Juliet’s new wig(s)

Seems like it’s actually been a while since these arrived, and I just haven’t gotten anything posted.  (Well, it’s been hard to find time to get the photos taken, and then to find time to get the post written.  I seem to be teeter-tottering back and forth between which blog gets more of my time…and since deciding I was going to do April A-to-Z again, I’ve been devoting some of that time to research for the other blog’s A-to-Z, and…um, yeah, irrelevant.)

So, like I said whenever that was, Juliet needs bangs, so I had to order her some new wigs.  I ordered these from Toy Malaysia’s Etsy store.  (Forgive me for not looking up the link right now.  I’m feeling lazy…and actually I should be reading about the Enlightenment right now, instead of blogging, so I shouldn’t be wasting time on URLs…or on this apology…)

Both were listed as Pullip wigs, and displayed being modelled by a Pullip, so I knew they’d be the right size.  Though when they arrived, they looked every bit as small as the one that I denounced as being only big enough for Hayley.  (Which makes me wonder if I gave up on it too soon…)

First, we have the short one:

Juliet's new wigs 1
Actually, it may be on a little crooked here…

I have come to the secondary conclusion that Juliet also needs long hair, in addition to bangs.  Unless she was wearing a hood.  This wig would look fabulous with a hood.  And there’s this Etsy store that sells the most gorgeous hooded cloaks in 1/3 scale!  (Of course, they cost about as much as Juliet did, but…)  Still,  I’m planning on trying this wig on Selina and Hayley to see if it looks better on them.


This one, I think, looks absolutely wonderful on her.  The color works well with her coloration, and the bangs are just the right length.

But every time I look at her now I think “man, she needs new clothes!”  She needs dressier clothes.  I mean, what she originally came in was dressy, but…too frilly.  Or too young?  Or…I don’t know.  Too something.  Maybe I should try getting the other dress sold by her manufacturer (it’s much cheaper than handmade clothes in her size) but…I don’t think that it would fit her new personality, either.  (Not that I have a really good grasp on who she is just yet, not compared to, say, Pyrrha or Hayley.)

Then, of course, there’s the whole “money” issue.

I’m determined to slash my spending until I’m actually employed, or at least receiving my stipend.  (Though I’ll have some money coming in, regardless of my employment status, in about three months.  I got an “unclaimed property” notice from the state treasury office.  They won’t tell me exactly how much it is — or where it came from, unnervingly — but it’s at least $200.  That’ll cover plenty of doll clothes.  Once it gets here.  But the form says their turnaround time is 90 days.  Which may mean 90 working days, which’d be even longer…ugh.  I’ll be employed by then, which would make $200 a lot less of a thing…though it’d still cover a lot of doll clothes…)

I’ll be getting a little money in a few days, but I’ve already booked enough of it that I feel like I can’t spend any more.  I’m getting a hat for Pyrrha (the fox ear one, if you’ve still got it), Pyrrha’s new eye mechanism, a Lammily, and one each of the three new types of Barbies.  I’m not sure exactly how much the new Barbie bodies cost, but I’m guessing in the neighborhood of $15-$20 each.  Once I’ve spent that, I’ll need to conserve the rest for groceries, utilities and emergencies.  But hopefully I’ll start getting paid soon.  (Especially, I’m hoping I’ll start getting paid in time to be able to get that beautiful curvy BJD!  But there’s no layaway option on Kickstarter, so…)  Overall, I think I need to start budgeting better.  Given my lack of space in this house, I need to start focusing more on clothes for the dolls I already have (particularly ones like Juliet, with few wardrobe choices in my current collection) and a lot less on new dolls…though some dolls have such a short window that I have no choice but to get them when I can.  (Monster High, the new Black Butler-related Taeyangs, any fabulous used dolls that pop up on Mandarake…that sort of thing.)  I should probably cull some of the Barbies that I’m not as fond of, but I think I’d lose so much money selling most of them that it wouldn’t be worth my time.  (Not to mention that I’m not even sure where I’d want to sell them.)

However! I’ll still have plenty to post about.  I’ve decided I really do want to open that Vampire Princess Miyu doll, and I’ll want to post lots of pictures of how her body is put together, ’cause it’s really quite neat.  And I have resin pictures to post, too. 🙂  Er, let me rephrase that.  I have resin stuff to post pictures of.  I haven’t actually taken most of the pictures yet.  (I’m really getting bad about getting pictures taken, it seems.  Poor lighting combined with lack of space, making it time consuming and…ugh.  I need a magic wand to wave to get my house instantly clean.  That would help so much.)  And I’ve been meaning to do a post about my Skipper dolls (though that’ll probably wait for the Petite Barbie to arrive) and the Monster High/Greek mythology OCs, and…well, there’s all sorts of dolls I haven’t photographed yet/recently, not to mention all sorts of Figma/Nendoroid/Play Arts/SHFigurarts/et cetera around here that haven’t seen the light of the web.  (Er, did that make sense?)

Ack, how did it get to be 10 o’clock?  I’ve only read like ten pages today!

Ugh.  Time to put the nose back to the grindstone…


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