My Christmas Season Shopping List (For Me)

Thanks to the invention of, I don’t spend much time doing Christmas shopping.  Or, actually, any at all.  (In my family, everyone makes lists of what they want, and we exchange them on Thanksgiving…and then my father buys everything on Amazon’s Black Friday sale (except his own presents) and the rest of us go talk to him alone to pick out what of the purchased items we want to give whom.  It’s actually really annoying.  Convenient, I suppose, but decidedly annoying.)

Anyway, that means I’m free to spend my shopping time on myself.  And I finally have money in my bank account again (though a large chunk of it is about to go to the government for real estate and personal property taxes, but…such is life) so I’m planning on frivoling some of it away on my dolly collection.

Because what else, right?

(Okay, yeah, I do need new clothes.  And new sneakers.  But…it’s too late in the year to shop for them now.  I hate crowds.)

Of course, doll shopping is complicated in the post-Thanksgiving season.  Because I don’t like buying playline dolls in the lead-up to Christmas, because I feel like that’s robbing some poor kid of her Christmas present.  (Realistically, it’d probably just be forcing some unlucky parent to go the extra mile to find said present, but that’s not much better.)  In past years, that’s meant about five weeks of no new dolls, and not even any wandering around Toys R Us to see if there’s anything new.  (Last year, I snapped.  The withdrawal pains were so bad that I had to go to Tuesday Mornings, and get a Monster High doll there to ease the craving.)

But now I’ve been fully initiated into the wonders (and money-drains) of online purchases of non-playline dolls.

So I’m going to make a list for myself.  Of the things I’m allowed to buy.  Because otherwise, who knows what I might spend.  (I do want the money to last long enough that I don’t end up unable to buy groceries!)

Obviously, I’ll be hitting all my favorite online retailers tomorrow to see if they have any good Black Friday deals.  But most of them probably won’t, due to small size or being located in a country other than the US.  (Though I think I read somewhere that JPGroove had some kind of Black Friday special last year.  May have only been free shipping, but…considering I’ve got my eye on some of the other Little Pullips, free shipping would be quite a savings!  (As the shipping on those sometimes exceeds the cost of the doll.))  I’m also planning to hit the local anime store on Saturday, and any toys there are obviously fair game, being Japanese imports that cost too much to be likely presents for children.  (Well, okay, actually they also have plushies, which aren’t so expensive, but I’m less likely to buy those.  Though I did buy that Blue Rose alpaca, ’cause how cute can you get?)

Individual things I may allow myself to purchase this season:

  • That Obitsu body for Len.
  • Bodies and heads for the Cardcaptor Sakura outfits.  Oh, and wigs.
  • A Makie.  The price has gone down, and I’ve been wanting one for a while now, so…
  • A Coroporo Doll.  I just discovered these on Etsy a short while ago, but they’ve been haunting me with their adorableness ever since.
  • A Hujoo Baby.  Or possibly a Nano Rabi.  (But not both!)
  • Maybe those two BJD Ai dolls I’ve been thinking of getting from PullipStyle.  Maybe.
  • And, of course, there’s always the possibility of a few articles of dolly clothing from Etsy.

Hopefully I can limit myself to this handful of items.  (Well, handful of major items, and a number of smaller items.)


I am, unfortunately, not known for my self-restraint.

And now that Pullip Kore is sold out almost everywhere, I find myself wanting her (and Steampunk Pluto to be her Hades) even more…but that’s a significant amount of money, so I’m trying to quash that urge.  (She’s about $130 at the one place I know still has her — or had her about a week ago, anyway — and he’s about $98 at PullipStyle right now.  Which is a lot, considering I don’t want any of his stock, just the doll himself.  But I don’t think they do a MIO Taeyang kit in super-pale…)


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