Wig Swapping

I thought I would share my adventures(?) in trying to find just the right match between doll and wig.  Or “the right match for the moment,” at least.

There’s two size sets being dealt with, tiny (Little Pullip+ and BJD Ai size) and large (1/3 scale and Pullip size), but before I get to the wigs, I think I’ll share Juliet’s new shirt first.

Juliet's new shirt

This is her total look with the new shirt and everything.  The new shirt’s cute, right?  It’s by ttyacom.  I  just love the owl. 🙂

Juliet's new shirt 2

This picture is the reason I wanted to start with the shirt:  I realized that, gorgeous as this wig is, it just doesn’t work on her.  Juliet needs bangs.  So her wig is in the mix here as well.  (I’ve ordered a new one on Etsy, but we’ll just have to wait and see if it looks right on her.  Also I’m hoping it won’t clash with her clothes…)

But I’m going to start the swapping with the little size, because it’s a lot faster; only two dolls, with two wigs each.

Starting points:

afterparty 9 wig swapping 8

Ending points:

wig swapping 10 wig swapping 9

The Little Byul+ there was originally dressed in a My Melody kigurumi costume, which is naturally why her hair was so crazy short.  (You may have recognized her wig as the one Suve is now wearing.)  Her new dress is off some Disney doll I found at Tuesday Mornings.  Melitta’s stock wig looks much better on Byul than that little pink one, don’t you think?  It certainly looks better with that dress than it does with Melitta’s current outfit.

As to Melitta’s new wig, it’s by LalamShop, and it was actually intended for Little Pullip+ rather than BJD Ai, but they wear the same size, so that’s cool. 🙂  It’s an improvement in terms of wig/outfit compatibility, but still not quite meshing.  I think I need to find Melitta a new outfit.  Maybe if I just got her a skirt to replace the jeans?

Anyway, on to the larger dolls! 😀  I think I’ll pick one wig and show it on all three girls (Selina, Hangry and Juliet), then move on to the next wig in the chain.

So let’s start with stock wigs, shall we?  We’ll start with Tangkou’s stock wig, since it arrived here first.  First, here’s what it looked like on Juliet way back when:

Clara Marie 24

And here’s what it looks like on Hangry:

wig swapping 1

And here’s what it looks like on Selina:

wig swapping 4

The problem with Tangkou’s wig is figuring out how to handle the bangs while minimizing the view of the wig cap.  It looks nice on both Hangry and Selina, but it just doesn’t work on Juliet, because of the length of the bangs.

Now we’ll move on to Juliet’s stock wig.  First, as a reminder, this is Juliet’s stock wig on Juliet:

Clara Marie 5

And here’s her stock wig on Selina:

wig swapping 5

And here’s the same wig on Hangry:

wig swapping 6

So, obviously, this wig will not work on Hangry while she’s wearing that particular outfit. 😛  (I’m still trying to come up with a name for her.)  Overall, the wig looks good on both Selina and Hangry, though it’s a bit too long.  For the moment, it’s gone back to Tangkou.  (Yeah, she’s not in the wig swapping mix ’cause she’s a lower priority doll.  Also, her head is bigger, so it’s harder to get the wigs on and off her.  Blythe-sized wigs would probably fit her better.)

Now let’s check out Hangry’s stock wig…because we’re gluttons for punishment. 😛  So here’s her neon yellow stock wig on Hangry herself:

Now, being a Dal-sized wig, Hangry’s stock wig doesn’t really fit the other girls, not well anyway.  But here it is on Selina:

wig swapping 3

And on Juliet:

wig swapping 14

It actually looks surprisingly good on them, particularly on Selina, though it’s inappropriate with her current outfit.  (I think Selina’s one of those girls who just looks good in everything, you know?)

So now let’s move on to Selina’s stock wig.  As a reminder, here’s what it looks like on her:

2 of 3 48

And here’s how it looks on Hangry (though technically you’ve already seen it on her):

wig swapping 2

And here’s how it looks on Juliet:

wig swapping 13

I think it looks better on the other two than it does on Selina.  It’s got rather a boyish look on Juliet…

Right, so now let’s look at Juliet’s curly purple wig, the one shown above, as it looks on Hangry:

wig swapping 12

And on Selina:

wig swapping 16

The wig is so heavy that it was hard to keep Hangry from toppling over backwards while she was wearing it. 😛  (That’s why she’s holding her arms out in front of her like that.)  But I have to say that when I put it on Selina it elicited an automatic “whoa!” because it looks so terrific on her.  It is, needless to say, what she’s wearing now. 😛

Now, let’s move on to the last wig, a fake fur wig by JLHSisterDesigns.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from a fake fur wig, but I liked the colors, and the nice thing about fake fur wigs is that they can be quite cheap.

So here it is on Hangry:


wig swapping 11

And on Selina:

wig swapping 17

And on Juliet:

wig swapping 15

It’s got a very punkish vibe to it, so it’s perhaps no surprise that it looks best on Hangry.  However, as I wanted her to keep wearing the Doctor Who outfit, I decided to put Tangkou’s light blue wig back on her.  I actually ended up putting this fake fur wig on Juliet, for the time being.  (I may change it to Selina’s wig if I get tired of her looking sorta punky while waiting for her new, more sedate wig.)

I find it pretty interesting how differently wigs interact with the faces and outfits of the different dolls.  Dunno if other people feel the same way.  To anyone who finds it boring, I apologize for wasting your time.  (Though probably people who find it boring didn’t bother scrolling through the whole post to see that apology…)

If you want to see the gallery, it’s here.  (Though at the moment there’s only one other picture in it, of Selina wearing Tangkou’s wig with a different bang/headband configuration.  I may add further wig-swapping pictures in the future.  Or I might not.  Hard to say.  Difficult to see, is the future.)


2 thoughts on “Wig Swapping

  1. Debbie Miller April 30, 2016 / 10:45 pm

    This is such a great review-Love Clara Marie in her new outfit-but I do have to ask-Where o Where did you get this great Knee High converse shoes?


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