Full Action Doll Series (x 2)

You may (or may not) recall that a while back I said I had another Mandarake order pending.  Technically, it was two orders, but only one went through.  The way it works when you order from Mandarake is that they’ll send you an e-mail a few days later with an invoice, after they’ve checked that they still have the item in stock, because everything on sale on their web site is also out on the floor of one of their shops.  (With a few exceptions.)  And if you’re ordering from two of the shop locations, you have to make two orders (which is kind of annoying, if I’m being honest) and so I ended up making two orders, one I really wanted, and the other more of a “yeah, those’d be nice, too” type order.

Guess which one got the “sorry, we sold those” e-mail?

Yep, the one I really wanted.  (Naturally.)

Both orders had two dolls in them.  The order that got cancelled had a doll of Hikaru from Magic Knights Rayearth to go with the Fuu doll I got from Mandarake earlier, and had a Petworks doll called Odeko-chan.  The latter is a doll I’m not entirely familiar with (she’s paired with an anthropomorphic cat doll called Nikki) but the pictures all look quite cute, a bit reminiscent of Azone’s Kikipop dolls, only not quite as cute, a bit less distinctive, and definitely less poseable.  Since Odeko-chan is cheaper than Kikipop, and this particular Odeko-chan was much cheaper than usual, I thought she was a good choice to see what I thought of the line.  Apparently, someone else had a similar thought.

Anyway, enough about what I wasn’t able to get!  I want to show you the two dolls I did get!  As with both other Mandarake orders, it managed to arrive when I wasn’t at home, so I had to go pick it up at the post office.  (How does that keep happening?)  Then I ended up opening the package at my brother’s place, because I picked it up on the way to his place to finally get the pilot of season two of Agent Carter watched.  (There are, sometimes, down sides to not having television at home.)

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late!), both dolls are tie-ins, one to an anime, and one to a video game…though the game’s never been translated into English, so I primarily know the character from the anime adapation.  But we’ll start with the former doll, because I have fewer pictures, as she’s still in box at the moment.

Full Action Doll Series 1

Miyu, the title character from the anime Vampire Princess Miyu.  Fortunately, this is the TV version of Miyu, who’s good, rather than the OVA Miyu, who’s actually somewhat evil.  (Which isn’t to say that I dislike the OVA.  It’s just very different.)  Part of me wants to re-body her, as this body looks a bit too adult for the teenage(-looking) Miyu.  I have no idea what body would be appropriate, though, or how difficult the process might be, so that’s unlikely to actually happen.  (Also, I’d need to figure out who to give her body to, ’cause these bodies are actually pretty neat…)  Of course, I’d be a little more eager to get her deboxed if her hair was made of, you know, hair instead of plastic.  (Or maybe it’s vinyl.)

Full Action Doll Series 4

Another reason to leave her in her box is that ribbon.  The idea of trying to get it tied correctly around her feet gives me the jibblies.  BTW, see the way her hand is tilted out to the side like that?  That’s because it’s crazy loose.  It was literally flopping around in there as I was tilting the box from side to side.  Not good.

Full Action Doll Series 5

She even comes with her flute!  Just looking at this thing makes me think of the flute solo at the start of the show’s opening credits…

Anyway, moving on to the other doll…

This girl is all leg.
This girl is all leg.

Keep in mind, the two boxes are the same size!  That’s how tall Kanna here is.  She’s one of the two Sakura Wars characters who really stand out to me as being cool and interesting.  (I already got a doll of the other one…and while Kohran reminded me of Lucca from Chrono Trigger, Kanna reminds me of Ronnie Bell from Suikoden II and her daughter Emily from Suikoden III.)  Naturally, since her hair was a disaster in the box, and her head was mostly hidden behind the top of the box, I had no choice but to debox her.

Full Action Doll Series 10

Getting that ribbon tied around her forehead was really difficult.  I wish I could show you some of how she’s assembled under her clothes, but when I was trying to get her shirt off to check out her joints, I seem to have broken her elbow. 😦  (That’s why that arm is just hanging straight like that.  I didn’t want it to fall off again.)  She’s built in a very interesting way:  there’s a rubbery skin over her torso and her legs, hiding her joints from view.  Unfortunately, her tight pants really don’t like moving up and down along that rubbery surface, so taking those off to show you how the leg joints are hidden wasn’t really a good option.  (A good reason I’m tempted to open Miyu after all…)  The one down side, to my mind, about the rubbery skin on her torso to hide her torso joint is that they gave her defined nipples.  I mean…why?  It’s not like they were going to show through her clothes!

Anyway, due to her broken elbow, I didn’t want to try posing her at all, so I’m not sure how flexible her various joints are.  (Another reason to open Miyu…)

Full Action Doll Series 11
Facial close-up

I could swear the page showed a different face, one with an open-mouthed smile.  I wonder if I’m going crazy or what?  Anyway, her eyes look a little wonky, but overall she looks pretty cool.

How she looks in the game/anime
How she looks in the game/anime (c) Sega / Kōsuke Fujishima

Comparing the original version and the doll like that, I’m noticing that her tie is too short on the doll.  Also that her hair is a messy disaster, but I knew that without the comparison. 😛

Now, Kanna is used to towering over her comrades/co-stars (which is why she always had to play the male roles in their Takarazuka-style revue), but I think this Kanna must feel even more out of place for being so tall…

Full Action Doll Series 12

She’s taller that Taeyang!  Despite that, she’s doubtless considered a 1/6 scale doll.  In fact, all of these dolls (apart from Madra and Emma) are 1/6 scale, yet look how different in size they are!  Made to Move Lea looks tiny by comparison, yet if I’d included Monster High and Ever After High in there…

1/6 scale is actually very diverse in terms of size, huh?

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more posts over the weekend, since I won’t be at the museum due to Mardi Gras.  (Oh, wait, Sundays are silent now.  Rats.  Well, I can pre-write and have it go up on Monday…)  Juliet’s new wigs arrived today, but they look tiny.  I hope they don’t become Hayley-only like the last one!  (They shouldn’t!  They were being sold as Pullip wigs, and modeled on Pullips!  It would be absurd if they only fit Dals…and I’d need more Dals without permanent hair if I suddenly had four Dal-only wigs.)  Also I took most of the photos for a themed post, but I accidentally left out one of the dolls for the theme, so I can’t post it until I have another photo shoot.  But I should be able to do another one tomorrow, and maybe Barbara’s pretty new shoes will arrive by then!

Oh, before I forget!  The gallery for this post is here.


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