Eyechip auditions!

I’ve been testing my various homemade eyechips to see how they look in place lately.  Of course, it’s not completely accurate as a gauge:  Pyrrha’s face is still unpainted (the MSC should come Monday) and I have to hold the eye mechanism in place, but that often leaves it a bit off center.

Anyway, fair warning:  there are a lot of pictures in this post, most of them featuring Pyrrha’s blank face just with different eyechips.  (Though there are also a few non-eyechip resin pictures towards the end.  A few of these eyechips are newly made since the last time I posted about my resin experiments.)

{Inserting a read more tag so that the home page of my blog doesn’t get bogged down in all those photos.}

For the most part, I tried to take the photos in approximate chronological order of having made the chips, so I’m just going to follow the time stamps on the photos, even though there might be more logical ways to handle this.  (So please bear with me.)

However, I started out with one of the more recent pairs, because I had freshly painted it, and was hoping the paint would look less awful in place than it did outside her face.

It didn't. :(
It didn’t. 😦

I used a thin, yellow glitter paint as the first coat, because I knew it was largely transparent apart from the glitter.  But it had left more yellow than I had expected, and the metallic plum paint, when viewed through the yellow turned out to look rather vile. D:  I have no idea what the best way to get paint off of resin is, though.  (Admittedly, given that one of the “pupils” is off-center, these chips aren’t really good for much anyway, but….)

eyechip testing 2

I like the way the light reflects off the glitter onto her face.  I don’t like the way you can see white behind the chips around the edges.

eyechip testing 3

Not sure if it looks more or less chaotic this way than loose.  Still, the varied sizes — and colors — probably help to make it look a bit more like eyes and a bit less like…whatever the others look like.

eyechip testing 4


eyechip testing 5

Well, they’re piercing…

eyechip testing 6

Ooh, demon eyes!  (But in a good way.)

eyechip testing 7

To me, these feel like the most soulless pair in the set.


This one made me sit up and say “Yes, this could work!”  Obviously, the fact that the blue glitter doesn’t cover the whole back of the chip is a problem, but this was enough for me to realize that the concept itself is a workable one.

eyechip testing 9

And this one made me realize that the white, mildly opalescent background behind the snowflake was not going to work, because it’s too close in color to the whites of her eyes.  (Realistically, I should have known that without needing to see them in place.)  Not sure what I’m going to do with the blue snowflakes now, though…

eyechip testing 10

Well, these look better in place than they do loose, but…they’re still kind of on the shoddy side.

eyechip testing 11

These, too, look better in place than they do out of place, but they’re still pretty awful.

eyechip testing 12


eyechip testing 13

really wanna find the other eyechip!  (There are two more places it could have flown off to, but neither is going to be easy to search.)  I left this as a photo o f the whole face — instead of jut the half with the chip — because I wanted to show the way her eye sockets are shaped.  Is that what a normal Blythe chip socket looks like?  Because it feels like I’m setting these chips on a very narrow ledge.  That’s not going to make fixing them in place go easily.  (In fact, I’m thinking of using Museum Putty for at least some of them.  Should hold them in place, but also allow them to be removed without needing to resort to glue sticks again.)

eyechip testing 14

Well, I couldn’t find any glass rhinestones to use as pupils inside the chips (they were all way too tiny), but at Jo-Ann’s I did find a few gem-cut acrylic pieces that were the right size to take the place of the eyechips altogether.  I have to say that I like how these turquoise green ones look.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll fit under her eyelids. 😦  (Actually, I’m a little worried that none of my chips will fit:  the ones she came with were rather flat, unlike the round ones I’ve been making.)

eyechip testing 15

Well, they were the right size, so I thought I’d see how they looked.  “Disturbingly insectoid” would be the way I’d describe them, it turns out.  Fortunately, they’re much too tall, and would never clear her eyelids.

eyechip testing 31

These apple juice colored ones are actually sticker-gems.  I bought two sheets of mixed sizes, one in clear and the other in multi-colored.  I used one of them to make a mold to try and make my own gem-cut resin chips.  (You’ll see the result later in the post…)  Unfortunately, these — like the turquoise ones — are too tall, and probably won’t clear her eyelids.  (I can’t test without getting the eye mechanism back inside the eyelids, and I don’t want to do that until I’ve finished painting the eyelids, and they’ve been sealed.)

eyechip testing 32

It turns out that I absolutely adore these in place! 😀  They work nicely with this particular set of printed eyes, don’t they?  The colors compliment each other well.  (Or is that complement?  I always have trouble with those two…)  This is totally going to be one of the sets I actually use.  (I might replace the one with the damaged bead, though…)

eyechip testing 33

So this is how one of the chips with lots of air bubbles looks.  Though the bubbles look oddly yellowish-brown in the photo.  Either way, it’s not terribly appealing…

eyechip testing 34

The ones without too many air bubbles look pretty good, though. 🙂

eyechip testing 16

Encouraged by how nice the heart-shaped pupils looked, I made some with star-shaped beads inside the chips.  I don’t think they look nearly as good.  Maybe that’s because the beads are simply shiny black instead of slightly iridescent with warm colors?

eyechip testing 17

So these are the blank chips made off the mold from the sticky-gems.  And I think they look surprisingly good!  I need to re-do the mold, because it wasn’t thick enough and didn’t have enough space around and between the chip areas, but if these things can clear her eyelids, then they are so going on.  (Not sure about what’ll be behind them, though.  I only cut out the one set of eyes, and they’re going with the heart chips.)  If they do work, then I’ll definitely be making more to sell on Etsy.  ‘Cause the gem-cut look is really cool.

eyechip testing 20

Speaking of the gem-cut look, I found these at Michael’s today.  They’re filled through with red glitter, just as if I had made them.   :p   (Not sure why they look that color in the photo; in person they’re bright red.)  They’re unlikely to clear the eyelids — again — but being solid glitter, I could sand them down a bit on the back, unlike the ones that are painted a reflective silver on the back.

eyechip testing 21

Unfortunately, these have the printed eyes behind them, which is affecting their color a bit.  (Although it’s actually an improvement; I may want to paint the backs of these to improve and add consistency to the color.)  I think these look great, though.  Apart from one of the snowflakes being off center in a way the other is not.  I will totally be doing more of these.  (Ultimately, the idea here is building towards the next factory girl I get, whenever that’s gonna be, but I also want to get a stock of working chip ideas I can make to sell on Etsy.)

eyechip testing 22

These don’t have the printed eyes behind them, so you get a better idea of what the color actually looks like.  I think I like the white snowflakes better than the silver ones.  What do other people think?

eyechip testing 23

I had some of the pale blue glitter resin left over, so I made these.  They’d look better if that one stray piece of larger glitter hadn’t gotten in and made its way down to the front of the eyechip… :p

eyechip testing 26

These chips are going to belong to Romana, eventually.  (Again, I may want to paint over the back of the chip to prevent plain white from bleeding through.)  I wasn’t sure what was going to look best, so I also did some with just silver-colored cogs and just bronze-colored cogs, but I think this set turned out the best.  (The other two are in the gallery if you want to see them.)

And that’s the last of the eyechip photos.  Ultimately, what I’ve learned here is that I really don’t like the way pupil-less eyes look in person.  (Sometimes things that look creepy in photos can look charming in person, y’know?)  However, I like the look of glittery resin behind something taking the place of pupils, whether that something is a larger type of glitter or a small bead.  (Er, those cogs aren’t actually beads, are they?  I’m not sure what the heck they are, though…)  So I’ll probably want to keep making more eyechips with glittery resin to find the right combination for Pyrrha.  My next plan was pink hearts, but that’s definitely not her style.  Hmm…did I get some of those small blue stars in that glitter pack?  Well, I’ll be working on it.  And, of course, I still have the issue of the eyelid clearance.  Because if the gem-cuts will fit, then I’ll probably go with the turquoise green pair, and I’ll definitely go with my clear resin gem-cuts, which would leave only one set of chips to go.  However, if they don’t fit…then I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing.  (Worst case scenario, I could always put back her stock purple pair.  I liked those.)

Anyway, now I have some other resin-casting photos to share.

eyechip testing 18

The new K-9 mold is better than the old one (though I still ended up breaking off his head and tail to get him back out of the mold) but I still wasn’t able to get his tail to cast properly.  (I think it did actually cast, and it just broke off and stayed in there no matter what I do to try to remove it.)  Ultimately, I don’t think I can cast poor K-9 unless I find yet another way of making molds.  He needs a two-separate-halves mold, not the open-topped (open-bottomed, rather) molds I’m capable of.  (Contrariwise, if I sprang for a 3D printer, I could just print all the K-9s I want; I did a 3D model of him some time back.  It’s not great, but it’s probably better than my little polymer clay version.  But that’s a pretty big “spring for”.)

eyechip testing 27

Trying to get the resin into K-9’s head and tail let me figure out how to ensure there was resin in the light on top of the TARDIS, so I’ve now had a thoroughly successful test run of my TARDIS mold.  I just need to trim the excess resin, and drill a little hole in it for a connector, and I’ll have a nice TARDIS charm for Romana’s pull string.  (I’ve gotten tons of beads for her pullstring, and Pyrrha’s, and Alice’s.)

eyechip testing 28

A shiny, shimmery, holographic-glittery Space Invaders UFO!  But why?

eyechip testing 29

Yup, it’s another barrette for me.

But that brings me to an important point.  As I was getting Barbara dressed in her new outfit (I’ll take picture tomorrow, promise!), I realized that I really needed a barrette to clip some of her hair out of her face.  After a frantic search, I was able to find a Monster High one that would work (appropriately, it’s bat-shaped) but I came to the realization that I didn’t really have any nice hair ornaments in doll-sizes; the few I have are junky plastic things.  (Apart from the nice Jack-o-Lantern ones that came with Juliet’s clothes, but those are more decorated ribbons than barrettes, and the nature of the decoration prevents them from being useful year-round.)

So I’m planning on making some hair ornaments for my dolls, and hopefully I can do a good enough job to make some to sell on Etsy, too.  I have no shortage of molds and things to make molds from (the handy thing about having spent so long dabbling in polymer clay is that I’ve got all sorts of weird stuff around here) but I was disappointed not to find any barrettes, bobby pins or other hair-type clips at Michael’s that were small enough for my needs.  I’m going to check Jo-Ann’s next time I have a chance to get there, but I’m worried that they won’t have anything, either.  Not sure where I’ll need to look, if that’s the case.  (A hair-care supply store?  A general beauty supplies store?  I know where there’s one of those, but I’m not sure they had any undecorated clips or half-size bobby pins…)

In other news, when I got home today I found a slip in my mailbox telling me I had missed two packages today.  It said one was from Japan, and the other from Korea.  The one from Korea will be Juliet’s new long-sleeved shirt (and given how cold it gets in here, I’m sure she’ll be glad of that!), and I don’t remember having anything on order from Japan other than the massive Mandarake order.  And yes, “massive” is the word I’m looking for:  after shipping, it ended up coming to more than Sebastian had.  (Before shipping, it was less than he was, though.  The shipping cost was huge.)  There’s a ridiculous amount of stuff in it, ’cause all of it was on what seems to be their equivalent of a clearance sale.  (I think the most expensive thing was $16.60.  Oh, no, wait, one of them was more like $24.  Still, you see my point though, right?  Everything was cheap, but it all added up…)  Anyway, I’m looking forward to showing you all the stuff in there!  (Though I’ll probably break it up into two posts, dolls and non-dolls.)

Oh, yes, and UPS should deliver my Junky Spot order on Monday, too.  That’s gonna be a big day! 😀  And once I’ve got that MSC in hand, then I can get to work on Pyrrha’s face up!  Yay!  (Though, actually, I think I was overreacting.  I ended up getting started on Mei-lin’s face already, and nothing happened when I put the primer coat of Testors on her — just as nothing had happened to the slightly mangled Obitsu head when I sprayed him — but when I sprayed her again to seal her mouth in place, the same bubbles formed on her forehead as had on Pyrrha’s.  It’s either that I didn’t shake the can enough, that I shook it too much, or that I just plain got too much on her.  So it wasn’t actually doing anything terrible to Pyrrha.  Most likely.  Still, better to play it safe, right?  Oh, I’ll be putting the eyes on Mei-lin and the mystery guy tomorrow morning, so once their hair arrives in the Junky Spot order, they’ll be all finished.  Er…actually…I haven’t quite finished his clothes yet.  And I’m not sure how to do his beard yet.  (I’m thinking of trimming a little bit off his wig and using it to flock his chin….)  And I have no idea what he’s going to wear for shoes.  Unless his feet are small enough to ear my new Ai doll’s shoes (I hit Tuesday Mornings today) which seems unlikely.)


3 thoughts on “Eyechip auditions!

  1. Olive January 3, 2016 / 1:07 am

    Your resin experiments are so fun to read! Also, you’d be able to find hair clips at a bead store I think (that’s where I got mine). Also, i would also check the beauty supply store (though I would cal ahead). Can’t wait to see your hauls!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blackkitty January 5, 2016 / 6:55 am

    Thank you for writing about the resin casting experiments. It sheds a lot of light on the huge amount of work behind those pretty etsy creations. For the eye chips – I agree with everything you said. For the dog – maybe you can make its tail longer to accommodate the inevitable bubble that goes there when you pour the resin, and sand it when you take it out? And finally, the hair clips. I got some tiny triangle shaped ones at a regular hair supply store (or rather, a cosmetics store that sells everything from bandages to dolls and candy).


  3. Goche January 5, 2016 / 6:28 pm

    You experimented a lot with these chips. They look great. Looking forward to seeing them on a doll with face up 🙂
    About hair accessories, I used to have an etsy shop where I sold hair accessories. I got my supplies from ringsandthings jewelry supplier store. They have every size you can imagine.


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