Introducing Juliet!

Remember when I was joking around and posted this image:

"Oh happy dagger..."
“Oh happy dagger…”

I really didn’t mean anything by it.  I wasn’t deciding to name her Juliet.  I was just switching to another ballet, in which it seemed likely the lead dancer might hold a dagger at some point, given that the Shakespeare play on which it’s based has the moment quoted above.

But while I was trying to think of a name for her, I just kept coming back to Juliet.  It just felt right somehow.

So now her name is Juliet.

But she looks a little bit different now than she used to.

Juliet's mix-n-match look
Juliet’s mix-n-match look

Okay, I know the socks don’t match the shirt.  They were a free gift from the person who made all of Juliet’s clothes:  AngelsCave.  And they make her look less cold in this chilly room.  The ghosties on the skirt are a bit seasonally off, but Juliet’s not the type to care about that.  Besides, there are two of the “freakishly tall” Monster High dolls sitting beside her (soon to be three, as soon as I de-box Draculaura) so it helps her fit in.  :p

Beautiful purple curls
Beautiful purple curls

I wish I’d taken a picture of her when her new wig first arrived!  Every time I have to remove it, the hairstyle is wrecked up a bit.  😦  Eventually, I’ll probably have to abandon the original curls and just brush it out into waves.  Anyway, the wig is from Dreamerwing, and there were a lot of other gorgeous wigs to choose from!  I think I could get addicted to doll wigs…

Super boots!
Super boots!

Are these the most awesome Converse-like boots you’ve ever seen, or what?  (Side note, when I was in high school, Converse high tops were all the rage, and I really wanted a pair, but I have wide feet, so there weren’t any in my size.  😦  )  These shoes are from Releaserain, but they had one snag: they reeked of cigarette smoke.  None of Releaserain’s reviews seem to mention similar problems, so I suspect something odd happened here. (Maybe they were opened by a customs inspector who was smoking on duty?)  Please disregard the bad job I did lacing them up, btw….

The sundress...because it's so sunny in winter...
The sundress…because it’s so sunny in winter…

The cool thing about this dress (same seller as the rest of her clothes) is that it’s custom made after you order it, and you can pick fabrics, and this one matched the boots Juliet came with.  🙂  (Though it looks less matched in the photo, for some reason…)  One of the reasons I went for this dress — aside from being more affordable than a lot of other options — was that I wasn’t sure how well her hands would fit through sleeves intended for Dollfies.  But based on the T-shirt experience, I think it’s probably pretty safe to order her clothes with longer sleeves…which is good, ’cause she’s making me cold, going around in that sundress!

There’s a cute, long-sleeved shirt with sleeves the color of her socks (or pretty close to that color), so I’m probably going to order that soon.  Er, hopefully.  We’ll have to see how the next week or so turns out…

I’ve got photos waiting from my Junky Spot Black Friday order, but I don’t know when I’ll get them posted:  I have one week to write a 3000 word paper.  (Actually, more like 6 days, since I’m not likely to get anything much done tonight.  Uh, actually, since I’m scheduling this for tomorrow morning, that’s just plain six days?  Er…wait…now I’m confused…)  Anyway, by that time, my last Cyber Monday order and my Dumbass Tuesday order should have both arrived, too, meaning a week from tomorrow today will probably be a massive photo shoot day so I can get those all posted!


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