Sakura-chan, more or less completed

So I finally got the face finished up on my Azone/Parabox hybrid doll of Sakura Kinomoto.  I decided to start her off in the iconic pink dress, the one I bought the Japanese bendy doll to get my hands on.  Which meant opening the doll’s package, of course.  And it was so much easier to open than the American version!  (Yeah, I did open the boxed Syaoran to get his clean clothes and sword.  Though the sword’s actually too heavy for the Azone’s loose limbs to hold up, unfortunately.  I can’t show pictures yet, though, ’cause his wig hasn’t gotten here.  I’ll show him as soon as he has hair.  Right now he looks more like Aang cosplaying as Syaoran…)

Sakura-chan 1

So, here’s the bendy-doll version, with her staff and Kero-chan sitting at her feet.  (Her stand is surprisingly effective.  I may end up using it for all sorts of dolls in the future…)  I was surprised when I opened her package, because there was a card behind her in the package:

Sakura-chan 3

And on the back of the card…

Sakura-chan 4
Mini Clow Card!

So I wonder if the later costumes that come with Sakura’s Star Wand have cards with Sakura Card backs instead of Clow Card backs?  (If I ever see one available on Mandarake, I will so be getting it…)

Now, moving on, here’s my hybrid Sakura doll, wearing the outfit, gloves and all:

Sakura-chan 5

So long as she’s not wearing(?) her splay-fingered hands, she can wear her mittens gloves, but — somewhat annoyingly — her holding hands can’t hold her staff through the gloves.  I had to take her gloves back off to have her hold anything.

Sakura-chan 7

The staff was actually a little thick for her holding hands, and getting the cards to balance there was really difficult.  I think I need to trim off the holding loop on the staff.

Sakura-chan 8

Now, finally, here’s a side-by-side of the two dolls’ faces:

Sakura-chan 2 Sakura-chan 6

And once again I failed to get the faces the same size in the pictures. 😦  Also, I still did a terrible job with the eyes.  (The eyebrows are even worse, lemme tell ya.  Fortunately, her bangs mostly hide them.)  At some point, if I ever have a lot of money to spare, I think I need to pay someone to paint proper faces on these dolls.  Because my faces really suck.  The mouths aren’t too bad (though I think Mei-lin’s may have turned out better than Sakura’s, sadly), but the trimmed-down eye decals really look awful. 😦  On the plus side, this wig is really nice. 😀  It’s just the right color, and although it’s a bit simpler than Sakura’s real hair, it’s close enough that it doesn’t feel wrong.  I’m still trying to figure out how to style Mei-lin’s hair, though….


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