2 sets of 3

Or 3 sets of 2.

Or — more accurately — where a large(ish) chunk of my money went on Cyber Monday and Dumbass Tuesday.

But first, something entirely different!  (Well, not entirely, but almost.)

Roller-skating Barbie!!
Roller-skating Barbie!!

I finally got her!  Only my fourth try, which is pretty good, considering it’s me, and the number of other possible outcomes.  Her outfit doesn’t quite live up to the delight that was the original outfit; the original had shimmery cloth, and there were stripes on the front of the jacket.  But close enough!  The important thing is that I now have this adorable representation of my very first Barbie! 😀  I’ll definitely pick up more of these when I find them on sale/clearance, but no more at full price, I don’t think.  Not unless someone starts re-selling them unboxed so I can see what I’m getting.

Okay, now, moving on to Cyber Monday at JPGroove.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I didn’t end up buying anything at Groove’s online sale on Black Friday.  It was 15% off the whole store, which sounds like a great deal, right?  Well, the reason I didn’t buy anything was that I had been eyeing one of their combo deals for about a week.  The combo was two cute Dals, at $95.95 for the pair of them.

But then they took that deal away for Black Friday.

And there just wasn’t anything else I really felt like I wanted enough to get.  Plus I knew they were having a “spend $100 and get a $20 off coupon code” from Nov. 30 to Dec 7.  So I decided to wait and see if they’d bring back that Dal deal.

And they did.

Hangry and Angry
Hangry and Angry

Cute, right?  They’re a set — though they weren’t released at the same time — in collaboration with designer (design company?) h.NAOTO.

On top of getting a $20 coupon code, they were also in the “US free domestic shipping” deal, which meant that if I added one other item — any other item — then the shipping would be free, even if it didn’t add up to $175, the normal free shipping price point.

Well, I wasn’t going to be stupid about that.  I wanted to add the cheapest possible item.  I’d often thought I’d like to get one or more of the original Little dolls (as opposed to the Little+ dolls) and as luck would have it, they were all on sale for either $10 or $15, so I added Little Cosmic Jupi to the order.  (I would have preferred Little Cosmic Mercu, but she’s out of stock…and yet they leave the picture there to taunt me.)

Little Cosmic Jupi and Little Cosmic R
Little Cosmic Jupi and Little R

I still haven’t opened them, so I can’t give an in-depth description of the difference between the original Littles and the Little+s, but from looking at them through the packaging, I’d say the big differences would be the plastic itself (or at least its texture), the quality of the paint job (to a certain extent), a slight difference in face shape, and possibly a slight difference in the quality of the eye chips.  But for “big” differences, none of them are really all that major; in fact, it’s possible R there is going to be one of my favorites; very adorable so far. 😛

Anyway, now on to Dumbass Tuesday.  (Which is actually where R came from, btw.)

I had gotten my $20 off coupon code, and went back to look at the shop to see what I wanted to use it on.  And I saw another combo deal, which included a doll I’d wanted for a while…and on that deal’s page were the words “Only 2 left in stock!”

So I decided to order it while I could.

Wonder Festival Batgirl and Comic Con Catwoman
Wonder Festival Batgirl and Comic Con Catwoman

Now, you may be wondering what about that makes it “Dumbass” Tuesday, and not just “Expensive” Tuesday or maybe “Tanned Pullip” Tuesday?

Two things.  One, as of the day this package arrived, the store still said they had “Only 2 left in stock!” and as of today they still have one left.  Two, because it was Dec. 1, I got another $20 coupon code (which is only good until the 24th).

What the heck am I supposed to buy now!?  I just bought four full-size dolls, and I’m not made of money here!

And yet, I hate to just let the code go to waste.  *sob*  (It is made worse by the fact that I just ordered another full-size doll from Mandarake, which I’ll get to talking about in a bit.)  I don’t think there’s anything to stop me from giving the code to someone else — it says it can only be used once, not that it’s non-transferable — so if someone wants it, let me know.  (Pref. someone I can give it to in a convo on Etsy, so e-mail addresses need not be exchanged in the public of the blogosphere.)

Oookay, so now settle in for a long post, ’cause I’m going to give a quick run-down on all four of these dolls!

The first one I opened was Angry.  Which is no kind of name for a cute gothloli girl, so her name is now Aiko.  ‘Cause I was looking at her in her box when she arrived, and suddenly realized “holy crap, I wrote almost this exact outfit last month!”  The character wearing said outfit is named Aiko, so now the doll’s name is Aiko.  (The Aiko in my NaNo novel doesn’t have deep blue hair…but she’s an AI, so I’ve been tempted to go in and change that, ’cause there’s no reason it should have to be a human color… (You can read the excerpt here, if you want to see it.))

An advertisement...
An advertisement…

As I was taking Aiko out of her box, this piece of paper fluttered out, advertising some of the other Pullip dolls for the year.  I thought I’d show it because it felt very apropos:  I had just learned that Mandarake had one of my grail dolls at a reasonable price.  Said doll being Taeyang Sebastian, Private Tutor version.  So, not exactly what’s shown here, but…pretty close.  (He is now, officially, on his way, which is very exciting!  I’m probably going to order Dal Ciel, Robin version, to go with him, too…but sadly I’ve not seen a Pullip Grell anywhere.  Not that I’m into Grell, but he’s from the same arc as the private tutor Sebastian and Robin Ciel, so it’d be appropriate.  Of course, then I’d want to get the new Taeyang Undertaker and do customs of Lizzie, Madam Red and Lau, so maybe it’s better to stop while I’m ahead…)

Anyway, on to the dolls in hand!

Aiko, in the flesh.  Er, the plastic.

Her outfit is quite ornate, albeit entirely monochrome.  Fortunately, given the amount of black in her outfit, she’s pretty much entirely covered with plastic to protect her from staining…although that makes it hard to move her joints, seeing as they’re encased in plastic.  (I think I was more or less successful in cutting off the wrapping sticking out of her sleeves, though.)

Two parts of her costume I left off when I photographed her.

The hoodie
The hoodie

I didn’t leave her hoodie off because I thought it didn’t fit her look.  (Though I’m not entirely convinced I’d have liked the way it would have looked on her.)  No, I left it off for a more simple reason:  the zipper is stuck in the up position.  I literally can’t put it on her.  I could put it on a smaller-headed 1/6 scale doll though.  (Maybe a Project MC2 doll, or a Monster High doll.  It’d be too small for Barbie…)

I think it's a belt?
I think it’s a belt?

I left this accessory off for two reasons.  One, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be; is it a belt or is it a necklace?  And two, I’m not big on organized religion, and don’t really want to have my dolls wearing crosses unless there’s a character reason for it.  (Admittedly, there are crosses painted on her skirt, but…that’s a bit different.)  So this accessory is going unused for the moment.  (Maybe I’ll do a Mary, Queen of Scots doll or something and give it to her…)

Platform shoes
Platform shoes

You see where you can see her sock through a hole in her shoe?  There were laces there, pulled so tight that it was impossible to get her feet inside them, particularly given that her feet, too, are wrapped in protective plastic.  I tried just opening the laces, but I still couldn’t get the shoes on until I entirely removed the laces.  But they look okay without them, so that’s fine.  Not so fine is the fact that I still had enough trouble getting the shoes on her that one of those wrap-around-the-ankle things broke. 😦

Her bag
Her bag

Even her bag is black and white.  The print on it seems to match the Hangry and Angry logo on the box.  (Or at least to match the style of it, anyway.)  This photo also shows you the indentation left on her sleeve where her arm was fastened to the box insert.


Her other accessory would seem to be representing Hangry.  I think maybe they’re mascot characters for h.NAOTO?  (Yeah, I should probably research things like that before I post something like this, huh?)


Dunno if this is the purpose, but the little plushie can sit in the bag nicely. 😀  (Though then it’s hard to put both handles over her arm…though it’d be less hard if I removed the plastic wrap so I could have her bend her elbow fully.)

Face-up Close-up
Face-up Close-up

I moved her bangs aside to give a nice look at her full face-up.  She’s much blushier than most Dals I know.  Her eyeshadow, in fact, is more like blue blush than regular eyeshadow. 😛  Her little pink mouth seems very delicate, despite the characteristic Dal pout, and I love her glinty purple eyes.  The eyebrows are somewhat less detailed, most likely because you’re not really supposed to see them…


Moving on, here we have Hangry.  Who is not keeping the name “Hangry,” btw.  I just haven’t figured out what her actual name is yet.  She doesn’t give me a “Hannah” vibe — which was the only name suggested to me by the name “Hangry” — but she hasn’t given me any kind of name vibe yet, so…dunno.  I’ll have to wait and get a sense of her personality and style, I guess.  You’ll notice that I didn’t bother to remove the plastic from her hands, legs or even forehead before taking the photo.  That’s ’cause — unlike Aiko — she’s a non-stock girl.  I didn’t get her to keep her in her stock.

In fact, the first time I saw her picture online, I didn’t like her.  Her stock was a bit punkier than is my style, and the neon yellow hair made me cringe slightly.  But then I was looking at her in the Hangry/Angry deal, and suddenly I heard a song running through my head, and that was when the deal went from “hmm, not too bad” to “OMG, I must have!”

"I grumbled that all I wanted was to be loved..."
“I grumbled that all I wanted was to be loved…”

Obviously, it’s not perfect.  The bear’s not quite right (but about a week before the deal showed up, I’d found him in a stash of Barbie accessories, and given him to Rin, with the words “He’s not from Tokyo, but…”) and Rin’s stock Dal body can’t do the hugging the knees pose.  (Maybe I should replace it with an Obitsu body…)  Also the box is the wrong size.  However, all those problems not withstanding, I still think this hoodie makes a pretty good approximation of the “Tokyo Teddy Bear” outfit.

"I don't know!"
“I don’t know!”

Trying to get the hood over Rin’s head really did terrible things to her hair. 😦

Now, before I move on to Hangry in other clothes, let me go back to a couple of her accessories.

Great shoes
Great shoes

Her shoes and stockings seem to be of a higher quality than Angry’s.

Another plushie
Another plushie

I guess this one is supposed to be Angry.  But Hangry didn’t come with a bag for her to put her plushie in…

Hangry & Angry bag
Hangry & Angry bag

…instead she came with a (pretty cheap and flimsy) tote for her owner.

I don't think she likes it...
I don’t think she likes it…

I thought maybe it was supposed to be a doll tote, but the only way it would work that would would be if I put her in there entirely, head and all, lying flat in the bottom.  That seems like a great way to wreck up her hair.  (Though, admittedly, this particular hair is already pretty badly wrecked…)

2 of 3 28

So here’s a good look at her face.  I like her face-up, except I’m still a little unsure about those orange lips.  I may have to give them a going over with another color.  (We’ll see how it looks with different hair…)  I like her bright, clear blue eyes, though, and the eyebrows are nicely painted.  I have to replace that neon yellow wig, though.  In fact, I tried to get it off her right away, but I couldn’t manage it. 😦  I’m sure there’s a trick to getting the wig off — it is glued in place, after all — but I haven’t had time to look it up yet.

2 of 3 29

A second face-up shot, with her hair moved out the way a bit to give you a better look at her painted-on eyelashes.  I like the red ones on the upper side of her eyes; they give her a bit of extra flair.

Romana's cast-offs...sort of...
Romana’s cast-offs…sort of…

So the first thing I put her in was the shirt that turned out not to work for Romana’s new outfit (which I’ll be showing soon, I promise!), and Romana’s sparkly TARDIS-blue shoes, which don’t go with her current outfit.  Unfortunately, the shirt’s ludicrously gigantic on her little Dal body. 😦  The shirt is by HelloCoolCat, and it’s really nice; it’s just not the right size for Dal, and too long for Romana’s current needs.  (Might have her wear it later on, though.)

2 of 3 27

The glorious shoes are by JemgirlCreations, of course.  I had really hoped I’d be able to make shoes like that with my resin-casting eventually, but I think making the molds would require waaaaaay better technique and materials than I’ll ever obtain.  Anyway, this photo shows you how despite her legs being encased in protective plastic, those super-neat socks still managed to stain her leg a bit.  (But only one leg, oddly.)  I also took some photos of Alice modeling these shoes (showing off how both her legs have air bubbles in them! 😦 ) but maybe I’ll post those later.


My next try was this Teen Skipper outfit.  Which is enormously too large on her.  Like, yikes.  Apart from being baggy as heck, it’s actually pretty cute, though, and the colors are good on her.

This'll do for now.
This’ll do for now.

I tried this outfit next, and rather liked the look of it, so she’s keeping it for the moment.  (At least until I can buy some new Dal-sized clothes on Etsy.)  The shirt is Wydowna Spyder’s and the tights and boots are Rin’s.  Er, okay, actually they were originally Kaiko’s, but they’re more Rin’s style, so…well, the important thing is that they’re actually made for the Dal body, so they actually (*gasp*) fit!

Okay, so moving on to the other order now.  I’d been thinking I’d like to pick up a Wonder Festival Batgirl since seeing this post highlighting just how gorgeous the doll is, with that hair, those eyes, and of course the rare dark skin.  And since by the time I was making the order, I’d also fallen in love with the idea of doll wigs, the Comic Con Catwoman doll also seemed like a good choice, since she has the dark skin, but an eminently  lose-able wig.  Of course, I also feel a little uncomfortable about buying a licensed doll and then taking away her identity (these things wouldn’t get licensed if a lot of people didn’t love them, after all) so in order to placate my conscience, I decided to name them Barbara and Selina.

Anyway, seeing them in person was quite a surprise; their skin is darker than I’d originally expected.  It’s strange that the color choices Groove has available are super pale, pale and dark Latina.  It’s like they missed a few shades in the middle there.  (Also missed some on the darker end of the spectrum, too, obviously…)  Given the Latina look, I’m not so sure naming her after Barbara Gordon quite works.  There was a Latina cop on Batman the Animated Series, I think; maybe I should find out her name and re-name this doll after her


Anyway, here’s Barbara with/in her stock for the first and last time.  Though her boots will definitely see further use (in fact, Selina’s wearing them right now 😛 ) as they’re actually pretty awesome.  As you can see in this photo, she came totally covered in plastic, too.

Miko cosplay?
Miko cosplay?

Getting that plastic off was a serious struggle.  I mean, I’m amazed I didn’t utterly wreck her hair, it was so difficult.  (And I do have some pretty small scissors!  That stuff just didn’t want to come off!)  Anyway, here she is in Rena’s miko outfit, but I don’t think she’s pleased by it; not only did her geta keep falling off, one of her socks went flying while I was putting it on.  I had mentally promised her (before she even got here, lol) that she could wear Romana’s sparkly shoes, so I think she’s mad about that.  Or she doesn’t want to be called Barbara.  I dunno.  Something’s a little off; I’ll see how things go.  (BTW, Rena’s not in her miko outfit ’cause she’s currently dressed up for Christmas.  I took a photo of that in this same photo shoot; I’ll post it closer to Christmas.)

2 of 3 41

I love her silver eyes.  (I didn’t photograph them, btw, but her eyelids are completely black.  To go with her stock outfit, presumably.)  The strikingly dark lips also work well on her, and her eyebrows are nicely subtle.


Look at that hair!  It’s really lovely, with the dark blue and black strands, and all those sweet curls!  (Yeah, I have a thing for dolls with neatly curled hair like this.  Which is odd, ’cause I don’t like it when my hair does this…)

2 of 3 43

She’s holding her hair out of her face so you can see her (painted) eyelashes.  I like the fact that she doesn’t have much eyeshadow on; she doesn’t need it.  (Again, that may be more because of her superheroine starting point, but…either way, it works.)

So moving on, I admit that I was a little unsure if it had been the right call to get Catwoman as well.  (Especially a few days later, when they dropped the price on Batgirl to $99, in the free shipping deal, so I could have gotten her much cheaper…well, okay, I could have gotten her for less total outlay on my part; the actual price for each doll, when you divide (deal price – $20) by 2 is actually about $73, versus the $79 she would have come to the other way.  So, like I said, less total outlay on my part, but slightly more for the doll herself.)  Uh, anyway, getting back to Catwoman, my worries were assuaged when she arrived, because she’s really quite pretty.


Given that her hair was already a mess by the time she got out of the package, and that I’m planning on re-wigging her (repeatedly), I was going to put the full gear on her.  But I absolutely could not get her hat/hood/cowl/whateveritiscalled on her head.  Maybe it’ll go on without the wig, but as is, not happening.  (But, again, I have to figure out how to get the wig off first!)  I’m planning on doing another photo with her in her full outfit later on.  Hopefully.  (For a particular reason I don’t want to go into at present. 😛 )  Anyway, her leather-like catsuit opens up by the zipper on the front, as you’d expect, but when I realized that, I had to laugh.  My brother — an ardent comics fan — is always complaining how merchandise of Catwoman always has her suit unzipped.  One time when he said that, I actually told him he could get the Pullip version if he wanted, since her suit is zipped up.  (Naturally, he averred the idea, being a slave to traditional gender role stereotyping.  Well, not a slave, per se, but not willing to flout them that far.)  But it turns out that fans who want her suit to be unzipped can have it that way, so that made me laugh.  Because I’m easily amused.  (And stressed out due to final papers…)  At a distance, I thought maybe her belt would make a useful accessory with later outfits, but it turns out it’s actually her whip looped repeatedly through a belt buckle.  So getting it back on her (or another doll) would be next to impossible. 😦  I’ll have to find another belt she can use when I put her back in the costume later…

Borrowed clothes
Borrowed clothes

I showed this dress before on Pyrrha, but I think it suits Selina better.  Maybe having her wear Barbara’s stock boots with it is overkill, though…?

2 of 3 50

I love her eye makeup, and the arch in her eyebrows is very nice.  The wine-colored lips are also nice.  But those eye chips have got to go.  They’re so dark that it’s virtually impossible to see where the pupils end and the irises begin.  Even when shining a bright light directly at her face (interrogation time?) I could barely tell the difference between the two sections of the eye chip.  (Unfortunately, Pullip and Blythe have different eye chip sizes, so the ones I’ve been making for Pyrrha won’t work for Selina. 😦  Not that any of them are any good, of course…)  But once she’s got different eye chips and a less messed up wig, she’ll  be quite the knock-out.

In case you doubted me...
In case you doubted me…

I don’t think her wig is actually supposed to do that in the back, but…it was like that right out of the package.

So…I guess I’m out of things to say about these four girls now.  (Except to say that the gallery for this post is here.)  I know, I probably should have said more, but…yeah, I’ve been writing this in my re-writing/editing breaks over the last three days.  But the final paper is due on Wednesday, so once that’s in, I’ll be free until around January 20th!  Yay!  Then I’ll be able to get to at least some of the projects lying around the house!  And maybe clean the house!  And finish my NaNo novel!  And…um…I need more hours in the day….

Still, I am definitely going to get to Pyrrha’s new face-up and eye chips.  That much is certain. And re-body Len.  Also Suve’s face-up, and probably I’m going to try doing the face-up for at least one of the Cardcaptor Sakura dolls-to-be.  And I’m still doing resin-casting experiments…


3 thoughts on “2 sets of 3

  1. cainadoption December 14, 2015 / 6:04 pm

    I would love your extra code if you still have it!


    • Iphis of Scyros December 16, 2015 / 10:26 pm

      Yes, I still have it. Do you have, like, an Etsy account or something where I can give you the code privately? I don’t want e-mail addresses to be handed out on the blog where anybody (particularly spambots) can get hold of them.


  2. Olive December 14, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    Awesome haul! I love seeing tan skinned dolls, since Pullips and blythes normally come in varying shades of porcelain. And so many dolly plans ^^


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