Some Very Deer Dolls

I apologize for the terrible pun, but I think it may be required by law to make such an awful pun when presenting a set like this one.  Three of the four of these dolls are very recent acquisitions, and the other I’ve had for a while, but she fit the tone, so I thought I’d throw her into the mix.

We’ll start with the most recent two.

Isi Dawndancer
Isi Dawndancer

One of the three “Brand Boo Students” dolls in what’s probably one of the last new Monster High sets before they reboot the franchise.  Target actually had all three of them, and had lots of Isi and only one each of the other two, so I should have gotten one or both of the others and left Isi for later, but I wanted her more than the one who’s a troll (though I respect the video game accouterments she came with, playing off the Internet type of troll), and the gorgeous bat doll had a paint flaw on her lips, so Isi was the only real choice.  Besides, I’ve been looking forward to this doll ever since I saw her picture online!  (Though, really, I’ve been looking forward to the bat as well; I love bats.)

Very Deer Dolls 2

Isn’t that a pretty face?  I love the way they did her eyebrows.

For the most part, there’s not much to say about Isi that doesn’t apply to all Monster High dolls, since they all have a standard body, with a few exceptions due to size or unique patterning.  (Or they all had a standard body.  Mattel’s already started cutting costs.  There’s a new set of super-cheap ones who don’t even have articulated elbows, and at least one of the earlier budget dolls was manufactured with sub-par plastics in certain places, which I’ll talk about at length if I ever finish getting her re-outfitted.)  Anyway, Isi actually has one thing about her that stands out:

Very Deer Dolls 3

She has hooves!  Cute, dainty and delicate, deer-like hooves at that! 😀

Very Deer Dolls 4

The little spur-like things at the back (I forget what they’re called, sorry) are more-or-less accurate to a real deer’s foot, and they also serve a function here in that her leggings are hooked over them to make sure they don’t get shoved up by her shoes.  🙂

Anyway, moving on to the other doll I got at the same time:

Very Deer Dolls 5

I’ve already forgotten her name. 😦  She’s a super-budget doll from the Ever After High line.  (Bringing my collection of EAH dolls up to 3.  Mattel’s finally starting to make them a little interesting to me…right before they’re about to reboot them along with MH.  Though I gather the difference won’t be as severe in EAH’s case, presumably because their faces are already more generic than MH’s.  In EAH’s case, they’re probably just going to cut back on the accessories and fantastic outfits, which were the part that was starting to appeal to me.)  Anyway, I had been holding off on getting this little cutie, on account of her total lack of articulation (not only no elbows, but not even working knees!) but she’s just so adorable, and she made such a perfect pair with Isi!  Getting them at the same time just felt right.

Anyway, whatever her name is (it might have been something like Deerla), she’s much smaller than the standard EAH doll:

Very Deer Dolls 6
Just don’t ask me why Cedar is expecting Deerla to kiss her hand…

Also, is it just me, or does it look like the fabric was used upside down for my doll?  There are stags facing both up and down on it, but the black ones — the most noticeable ones — are upside down.  Makes it feel like they put the cloth into the machine backwards.  But she was the only one the store had of her that day.  And that’s not a big deal, anyhow.

I really want to re-body her, but finding a body that would be compatible with her neckhole and was the right color…yeah, probably not going to happen.

Okay, moving on to the one I got about a week earlier, when I was at K-mart looking to replace my space heater.

Very Deer Dolls 7

Her  name is Fawntine Fallowheart (they should have spelled that “Fallowhart“), and she’s one of the Frightmares.  I really love the concept of these little centaurettes, but trying to get them to stand up is a challenge and a half!  Fawntine here may be my favorite.  (Or maybe it’s Flara.  It’s a close call to be sure.)

Finally, I’ve had this one for a while now:

Very Deer Dolls 8

If I recall correctly, her name is Gilda Goldstag, and she’s the daughter (somehow) of the Golden Hind, which was one of the Twelve Labors of Heracles.  (Though it should be pointed out that said hind merely had golden — or gold-covered — horns, not that the entire beast was golden.  So the reverse of Gilda here.)  I tried to remove her boots to see if she had hooves like Isi, but I couldn’t get them off, oddly enough.  From what I could see through the slits on the backs of the boots, she seems to have ordinary feet.  (Well, she’s from a 5-pack sold exclusively at Target; it would be weird if they went so far as to create unique feet for a doll being sold in those circumstances.)

I’m not sure what happened that Mattel put out so many deer-related dolls in such a short period, but it seems I’ve added quite the little sub-collection here!

Very Deer Dolls 9

I should get some BJD-sized deer horns, and one of those hooved BJDs from the Junky Spot…  (Ugh, why am I saying that when I’m totally freakin’ broke?  I can’t start getting paid fast enough… *sigh*)


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