Dolly Barrettes and Other Resiny Stuff

So, I finally got some pictures taken of my dolls with their homemade barrettes in place.  I’ll start off with the doll who inspired the whole project:

Barbara, beautiful in red
Barbara, beautiful in red

There’s something else to see here, before I get to my barrettes, though.  See?  She’s got new shoes:

barrettes 2

They’re a little bit large for her, being intended for Blythes, but as long as you don’t get this close, they look fine. 😛  They’re by MissBlythe2012 on Etsy.  The important thing is, they match her lovely dress, and they aren’t Barbie pumps, so they’re not going to break.  (Seriously, the white Barbie shoes she was wearing in the earlier shot of her in this dress?  One of them developed a fracture running through it.  All I can think is that they’re not designed to hold up the weight of a Pullip head.)  I don’t have a lot of other red clothes — though they might look nice with Romana’s stock outfit, now that I think about it — but since the red looks so good with the tanned skin tone, I’ll just have to get more red clothes for Barbara and Selina.

barrettes 3

Anyway, here’s the barrette that started this new application of my resin stuff.  Or rather, the barrette whose need started the…well, anyway, the shade of red isn’t quite right, being a bit too dark, but it still looks a lot better than that Monster High barrette did.  And it holds her hair out of her face, which is the important part. :p

Of course, having gotten 2 dozen barrette clips, I applied them to a lot of my seemingly useless resin creations.

barrettes 4

Selina’s (current) wig was starting to get a little messy on the one side, so the barrette helps hold back the more broken curls.  And it kinda-sorta matches her dress.  A bit.  It matches the handle of her bag better than the dress, really.  (Yeah, I know, I should probably have changed their dresses by now, but…my collecting has usually tended more towards dolls than towards doll dresses.  I’m trying to change that, but…such changes take time.)

barrettes 5

Yeolume is modelling two barrettes, both from a new mold I hadn’t used before.  Flower-themed, obviously, but the odd thing is that the resulting casts came out with a matte finish, despite that it’s another Mod Podge mold, the same as the ones that produced the casts in the previous two barrettes, which came out bright and shiny.  It’s not that the matte finish looks bad (and a shiny flower might actually look rather odd), but it diminishes the twinkle from the glitter in the resin, which is sort of annoying.  It’ll look nice with resin that’s been colored by the use of pigment, though.  (I’ll get to that later on in the post…)

barrettes 6

This color doesn’t quite match her dress, but it’s pretty close.  I still really want to re-body her, btw.  I just have to figure out what body would be right; Licca’s body was a bit too big.

barrettes 7

Since she’s still wearing her Doctor Who skirt (and matching TARDIS-blue shoes), Hayley seemed a good choice to model the two Space Invaders barrettes.  I actually could have made a lot more Space Invaders barrettes, but I just couldn’t see myself ever actually using them, so it seemed like a waste of barrette blanks.  (I was using the Space Invaders ice cube mold as a dumping ground for excess resin for a while there…)  Hayley wanted her face shown in the post, so she’ll be modelling something else a little later on…

Not Juliet's best angle.
Not Juliet’s best angle.

You know, I think her wig’s not on straight.  Her bangs shouldn’t extend that far towards her ears.  (Though perhaps that’s partially due to the difference in head shape between her and a Pullip:  the wig was designed for a doll with a wider face.)  The barrette seems okay, though, right?

barrettes 10

She has her hand out like that to balance against the shelving unit.  Because it turns out that Juliet has trouble maintaining her balance while kneeling.  In fact, when I was setting her up for this shot, she fell over and knocked over Luka, (Licca/Dal hybrid) Miku, Pirate Queen Lottie, Pang-ju and a Cleo de Nile.

barrettes 15

Since Luka had fallen over anyway, I thought I’d use her (surprisingly unpleasant to touch) hair to model a couple more barrettes.  See how the upper one looks like it’s got a drop of water at the end?  That’s excess resin.  I was using a bit of clear resin to attach the pre-cast stuff to the barrettes, but in that case I apparently put on too much, and it dribbled out into the next depression over, and made an extra, clear bubble.  (In all these cases, I put the originally cast item back into the same place in the mold for this process.  I thought that was the simplest way to keep them steady for the 24 hours that it takes for the resin to harden.)

barrettes 11

Of course, Pyrrha wanted to get into the modelling act, too!  And she’s modelling more than just barrettes:  she’s also modeling her new CoolCat dress!  (Which is more than a bit on the short side.  I need to get her some pants or tights to go under it.  I actually ordered some tights along with it, in fact, but they weren’t for Pyrrha…)  She’s got that small barrette in her bangs to hold them down.  Though I’m thinking that when I take her apart to replace her eye mechanism and fix the paint chipping on her eyelids, I’ll probably also wash her hair, because it’s feeling a bit less soft than it used to.  (Or maybe I just thought it was originally softer?)

barrettes 17

These are the last three of the barrettes.  The difference in color between the glossy finish on the round dark pink one and the floral dark pink one is pretty striking considering they’re made fro exactly the same batch of glitteresin.  (Okay, that does not work as a word.  I won’t be using that one again.)  Anyway, I don’t think I’ve shown this doll before (though she may have been in the background of a shelf-shot or two), so let me remedy that:

barrettes 16

This is Zombie Sleeping Beauty, from the “Once Upon a Zombie” line.  I’d still like it if they came with shoes…

barrettes 14

What Melitta is wearing isn’t a barrette, as such.  The clip was intended for shoelaces or something, according to the package (which I found at Tuesday Mornings), but I thought it might work nicely as a doll barrette.  I was wrong.  It doesn’t want to hold onto the hair at all, particularly not such silky smooth, straight hair as Melitta’s.  It might have held its place better in super-curly hair like Lonely‘s…a fact I didn’t think of until right this second.

Wait a moment…

Yep, I just tried it, and it holds its place beautifully in Lonley’s hair.  (I’ll try and remember to get a picture of it next time I’m doing a photo shoot.)  However, these clips are still not very good for dolly barrette purposes:

more resin 11

These were all nicely attached — by resin! — to each other.  And each one broke off just because I was playing with the clip a little.  (I tend to fidget with things around me while I’m doing anything that doesn’t involve my hands.  This probably makes it look like I’m not paying attention in class, because it means I’m always messing with my pen, pulling the cap apart and stuff, even though I’m paying rapt attention to the professor while I’m doing so.  I try to stop, but I can’t…)  The way the clip is shaped, when it opens, it pushes against whatever’s been attached to it, and the resin has no give, so the whole bond is tested and ultimately fails.  (The pink one broke the very first time I tried to open the clip!)  It doesn’t help that resin doesn’t seem to bond as well to metal as to itself.  It’s okay on the actual barrettes — both the dolly ones and the ones for my own hair — because there the resin actually is bonding to itself, around bits of the barrette.  That makes for a much more secure hold.  So I have no idea what I’m going to with the rest of these clips.  (Fortunately, coming from Tuesday Mornings, they were very cheap.)

Anyway, before I move on to the other resin dolly accessories, let me share the barrettes I made for myself. 😀

more resin 12

I’m very fond of almost all of them (the green one I made to wear on St. Patrick’s day is a bit of a disappointment), but they all have their problems, too.  On the blue ones, you can see a bit of the clip through the resin, and both the blue oval and the green one are hard to open because the clip is too deep in the resin.  And the pink oval has some issues that are hard to see in the photo, though the biggest one is kind of visible in the full-size version; it’s basically a giant air bubble, right on the surface.  Actually, you can also see the other huge air bubble, right at the edge, in the pale pink.  As to the pink lightning bolt…

more resin 13

I love looking at this one from the side. 😀  There’s enough clear resin with the darker pink hearts in it that you see this clear…ack, my words are failing me.  Well, you can see the picture!  It’s not like ice, because ice never looks that clear, more like water that’s just hardened without freezing.  (Yeah, that made sense.)  But you can also see the problem with the barrette in this photo.  And that’s the blue stuff.  These two lightning bolts were both being made in a novelty ice cube tray, right?  And they were in there at the same time.  (The clear tops were both from the same batch of resin, in fact.)  But when I was putting the dark blue base on the blue one, some of it dripped into this one, and I didn’t notice, so my pink lightning bolt got infected with blue. 😦  It could be a lot worse, of course, and if I don’t tell people it was an accident, they’ll probably assume it was on purpose, but it bugs me none the less.

Anyway!  Back to dolly stuff.

more resin 4

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I keep trying to make resin pull rings.  (Despite that these colors would be entirely inappropriate for any Blythe I currently have.)  From this shot, you might be thinking that these turned out great…

more resin 5

Unfortunately, this is the flip side of that photo. 😦  Now, once I get around to sanding off the ugly excess, they still may look all right.  Won’t know until I get there.  (I’m still trying to figure out what happened to my jewelry files.  I swear, I just put them down, and then when I went to pick them up again, minutes later, they were gone!  I looked all around the place I’d put them, to see if they fell off, but they weren’t on the floor, either.  So weird…)  I also made a blue glittery pull ring in the same mold, because I had a lot of excess resin to use up, but who knows if any of them will turn out acceptably in the end.

barrettes 12

Sakura-chan is trying on one of her other outfits now. 😀  This one I got off of Etsy, but it was missing two vital components:  her tights, and her kitty ear headband.  The tights I was able to replace by using a CoolCat pair of Blythe tights, but the headband was a trickier order.  Now, obviously, since these Azone/Parabox hybrid dolls have bigger heads than the bendy dolls they’re replacing, she couldn’t have worn the original headband anyway.  But I was in a bind as to how to go about finding a headband she could wear.  After considerable trial and error, I found that the headband that had come on a particular Littlest Pet Shop Blythe fit her perfectly, so I made a mold off of it, and used it to whip up the headband she’s wearing in this photo.

barrettes 13

As this close-up shows, it’s a bit ragged in the back.  And, of course, it’s currently white and has no cat ears.  (That part, of course, was just as obvious in the previous photo.)  After it’s been evened out and the round bit removed, I’m going to sculpt the ears out of airdry clay, and then paint the whole thing.  Or that’s the plan at the moment, anyway.   (That round bit, btw, is where a cloth flower had been fastened to the original headband.  I was thinking of using two of the layers of the flower in some eye chips (inspired by the eye chips on this doll) but I’m not sure if I want to do that in a standard eye chip mold, or in the new mold I’ll be talking about later in this post.  If anyone has any suggestions on that score, please let me know, btw!  I’ll only have one shot at it, so I want to make sure I get it right.)

Now, I had left the barrette on Sakura for a couple of days after first changing her into this outfit.  That may have been a mistake…

more resin 8

That’s what it looks like now, and the black one is…the…original…headband….oh.  I could just use the original for the kitty ear headband.  Ugh, why didn’t I think of that sooner?  It didn’t matter in the long run, since I have to make a headband to replace the one accompanying her blue outfit (the one Lottie was wearing at the Halloween party…and is, in fact, still wearing), but there’s no need to paint this one black because I already have a black one.  Ugh, I feel stupid.  Right, but that’s beside the point.  The point is that the resin actually stretched.  I wasn’t expecting resin to do that.  I’ve put it back in its mold and I’m going to leave it there for a few days to see if it’ll go back to the way it was.  If it won’t…I’m not sure what that’ll mean for the other headband.  If I paint it and then it stretches, surely there will be cracks and flakes in the paint.  (Actually, that’s probably also true just if I bend its shape a little after it’s painted…)

barrettes 8

Hayley is modelling the other resin headband I made.  This one’s mold was made off of the headband that came with Tangkou.  This one is destined to be the base of Kaiko‘s headset.  I just have to decide how similar (or different) I want her earpieces and microphone to be to the Kagamine twins’.  Maybe I should look at some photos of the Taeyang KAITO and see what his headset looks like first…

Also, is it just me, or is that a terrible angle for a Dal photo?  It makes her look kind of jowly…

Ack!  It’s eleven o’clock, and I’m only about halfway through all this stuff.  (And I planned on doing another thirty or so pages of reading tonight!)

I think I’ll just go ahead and post this, as-is (no proofing, even!), and I’ll post the rest tomorrow.  (When, hopefully, I’ll be a little less…uh…stream-of-consciousness.)  The rest is more resin and less dolly, so this makes a good cut-off point, right?

I’ll put up the gallery link in tomorrow’s post.

(Okay, that post is now up.  It’s here, and it contains a bit more talking about headbands before moving on to random resin-casting and the traditional(?) eyechips for Pyrrha.)


2 thoughts on “Dolly Barrettes and Other Resiny Stuff

  1. Blackkitty February 26, 2016 / 12:46 am

    It’s like I’m reading about myself, with the disappearing files and the black headband idea. The barrettes turned out very nice. You can try strong glues if you don’t want the blanks drowned in resin. Superglue and epoxy work pretty well for metal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iphis of Scyros February 26, 2016 / 8:02 am

      I have a disturbing tendency to glue my fingers together when I use Superglue, but I’ll definitely give epoxy a try.


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