Black Friday Haul (Junky Spot +)

While I’m waiting for the caffeine to kick in so I can continue revising my paper (first caffeine I’ve had in over a month) and also during my lunch break, I decided to finish up the photos of my Black Friday orders, and get them posted here.

Though there’s actually still one Black Friday order that hasn’t arrived yet, and won’t for some time yet.  (Last time I checked my e-mail, it wasn’t even ready to ship yet.)  That’s because Makielabs was having a free shipping promotion for Black Friday, and since a Makie was already on my “it’s okay to get these” list for the season, I went ahead and ordered one.  I’m not sure when she’ll be ready to ship, or how long the shipping will take, but since it’s shipping from England, I’m assuming I won’t see her until January.  (Seriously, how weird is it that an English company was having a Black Friday sale?  I saw sites for stores in Japan and the Netherlands that were having them, too.  I guess it’s become a world-wide thing now.)

Anyway, on to the Junky Spot order!

The Junky Spot order
The Junky Spot order

So there’s the en masse photo of the whole order.  Almost all of it is stuff that was on my “I need to order this stuff soon” list.  But let’s start with what was on sale:

Hujoo Baby Suve (Apricot)
Hujoo Baby Suve (Apricot)

I had been wanting to get a Hujoo Baby, but hadn’t been sure if I should wait for them to get more Chocolate ones in, or if I should go ahead just in case the face I like gets discontinued.  (Like what’s just happened with JerryBerry:  I wanted the sleepy Berry 2011, who has just been discontinued and they’re sold out of her. 😦  The 2016 sleepy Berry just doesn’t have the right Io-chan look…)  But the Junky Spot cancelled my hesitation by putting Suve here on sale on Black Friday.  Not the biggest sale in the world (she was down to $18.99 from about $24.99) but enough to give me a push and decide to go ahead and get her.

We’ll have to wait and see how she looks when I’ve given her a face-up before I can tell if that was the right call.  Because that Apricot skin tone is really odd.  You can’t tell so much in the photo, but it has a distinctly yellow tone to it, like she’s jaundiced.  Not a natural skin tone, and that makes it a little uncomfortable to look at her.  But maybe after she’s painted, has her eyes in, her wig on (wig donated by a Little Byul+), and has some clothes on, then maybe it’ll all look all fine.  Until then, I remain a little on the fence.

Oh, speaking of her eyes…

Suve's eyes
Suve’s eyes

You can’t really tell in the picture, but they’re violet-colored.  I got the full-round type for two reasons.  One, I thought that at this size, half-round would be way too small and hard to handle.  And two, I thought that Suve, like Freya, would have a little piece of plastic that fits inside the head to hold full-round eyes in place.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t.  So I’m going to have to use more of the putty that came with my BJD Ai dolls.  (And I’m not good with that stuff!)  However, the other point about half-round eyes being too small to handle at this size still holds true, so I don’t regret buying the full-round size.

Except that I regret buying them in the same order.  Because Junky Spot did so well with its Black Friday/Saturday sale that they decided to put the whole store on 10% off on Sunday.  So if I’d waited on all those not-on-sale items, I could’ve gotten them at 10% off!  *sigh*  Not that 10% those items would come to much individually (the most expensive was only $19.99) but…it’s annoying on principle more than anything else.

Right, so, let’s talk about that most expensive one first, shall we?

Len is excited to have his new (boy) body arrive!
Len is excited to have his new (boy) body arrive!

This’ll be my first time rebodying a Pullip (well, Dal) so it’s a little nervous-making, but it needs to be done.  Len-kun can’t keep on having a loose-jointed, female body!  (But what do I do with the Dal body after the switch?  I’d feel terrible just throwing it away.  Maybe I could give it to Yuki Miku and give her Azone body to Sakura-chan or Tomoyo-chan…)

Heads 'n' Eyes (you'd think it was still Halloween!)
Heads ‘n’ Eyes (you’d think it was still Halloween!)

Speaking of Sakura-chan and Tomoyo-chan, not to mention Syaoran-kun and Mei-lin-chan, here are their heads.  Heads and eye decals.  (Since Mei-lin’s clothes don’t fit on the Pure Neemo XS female body because the cloth won’t stretch to get over the hips, I ordered two male bodies.  I think it’ll fit on the male one, since the hips are narrower.  If it won’t…then I guess I’ll make that into someone else.  (No idea who, though.))

The eyes have it.
The eyes have it.

These seemed like the best choice of the eye decals available at the Junky Spot, especially because they have the three colors I need:  green for Sakura, violet for Tomoyo, and red for the Li cousins.  (Why the heck are their eyes red?)  I’ve never used eye decals before, but no matter how badly I botch the job, it’ll have to be better than if I tried painting them myself.

One head, out of the packaging
One head, out of the packaging

So, in ordering the heads, I may have goofed.  Like, big-time.  Because I was ordering four of them, I got cheap, and went for the least expensive Obitsu head.  Can you see the little line right under the nose?  (It’s visible on my laptop screen, but with other screens or angles, it might not be as visible.)  Let me show you a more easily seen version of that little line:

See it now?
See it now?

Yup, this is the Mei-lin doll whose clothes won’t fit over virtually any other doll’s hips.  One of the things I most hated about these bendy-dolls is the way their mouths are touching the base of their nose.  So what did I end up doing?


I ordered the same freakin’ head!!!  Times four!


I did not see that little line when I was looking at the pictures of that head on the Junky Spot.  (Though going back and looking more closely — and tilting my laptop a bit — I found that it really was there.  I just hadn’t seen it.)

Now, realistically, I think that line is actually supposed to be the base of the nose — sort of a hint of nostrils — not a smile.  But it’s hard not to see it as a mouth, especially after seeing mass-produced dolls that treated it as one.

I couldn’t understand why these cheap bendy dolls released by an American company for the mutilated American version of an anime show would have an Obitsu head, though.  Until I was procrastinating looking around online the other night, and saw this on Mandarake:

As released by Bandai!
As released by Bandai!

So apparently the cheap bendy dolls were originally made for the Japanese market, and simply re-issued by Trendmasters in the US.  That does not make them any more appealing, but it does at least explain why their clothes are so nice.  (BTW, I really want that outfit for my Azone Sakura, but…I ran the price through a yen-to-dollar conversion thingy, and it’s like $30.  That’s too much for just an outfit.  And an accessory.  Two accessories.  Three.  Um…yes, it’s too much.  It’s too much.  I can’t buy it when I buy the grail doll I found there.  I can’t have it.  It’s too much.  It’s too much.)

Anyway, getting back to the subject of the heads, I’m thinking I might try sanding the smile-like line off one of the heads, and see if that improves the look any.  As long as I only try it on one head, even if I end up making it worse, I’ll only have to replace the one head, and since they were the cheapest heads in that size range, I won’t be out much money.  (And if that happens, I’ll just put it on Len’s old body, and make it something weird and monstrous…)

So, that’s the last part of my order, but it’s not the last thing that arrived in the package.  (Which was sent out on Black Friday.  They’re very efficient at the Junky Spot.)

Who? What? When? Why?
Who? What? When? Why?

I have no clue why they put a pair of Naruto socks in my order.  What in the world am I supposed to do with them?  I guess I can take them to the anime store and dump them off on consignment.  Or rather as a “go ahead and give these away” item.

Okay, so moving on to my other two Black Friday orders.  I actually went to Barnes & Noble’s web site to use a 20% off coupon I had, only they had a Black Friday sale of 30% off one item, so I ended up using that instead, and so I still have my coupon.  (I used it on the new Black Butler art book.)  Also picked up the new 150th anniversary edition of the Annotated Alice, which has even more notes and such than the previous edition (which I actually already have, because I salvaged it when my parents were going to give it away), because they were selling it for half-off, and there’s never a bad time to get a new copy of Alice in Wonderland.  (I now have at least three.  Possibly four.)  Given my recent Blythe purchase, it also seemed delightfully appropriate. 😛  However, I didn’t bring up Barnes & Noble to tell you about the books I bought.  Because they were also having a buy-one-get-one-50%-off sale on “educational toys,” which is apparently their code for “any toys we happen to sell.”

So I got two more of the Tokidoki Barbie blind box figures.  I waited to open them each on a different day.  The first one was…


This was a total squee moment.  She wasn’t even shown on the packaging!

And the reason this was such a squee?

Yup, you guessed it.
Yup, you guessed it.

I had this one, too.  How many other of my childhood Barbies are included in this set?  There must be a fellow ’80s girl on the staff who was designing this line.  (I have no idea why I have three of her legwarmers, though.  I have another of these leotards, half pink and half purple, though, so maybe that Barbie came with the exact same legwarmers?  (That might explain why one of them is much cleaner than the other two…)  I may also still have her shoes; I found a pair of pink ballet slippers without the straps, so they may have been the little pink shoes shown on the figurine.)

As to the other blind box figure:

Can't be lucky *all* the time.
Can’t be lucky *all* the time.

Not that Malibu Barbie is a terrible thing, but…this is the one I wanted the least of all the ones pictured on the box.  (Though in all honesty, the reason I didn’t get the reproduction Malibu Barbie in the My Favorite Barbie line was because they did a bad job and she looked freaky.  If they’d done her right, I’d have gotten her.)

So I’m still looking for Roller Skating Barbie, and I’ll still be buying these blind box figures, not only in the hopes of finding her, but also in the hopes that there are other wonderful ’80s treasures to be discovered!  I’ve now gotten Roller Skating Barbie’s Tokidoki version (I’ll post pictures next time I’m putting up a new post), so I’m putting a temporary moratorium on getting these.  Hopefully they’ll, like, go on sale.  And/or someone will start selling the individual figures online, so I can only pick the ones I want, and not get any duplicates.  Because if there are any other wonderful ’80s treasures to be discovered, I’d love to get my hands on them! (I’m hoping for Angel Face Barbie, Peaches and Cream Barbie, and — my all time favorite — Sweet Roses PJ….though I guess as she’s PJ and not Barbie, she’s probably automatically excluded.  Oh, and I forget her name, but there was another one I had as a girl that I really liked.  She was, like, Crystal somethingorother Barbie.  Had a matching Ken with black hair, and when he got wrecked up, my mom replaced him for me with a blonde Ken, but I didn’t want a blonde one, so I colored his hair black with a Sharpie.  That Ken I still have…and that Sharpie has made a mess of everything that was touching him in that box when I put him away.  Yuck.)

Okay, so one last Black Friday order, this one from Amazon:

Collector Edition Draculaura
Collector Edition Draculaura

Since she’s intended for adult collectors, I figured it was okay to break my self-imposed ban on buying Monster High until after Christmas.  And she was $20 off.  (And being an Amazon exclusive, it’s not like I was ever going to find her anywhere else…)

She’s a gorgeous doll — as the first ever Collector’s Monster High doll should be! — but it isn’t all a bed coffin of roses.

Black Friday 13
There’s a fang that’s half-painted on one side!

Also, look at those eyelashes!  I mean, the eyelashes are supposed to be that way, but they are way too long.  She’s Draculaura, not Sephiroth!  (Um, okay, that’s kind of an inside joke.  I can explain it if anyone wants…?)

*snap* *snap* *snap*
*snap* *snap* *snap*

Seems she had a rough trip:  the threads sewing her hair to the backdrop snapped, and now her hair’s falling down in front of her arm.  But that helps to hide that her little bosoms are sort of hanging out through the mesh part of the dress, so…

Black Friday 16

I love the umbrella.  She’s come with umbrellas before (because, like everyone else, Mattel hasn’t read Dracula, and doesn’t realize that it was a German filmmaker who added vulnerability to the sun to the vampire’s weaknesses) but this is the first time it’s been an umbrella capable of being opened and closed.

More looseness

But the umbrella, too, seems to have ripped through whatever was holding it to that plastic thing in the back.  Also there’s a rubber band hanging loose.  I really hope this is unique, and they didn’t do this bad a job packaging all the others of this doll.  (Especially given the $50 price tag, and the fact that this is a doll more or less intended to remain in the package!)

Black Friday 18

I love her shoes.  Though they’re not actually painted quite as well as I’d like. (Sorry the picture’s a little out of focus.  It’s hard to hold a camera steady and hold her skirt out of the way at the same time.)

The damage doesn't look as bad from out over here...
The damage doesn’t look as bad from out over here…

So, all in all, she’s really gorgeous (there are more pictures I decided not to post on the blog, lest I bore the non-MH fans to death) but my individual doll has some flaws.  So I’m hoping they’ll put her on sale again (maybe on a bigger sale this time) so I can get a second one, which hopefully won’t have those flaws, and then I can remove this one from the packaging, and have the other one pristine in her box.  (Yeah, I get this way with collector Barbies, too.  I think that’s one of the appeals of Pullip and Blythe:  I don’t feel compelled to leave them in the box, no matter how rare they are.)

Oh, wait, one last photo:

The illustrated vampire
The illustrated vampire

The concept drawing on the back of the box is gorgeous.  I wonder if they tapped one of the designers who usually work on the collector Barbies?

Okay, now I’m done.  (And only an hour and twenty minutes after when I meant to be done…)  The gallery is here, if you want to see the extra photos.  (They’re mostly Draculaura, and the blind box Barbie figurines, but there’s also one extra shot of Suve…though it’s a tiny bit out of focus…)

BTW, when I checked the tracking on my Dumbass Tuesday order from JPGroove, it said it would be here Wednesday, so my Cyber Monday order (also from Groove) should be here either today or tomorrow.  Dunno if I’ll post them together or separately.  (I will explain what Dumbass Tuesday is all about when the time comes, I promise.)


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