New Outfits for Barbara and Hangry

We’ll start with Barbara, for two reasons.  One, it’s simpler.  Two, her new dress is absolutely amazing.

new dresses 1

Barbara’s gorgeous new dress is by DollyBoutiquee, whose incredible clothes include items tailored for Blythe as well as ones tailored for Pullip.  Ideally, I’d want Barbara to have better shoes to go with the dress…not to mention a better barrette than an upside down Monster High one, but…I had the Barbie shoes on hand, ditto the barrette.  I found some nice shoes on Etsy that look like they’d probably match, but my dolly wardrobe doesn’t feature a lot of bright red, so buying bright red shoes is probably not actually the best idea.  (Then again, bright red looks really good with the tanned Pullip skintone, so maybe I should buy more red dresses and go ahead and get the red shoes…)  And I’m going to work on making a better barrette myself. 🙂  The important thing is that this dress is gorgeous, and it looks great on her, and it looks much warmer than that sleeveless one she had been wearing.  (I’ve put a coat on Selina, btw, since she’s wearing that strapless white Blythe dress.  It’s a Barbie coat — from a My Scene, I’m pretty sure — but it fits her pretty well…though I had to go all Monster High and pull her hands out to be able to get it on her….)

new dresses 2

I’ve shown Hangry in this shirt and these shoes before, but the skirt is new. 😀  (Technically, I haven’t shown her in this wig before — it being Selina’s stock wig — but it’s not “new” per se.)  The skirt (which reads “Doctor Who,” for those who can’t read it and/or don’t recognize the font/logo) is by sugarblocks.

"A thousand Daleks firing all at once can't get into the TARDIS.  So how is it that you're always sneaking in and raiding my closet?"
“A thousand Daleks all firing at once can’t get into the TARDIS. So how is it that you’re always sneaking in and raiding my closet?”
"Hey, if you have to ask, you'll never know!"
“Hey, if you have to ask, you’ll never know!”

Seriously, everything Hangry is wearing right now (apart from her wig) actually belongs to Romana.  (And I will take pictures of Romana in this outfit later, like when it’s less cold, and/or I get tired of her “Destiny of the Daleks” outfit.  I also still need to do the Romana and the Doctor photo skit I’ve been planning since before Romana even arrived…)

I really need to figure out Hangry’s name,  because that’s no kind of a name to use in this sort of setting.  Her personality seems a bit wild and snarky…which does not, immediately, suggest any names…

Assuming I don’t get dragged out of the house and miss the delivery, tomorrow’s Junky Spot delivery will complete Mei-lin and the all-Obitsu boy (who has a name now, but I’m waiting to announce it along with the finished photos)…except the boy still needs his beard.  Well, I guess that would make him a man, not a boy, though. 😛  I’ll probably post a shot of him pre-beard, just in case.  (Technically, he also needs socks, and maybe a shirt, but…once he has his wig, he’ll be basically done.)  I also realized that tomorrow may see the delivery of the Dal I ordered on Christmas, too.  Wow, is that gonna be a big day!  (Like, “red letter day” levels, even.)

I think this is why I’m not getting much work done on my novel; it’s so much more fun to play with my dolls (and/or buy new ones)…


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