’m not sure what to do about that.  It would be silly to buy a doll I don’t like (Is) but the questions are “am I going to miss out on chocolate-colored dolls altogether if I don’t buy one now?” and “am I going to miss out on Suve altogether if I don’t buy her now?”  And I’m not sure how to get an answer to that question.  😦  (I might get a NanoRabi for now, and give her the dress, and worry about the Hujoo Baby later.)

Of course, Melitta still has the problem of her hair not working with her clothes.  If I get a Hujoo Baby, and if their heads are the same size, I could give the baby Melitta’s wig, and get her a new wig that won’t be so discordant with the jeans.  Because someone is going to keep wearing that wig, as I really like it.  (Though it’d be even cooler if it was some wild color, but even so!)

I still have one Etsy order still en route:  the Licca head and outfit.  It should have arrived last week, but the seller had a bit of a SNAFU and put the wrong labels on two outgoing packages.  So I got someone else’s package and they got my Licca head.  The seller got everything straightened out, so my order is now on the way, but the extra wait is definitely annoying.  (All the more so since I have her body sitting here waiting, headless.)

I’m still trying to figure out what to do about the Cardcaptor Sakura dolls, too.  Now that I know Pure Neemo XS will work for everyone’s clothes but Mei-Lin’s, I could go ahead and order one boy body and two female bodies, and then figure out what do to about Mei-Lin after I can try her clothes on the boy body, and on the 21 cm male Obitsu body I’m going to order soon from Junky Spot (to re-body Len) but then there’s the issue of what heads to give them, and where to find them appropriate wigs.  And also the issue of where to buy the bodies from.  Because it turns out that the one I got on Etsy was a wee bit over-priced.  They’d be much cheaper on AmiAmi…if they had them in stock.  I found a couple of other sites that have the boy body for about $10 less than what I paid for the girl body, but they don’t have the girl bodies, and they do have nice expensive shipping from Japan.  (But so did the Etsy seller.)  And I’ve never heard of the other sites, so I don’t know if they’re any good.  They certainly look like big stores, but…yeah, it’s always a gamble.  Maybe I should wait to initiate the whole process until after AmiAmi has them in stock?  (I’m assuming something like that is going to be regularly re-stocked, being a doll part, not a whole doll.)

Anyway, one last thing.  Yesterday, when I got home from class and checked my mail, I found one of those “sorry we missed you” cards indicating there was something I had to sign for.  Now, I live in a little subdivision, and there’s two routes to my house:  the direct route that requires a left turn across a busy road with no traffic light, and the indirect route that requires a left turn across the same busy road with a traffic light, and then makes me drive through half the subdivision.  Given that it was a little after lunch time, I had no chance of taking the direct route, and ended up driving through half the subdivision.  So I knew the mailman was still in the subdivision, and I could go chase after him to get my package that day, instead of waiting until this morning.  (Yes, I actually did that once.)  But the slip said it was a large envelope, not a package (there was also a place on the slip for the name of the sender, but I couldn’t read what had been scrawled there), so I assumed it was probably the dress for Melitta, as it was too soon for the Licca head.  And the only other thing I was waiting on was a package.

Long story short–“Too late!”–I decided to wait until this morning, since it was just a doll outfit.  Then I’m at the post office, waiting as they find my package, and they don’t bring out a little envelope.  They bring out a box.  And in that box…


Weirdly enough, this is the second time this has happened, and in both cases, it was a Blythe being delivered:  Romana‘s “sorry we missed you” slip also indicated an envelope, rather than a package.  (But seriously, this was crazy fast shipping!  (For $30, it should be, of course!)  I think Junie Moon only shipped these on the 12th or 13th, and she arrived here on the 17th, from Japan?  Seriously fast shipping.)

Anyway, I’m forcing myself not to de-box her until I’ve made some serious progress on my research paper.  (To ensure that I don’t succumb to the temptation, I’m even leaving her box in the plastic protective sleeve.)  It’s not easy to wait, though, lemme tell you!  Especially because this is a first for me:  I’ve gotten a doll right at her release, instead of waiting a year or more and then getting her.  (Admittedly, part of that is due to the fact that I’ve only become a seriously crazed collector in the past, I dunno, nine months?  Up until then, I was mostly only buying dolls I had access to in person, so mostly Monster High and Barbie and such.  My bank account definitely wishes that was still the case.)  Okay, technically, this is a “second” for me in that regard, because there’s also “Clara Marie“.  (I should never have said “I’m not going to reveal her name until I reveal her new look.”  It’s driving me nuts!)  But a brand-new doll line like that is a different thing than a new Blythe or Pullip.  Especially Blythe, though; they seem to sell out much more quickly than Pullips.  (Maybe they’re made in smaller numbers?)

Okay, I’ve wasted way too much time and far too many words on this, so I’m going to dive back into research on Virgil and Augustan propaganda.  (Whee!)  And if I finish that up, maybe I can figure out how to advance that scene I was stuck on in my novel.  (I’ve only written 1582 words today!  That’s short of the 1,667 daily goal!  (Of course, I hit 50k yesterday, so that’s kind of irrelevant, but still…seeing a blue bar instead of a green bar for my daily word count is painful somehow.))


2 thoughts on “Little Mad Hatter and other news

  1. Olive November 18, 2015 / 11:04 pm

    Your Dark Rabbit Blythe came!! She’s really cute in owner photos ^^. I can’t wait to see deboxing photos and hear your thoughts. I’d be careful keeping her in her stock though, because they’re quite dark colors and I dunno if it’s just me, but I’d be wary of staining. Did you ever find armor for Pyrrha?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iphis of Scyros November 19, 2015 / 1:04 pm

      I’m hoping she’s got protective plastic on under her clothes; a lot of Pullips in dark clothes do. If that’s the case, I can leave the plastic on, and there shouldn’t be a staining problem. If not, well, I guess I’ll have to learn how to colorfast clothes! (Technically, I’ve already read instructions on how to do it, I’ve just never tried it before. I can experiment with Pyrrha’s new dress (black!) and/or Kaiko’s old stock outfit, which would certainly be no loss if it got mussed up.)

      No, I’ve never gotten Pyrrha any armor. Or rather, I haven’t yet. 😛 I found a person on Etsy selling the most amazing helmets for Blythes — and I think there may have been armor as well — but it’s sort of Nordic, which isn’t really where I want to go with it. I think I’m going to have to make some. That’s one of the many things I want to get done over the winter break. (Of course, since cleaning my entire house (which hasn’t been cleaned in years, I’m ashamed to admit) is also on that list, I obviously won’t get to all of the things on the list; I only have a month, after all. Pyrrha’s new face-up and eye chips are *definitely* getting done, though. That’s a certainty. While she’s disassembled for the face-up and eye chip installation would probably be a good time to try molding her some armor, now that I think about it…)

      Liked by 1 person

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