Dal Ciel, Robin version

Before the main attraction of this post, I have some other stuff to say and show.

Firstly, you may have noticed that there was no “Wordless Wednesday” post yesterday (nor, in fact, any post at all).  The thing is, there’s a couple of spambots addicted to the “Wordless Wednesday” tag, and I was getting really tired of having their garbled comments arriving in my spam queue four or five times a week.  So I deleted the tag, and will not be doing “Wordless Wednesday” posts anymore.  There’s a similar thing called “Silent Sundays,” so I’ll try doing that, and hope that there aren’t any spambots targeting that tag.  And I didn’t post this yesterday to say so because I was just having a really lousy afternoon, and didn’t trust myself to communicate with other human beings, lest I say something horrible.

So that was the say, now here’s the show.  The Junky Spot order came in at the same time as Ciel (quite literally, as Ciel had been sent UPS rather than USPS) so I’ve been able to start on Pyrrha’s face-up now that I have MSC (no previews, though), and I got the two wigs I’d ordered, so I can show you the dolls now.

I’ll start with Mei-lin, but her hair isn’t properly styled.

Mei-lin, the Azone/Parabox hybrid version
Li Mei-lin, the Azone/Parabox hybrid version

I like how her mouth turned out, but I had horrible trouble getting the picture taken, because for some reason both of these boy bodies have the most unbelievably loose joints.  Seriously, they’re on Pyrrha’s level of floppy here, which is so odd, because the female body that currently has the Licca-chan Yuki Miku head has very tight joints.  (Fortunately, I got these two boy bodies direct from Japan, so put together they cost about the same as the female one, so at least I didn’t pay as much for them.)

Now, as to why her hair isn’t styled yet:  the wig is the wrong size.  The Junky Spot said that this size was the right one for all the Parabox heads up to those intended for a 27 cm doll, and this head was intended for a 21-23 cm doll, so I figured it was the right size.  But it’s actually a bit too small; if I try to style it, it just pops right off.  Very frustrating.  I ordered another, slightly larger wig off of Etsy, but until it gets here, Mei-lin’s hair is just gonna have to be loose like this.

Ciel 2

Sadly, Mei-lin’s a bit been my “do-over” doll in this Cardcaptor Sakura line.  Her eyebrows — which you can’t see right now, due to her bangs — don’t quite match, and around her mouth you can see faint traces of an earlier, larger mouth that I drew with colored pencil on the untreated head, and then could not entirely erase, and even sanding failed to remove it completely.  (Apparently watercolor pencil directly on a Parabox head is a recipe for disaster.  I won’t make the mistake again, but…)  Then there’s her eye decals.  To give the dolls big eyes like the original characters, I used the largest eyes on the decal sheet, but they were too wide.  Since there’s actually very little whites in the eyes of the original characters, I just trimmed off most of the whites.  (And that’s what it looks like was done on the dolls from the late ’90s, I might add.)  I’m not sure I trimmed them quite right, but it’s passable.  However, you see the slight triangle of lightish color to the right of her right pupil?  That’s an air bubble under the decal.  That was not there when I sealed the decals in place.  The thing is that these Parabox heads are not fully compatible with the Azone bodies.  Specifically, the holes on these particular heads are so small that you have to do a lot of squishing of the head to get it on the neck plug.  Thus was this air bubble introduced underneath the eye decal.  Again, I’ll know better next time.  (Or rather, I’ve already put Syaoran’s head on his body, and have been working on the head while it’s on the body, instead of on the loose head.)

Anyway, comparison of the old one versus mine:

Black Friday 10 Ciel 2

So, bottom line, the mouth is an improvement, the eyes not so much.  Oh, also the body is a huge improvement.  Like, off the charts.  Loose yet properly articulated beats the smeg out of a bendy doll in my book, any day.

Moving on, let me introduce you to my all-Obitsu boy, Sidney the smirking Scot:

"You're doing this on purpose!"
“You’re doing this on purpose!”

The Junky Spot actually sent me slightly the wrong wig for Sidney:  I ordered the wavy wig, and this is the straight one.  It’s not a big difference (and probably really hard to tell the difference when packing these tiny wigs!) but it’s a little annoying.  Still, that’s the only time I’ve ever had them make any kind of mistake on my order.  I’m probably going to cut his hair at some point anyway.  Crazily, I made his kilt out of ribbon. 😛  I got that plaid ribbon to make a bikini for Lorna MacNessie (I’ll show it when it’s more completed) and had tons left over, of course, and since I had an Obitsu boy in need of clothes, I thought “hey, he can be a Scot, and I can make him a kilt!”  It’s not a very good (or realistic-looking) kilt, but I find it fun.  Technically, he probably needs a shirt, and definitely needs socks (maybe he should snitch the socks from the Ai doll whose shoes he already stole) but he’s more or less complete.  I don’t think I’m actually going to give him a beard after all; I like the way he looks now.

Ciel 4

See the extra white bits on his right eye?  (Hmm, there seems to be a theme to this post…)  That’s where I tried to use tweezers to get his decal out of the water, like the tutorial said.  Maybe I shouldn’t have used pointed tweezers (only ones I have), but either way, after that happened, I decided to use my fingers.  I have to say that these decals are much harder to apply than the tutorial made me think they would be!  They absolutely refused to line up properly.  And for Sidney, I had to use the eyebrow decals, too.  (For Mei-lin, I just drew/painted on the eyebrows, since the decals were for the whole eye, not the trimmed down versions.)

Okay, now we can move on to the actual subject of this post!

Ciel 5

I had planned on waiting a bit longer before getting Ciel Robin to correspond with Private Tutor Sebastian, but the seller on Amazon who had the doll at a reasonable(ish) price went from having three in stock down to having two in stock, so…I figured I’d better order her while I could.

Uh, wait, should I be using “her” or “him” in talking about this doll?  It’s female doll of a male character disguised as a girl.  So the doll itself is female but the character is male but…*spark* *fizzle* *POP*

Okay, now that my brain has melted down due to confusion, I’ll proceed.  I no longer care which pronoun I use.

Ciel 9

It is most unladylike to carry both of one’s gloves in one’s hand like this, but Groove made the gloves too form-fitting:  the arms were narrow enough that it was impossible to get them over the hands.  The thumb kept catching on the seam, and I eventually gave up.  The back of the dress is a bit problematic as well, but since I’m not really planning on looking at the doll from behind, that’s not a biggie.  😛  Unfortunately, the skirt is so full-bodied and fluffy that trying to have her sit down is awkward and looks really weird.

Ciel 13

The custom eye chip with the mark of Sebastian’s contract is well done, and naturally quite prominent.  Which is actually the one true design flaw with this doll:  where’s the eyepatch?  When Ciel dressed up like this in the manga, those roses on his hat dribbled down to form a covert eyepatch and cover his right eye.  That hasn’t been reproduced, so the mark is just hanging out there exposed, which Ciel would never permit.  (For that matter, I doubt Sebastian would want that to happen, either.)  So at some point I’m going to have to find some silk flowers in this scale and basic color scheme (white would also work) and make the eyepatch to extend down from the hat.  That’s kind of annoying.

Skit time!

Ciel 14

Sebastian:  Ah, there you are, my lady!  I’ve been looking for you.  Were you able to encounter Viscount Druitt?
Ciel:  No, I was not!
Sebastian:  It is unladlylike to shout.
Ciel:  That makeshift eyepatch of yours fell off, you bloody useless dog!  I can’t sit here holding my gloves over my eye indefinitely!  Find me something to replace it!
Sebastian:  Of course, my lady.  But first, there is a matter of a gift someone wanted me to render unto you.
Ciel:  …a gift?  From whom?
Sebastian:  I wasn’t told, my lady.  It was given to me by a third party.

Ciel 15

Ciel:  What is this?
Sebastian:  It appears to be what is known as a Teddy Bear, my lady.
Ciel:  I can see that, you oaf.  Why would someone want to give me this?
Sebastian:  Perhaps they felt it fitting for such an adorable young lady to be carrying something cute and fluffy.
Ciel:  You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?  Sadist.
Sebastian:  Such accusations are unbecoming, my lady.
Ciel:  I’m not keeping this thing.  Get rid of it.
Sebastian:  But what if it is a gift from Viscount Druitt?
Ciel:  Blast.  Very well, I’ll keep it for now…
Sebastian:  A wise decision.
Ciel:  It’s not even a Funtom product…

Okay, yeah, that was weird.  The little bear, though?  The Junky Spot included it with my order.  I thought that was very apropos, given the other order that arrived at the same time. 😀  So Rilakkuma there belongs to Robin, whether Ciel wants him or not. 😛

Anyway, sorry there’s not much of a doll review to this.  I’m still a bit out of sorts.  (Actually, I have been for several days.  I think it’s the weather:  cold and gloomy, but without any pretty snow to make it at least less ugly to look at.  Also early January is just an overall unpleasant time for me.  I can’t even go toy shopping to cheer myself up, because the stores still haven’t recovered from Christmas yet.)

If you want to see the gallery (with side and back views of both Ciel and his box), it’s here.




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