Shin Megami Tensei figurines

This is mostly about the figurines I got from Mandarake, but I’m going to start with the Persona 4 figurine of Yosuke that I got from AmiAmi.  (The combination of me, credit cards and the Internet is a dangerous one for my bank account, clearly…)

Hanamura Yosuke
Yosuke Hanamura

Persona 4 is one of those rare games where I genuinely love the whole cast of player characters.  Most RPGs have at least one character I don’t like, but I love all of the party members in Persona 4, and a lot of the NPCs, too.  Yosuke fills very much the same role as Junpei in Persona 3 — the comedic character who quickly latches on to the hero as his new best friend — but he manages to be a deeper and more nuanced character than Junpei did.  (Don’t get me wrong:  I liked Junpei.  But he does feel less than fully fleshed out.)

Yosuke 5

I think the look on his face here sums up Yosuke’s usual personality pretty well. 🙂  I was surprised to hear his voice when I first started playing Persona 4 the Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, however.  I knew Shotaro Morikubo had done his voice — I think I saw that in the author’s comment on a scanslated doujinshi? — so I kind of went in expecting him to sound, well, like Orphen.  ‘Cause a lot of Morikubo’s characters sound that way.  Instead, he had a lighter voice (very fitting for the character) that sounded more genuinely teenage than what I was expecting.  I, uh, still haven’t played the second half yet.  (I can’t help it; I’m not much of a fan of fighting games.  Besides, the explanation I came up with tied back to the PS1 Persona games, and I just know the one in the actual game won’t do that, so I’m sort of dreading it, ’cause it won’t be as cool.)  Haven’t gotten past the first dance-off in Persona 4 Dancing All Night, either, but that’s mostly ’cause the controls are so crazy different from Project Mirai that I want to finish up with that first, rather than bouncing back and forth between them and confusing my fingers.

Okay, moving on to the MegaTen figurines from Mandarake now.  See, I am a huge MegaTen fan (it’s probably my favorite current RPG series), so I was sort of geeking out at seeing these figurines available for reasonable prices, and kinda sorta ordered all of them.  Probably shouldn’t have done that. 😛

"Wilder Nue! Hissssssss!"
“Wilder Nue! Hissssssss!”

Yes, I actually went through all the 3DS MegaTen games I could find (somehow I can’t find my copy of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, which is alarming), and checked out the things each of these demons say when you fuse them.  I’m that kind of crazy. 😛  What annoys me is that I’m positive that somewhere he says “ME Wilder Nue!  IT NICE MEET YOU!” or something like that, but I couldn’t find it.  (Maybe that’s what he says in Devil Summoner…)

"Name's Nue the Beast. I know I look pretty out there, but it's good to meet ya."
“Name’s Nue the Beast. I know I look pretty out there, but it’s good to meet ya.”

This photo gives you a good look at what he looks like (and how low the prices were) without requiring him to be out of his box.  For the moment, I’m not planning on opening him, as I’m pretty low on shelf space until I can get my house cleaned out and new shelves added.

"My name's Mokoi. A Jaki. I have tons of lady fans. You know, right?"
“My name’s Mokoi. A Jaki. I have tons of lady fans. You know, right?”

I’m not planning on opening Mokoi here right now, either.  I should have passed on both him and Nue, but I guess I was starting to get a little giddy by that point in the process.

"I'm the Wilder Mothman! I'm more like a cryptid than a demon, but never mind that!"
“I’m the Wilder Mothman! I’m more like a cryptid than a demon, but never mind that!”

Now, Mothman, on the other hand, was an automatic must-buy.

Side of the box...
Side of the box…

Seeing this illustration on the side of Mokoi’s and Mothman’s box both made me sad and angry at the same time.  Y’know why?  ‘Cause Black Frost wasn’t available when I got the rest of these!  *sob*  However, notice something interesting there?  In Japan, he’s apparently called Jaaku Frost, a really clever, untranslatable pun, since “aku” means evil.  So he’s “evil Jack Frost” but that doesn’t really work in English, thus they decided to go with his change in coloration and call him Black Frost.  (Most likely, the nasty-turned-inappropriate “Jack-san Five” joke was original, and not a translation thing, though.)  Thinking back to the first place I saw Black Frost — in Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne — I can see why he was originally specified as evil.  (It’s a bit more awkward as a name for his appearance in some later games, particularly Devil Survivor.  But perhaps in that case they adopted his English-language name?)

"WQxm6n0 Vermin SKaP:3Y1! 9R:F Mothman =JH4UCW__6!"
“WQxm6n0 Vermin SKaP:3Y1! 9R:F Mothman =JH4UCW__6!”

I love Mothman’s spindly little legs. 😀  His design translated to physical form very well.

"I'm Fairy Pyro Jack, ho! I'm so hee-hot, everyone loves me, ho!"
“I’m Fairy Pyro Jack, ho! I’m so hee-hot, everyone loves me, ho!”

This one was almost a “squee” discovery.  Note his name above the window is “Jack Lantern.”  I’m not sure why they changed it to Pyro Jack for the American localizations…but that’s a change that dates back to the early PS1 release of the original Persona, so…no, wait, it may be older than that.  There was a Jack bros. game for the Virtual Boy that did get brought over here, wasn’t there?  I mean, I know there was such a game, but it did get brought over, didn’t it?  That was probably well before the original PlayStation, surely.  (Yes, I am here revealing my ignorance of early console gaming history.  What can I say?  My first console was a PlayStation, purchased a couple of years after I graduated from college.  I sort of missed the early years of console gaming, because my parents wouldn’t buy me an NES, no matter how many of my classmates had one.)  Well, whenever the change was made, it was a long time ago.  Let’s leave it at that and move on.

MegaTen 11

I don’t know what the text on this flap at the back of the box says, but I love the fact that it’s saying it in a SNES-level font. 😀

MegaTen 12

Check out his stand!  On top of being way more elaborate than Mothman’s stand, it’s a direct tie-in to the original Shin Megami Tensei for the SNES.  (And now for IOS…in English!…not that I’ve actually finished it yet.  I screwed up right before the battle with Thor, accidentally shifting my alignment and preventing me from being able to summon half my demons.  Then I kind of got sidetracked while I was trying to figure out if I should start over or just grind a while to be able to create some new demons to fight him with…)

"Ho-hee-ho! It's Pyro Jack! My flames will shine for victory in battles and dark alleys!"
“Ho-hee-ho! It’s Pyro Jack! My flames will shine for victory in battles and dark alleys!”

I love the transparent thing holding him up so he looks like he’s floating.  Well, maybe “looks like” is an overstatement.  More like “giving the mild impression of floating if you will yourself not to notice the stand.”  The important thing is that he looks totally cool. 😀

MegaTen 28

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the little statuette I already had, which had Jack Frost and Alice on the same base.  I meant to do that, but…I didn’t.  Maybe I’ll do it next time I’m taking pictures, and I’ll add it in here.  So here’s the statuette I already had, of Jack Frost and Alice.  Cute, right?  (And no, I have no idea why they made a statuette of Jack Frost and Alice together.)

"The name's Loki, the Tyrant. When it comes to mischief, I am simply the best there is."
“The name’s Loki, the Tyrant. When it comes to mischief, I am simply the best there is.”

I’d actually been watching the price of Loki here on Amazon for quite a while, but it never got down quite low enough that I felt like paying it.

"I'm Loki the Tyrant, leader of the frost giants. There a war on? I can join, right?"
“I’m Loki the Tyrant, leader of the frost giants. There a war on? I can join, right?”

This side shows his original illustration — or rather an original illustration, since he’s also had ones where he’s naked except for a cape — which shows how faithfully sculpted the figurine is.

MegaTen 17

I don’t know what “furyu” means, but…um…”original sin”…?  Really?  Unless that’s the subtitle of one of the games I haven’t played (like the MMO, or one of the games that didn’t come over here), I find its inclusion somewhere between odd and unsettling.  (If it said “innocent sin,” I’d get that.  But I don’t think they changed the name of the game for its localization, not in this day and age.)  Or maybe it’s some kind of pun on sin/shin…?  Or a typo…?

"I'm Tyrant Loki. Nice meetin' ya, my brother."
“I’m Tyrant Loki. Nice meetin’ ya, my brother.”

The pose of his upraised hand is a bit different from the illustration, looking more like he’s dangling something from his fingers than preparing to make a move.  I like the way his wings are posed; it’s very Chernobog from the “Night on Bald Mountain” section of Fantasia…even though the MegaTen Chernobog looks nothing like the Disney one. 😛

"I am Loki... I guess I'm going to be troubling you for the time being..."
“I am Loki… I guess I’m going to be troubling you for the time being…”

Shot at an upward angle, to give a better look at his face.

"Yes, dance, my puppet. Make me more revered now than I ever was when I was still a god!"
“Yes, dance, my puppet. Make me more revered now than I ever was when I was still a god!”

LOL, I found a bunch of these tiny Avengers-tie in figures at the used place on the 30th when I was searching for She-Ra dolls, and how could I pass up this little Loki when I knew I had the MegaTen Loki on the way?  It’d be better if he was a cell phone charm or something, so he could literally dangle from his MegaTen counterpart’s fingertips.

"Puny god."
“Puny god.”

Puny Loki is not amused. 😛

Okay, so there are a number of other pictures — mostly just the standard side and back angles on the figurines — in the gallery.  But this time the gallery isn’t just the photos from the photo shoot for this post.  It’s a special MegaTen gallery containing every image in my DropBox with any Shin Megami Tensei merchandise in it.  (Unless I missed a few.  They reconfigured DropBox’s photo storage and made it horribly annoying to use.)  So if you go to check out the gallery, you’ll have to scroll down past the earlier photos to get to these.  But I’m going to keep it up to date, so any further MegaTen photos for other posts will get added to it.  🙂  (I’m planning on doing a number of such galleries in the future.)


The captions for my photos included quotes from Shin Megami Tensei IVDevil Survivor Overclocked, Persona QDevil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, and The Avengers.


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