Pyrrha’s eye mechanism

…is still not working. 😦  But before I go into details, I want to share three new sets of eye chips.

eye mech 4

These would look better if they hadn’t gotten mismatched air bubbles under the pupils. 😛  Also if the pupils had remained centered when I added the resin…

eye mech 5

And this time only one of them got an air bubble, while both of them got a bit off center.  *sigh* BTW, I’m testing them in the side-glance slots because that’s where they’re going to live, since the central slots have already been decided on.

eye mech 6

These don’t photograph very well, unfortunately.  They look better than this in person.  And, actually, the’d probably look better photographed from a better angle.  (I hadn’t actually put her head together again, so I was photographing looking down, right under a harsh light, and that’s always awkward.)  Anyway, I’ve decided on these for one of her side-glancing chips.  Just don’t know about the other set yet.

Now I’m going to talk about the way in which her mechanism is no longer working.  This will require photographs of the inside of her head.  Anyone squeamish about dolly innards should leave now. 😛

So, like I said before, having tried to use chips that stuck out too far, I ended up wrecking up the mechanism, so it wouldn’t turn past one of the forward facing chips.  This is the interior view:

eye mech 1

It’s hard to see a bloody thing, because no matter what angle I shot from, that white bar was in the way and casting a shadow right on what I’m trying to show you.  (It might have helped a little if I’d disconnected her scalp, but…not enough.)  There’s a tiny bit more gap there than when other sides of the mechanism are facing out, but the difference isn’t large.  Here’s what happens when I pull the string and try to make the chips change:

eye mech 2

As you can see, the little bit of plastic that’s supposed to push the mechanism and make it turn has slid out to the side instead of pushing the mechanism forwards.

eye mech 3

The red circle there is roughly where the tip I found online suggested putting the plastic stick from the cotton swab.  (It’s a terrible angle, but I hadn’t taken this photo for that reason.  In fact, I hadn’t taken any photos for that reason, so I don’t have any better pictures to use.)  I tried putting it there, on both sides of the lower end of the white thing, and I tried making it long enough to be on one side of the lower end while on the other side of the curved portion, and then tried that in both configurations, but nothing worked.  (The photo I found with the tip showed a much thicker stick than the one on my cotton swabs.  Not sure if that had any impact or not.)

Part of the problem is that the tip I found was written in English by someone for whom English was not their first language, and they had a very poor grasp of the language, so it was really hard to understand what they were trying to say.  The main thing, though, is that I think they were writing about a similar-but-different problem.  I think theirs was that all of the sides wouldn’t turn, because there was an over-all gap in the eye mechanism, whereas mine is that only one side won’t turn because of the specific damage caused by the over-sized chips.

So I spent an hour or so just trying to find all possible configurations of places I could put sticks from cotton swabs that might force the mechanism to turn.  And I thought I finally found one:

eye mech 8

With that in there like that — there’s a bent pin holding it in a rough circle like that — I was able to get the mechanism to turn all the way around.

eye mech 9

Here’s the view from the other side.  It really was working, so I went ahead and put Pyrrha back together again, and pulled the string…

…and it didn’t work. 😦

I can’t quite understand why it would work with the head open and not with the head closed, but…that’s what happened.

I suppose I’ll probably try once more to get this eye mechanism to work, but I’m afraid that what’s happened is that the one tab has been worn down, thus making it too easy for the pushy-thing to slip off.  (Gee, I hope my extremely technical vocabulary doesn’t go over anyone’s head. 😛 )  In any case, if I’m right about what happened (despite my lack of knowledge of what to call the pieces), then I think there really may be no way to fix the problem apart from replacing the eye mechanism.

Assuming I can get this one back out of her head without destroying her face plate.  I can’t remember how I got it out in the first place, but it’s totally refusing to come back out. 😦  (And I didn’t seal her eyelids enough, so the paint’s getting scratched up on them, already. 😦  )

If I do end up replacing her eye mechanism, it seems the cheapest way to get one is to buy one from the same seller on AliExpress from whom I bought Pyrrha in the first place…though that’s only cheapest if I get free shipping by also buying a new factory girl at the same time.  (Which would technically make it much more expensive, but I did want to get another one, so it’s a bit different…though I was hoping to get one elsewhere, to see how/if they differed from each other.  But that Etsy seller seems to have spontaneously closed up shop, so…)

I’m not going to do any buying just yet (my funds are running low again, and I have to go buy new shoes before my old ones literally fall to pieces) so I’ll keep looking for a fix for a while longer, but things don’t look promising.


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