Project MC2 – Camryn Coyle

For the photos in this not-quite-a-review of the Project MC² doll Camyrn Coyle, I experimented with a new photography…not technique…maybe location?  Instead of clearing off one of the doll-covered shelves that are pretty far from the window where the light’s coming in, I cleared off the shelf-like thing directly in front of the window, putting something heavy and flat on top of it to give it a surface the dolls could stand on.  I also used blue-tac to put some paper over the shelf directly to the other side, so you wouldn’t be looking at doll boxes and books on Greek mythology.  (Though the doll boxes peek around the edges in a few shots.)  It’s still not an ideal set-up, but I’m really limited around here, so please bear with me as I try to discover my current best option.

Meet Camryn
Meet Camryn

Like with Bryden Bandweth, she has a double-layered top, the outer layer of which I find quite appalling to look at.  Unlike Bryden, her layers aren’t connected…which has its own problems.  (But I’ll get to that later.)  The upper sweater has gained a serious crease from the twisty-tie that was holding her in place in the package.  The silver-outlined pink skull is just an iron-on, so it’ll probably flake off over time.  (Then again, that might improve the garment’s looks.)

Camryn 4

Camryn comes with a skateboard with an engine on the back.  Or rather, she comes with the pieces of an engine-powered skateboard, which you then have to assemble yourself.  There’s also several “blueprints” which you have to reveal with hot water or cold water or some kind of water.  I dunno; I didn’t bother with the “blueprints,” as the skateboard’s assembly was pretty obvious.  Trying to get her to pose for this and other shots was difficult, because — like McKeyla McAlister — her elbow joints are quite loose.  Although in Camryn’s case, one elbow — the right one — is considerably more loose than the other.

The skateboard
The skateboard

I was surprised, on examining the skateboard, to see that its surface is covered in a Star of David design.  To me, this suggests that Camryn’s character is Jewish, which brings up a couple of questions:

  1. Is Camyrn the first specifically Jewish fashion doll?  (And if so, why did it take so long?)
  2. Isn’t it somewhat irreligious to have a religious symbol on a surface intended for people to stand on it?  (Perhaps a thoughtless question to ask after I photographed the doll standing on said surface…)

Anyway, getting back to the doll herself…as you probably noticed, like Bryden, she wears tiny shorts over opaque leggings.  (Which is decidedly better than McKeyla’s tiny shorts over nothing at all.)

A closer look at the leggings
A closer look at the leggings

Pattern-wise, I don’t like these quite as much as Bryden’s leggings.  (Speaking of which, have you seen the leggings on Bryden’s Wave 2 doll?  They’re Tetris-themed!  So cool!  I have to get that doll for those leggings alone.)  However, one thing I truly love about these leggings is the material they’re made of.  It is super-soft to the touch.  I mean, we’re talking about something so soft that I find myself just idly feeling the leggings only to realize, uncomfortably, that that means I’m fondling a doll’s leg.  Aaaaaaanyway, moving on, I like the patterns on her shoes.  Also I like the fact that, unlike Bryden, she has flat feet.  (Why they gave a character wearing tennis shoes high-heeled feet I’ll never understand.)

Without the sweater
Without the sweater

Taking the sweater off (and putting her wrench in around her hand), Camyrn’s suddenly ready to attend an anime convention cosplaying as Winry.  Er, a colorblind Winry?  An alternate color scheme Winry?  Well, whatever.  The point is, not much under that sweater.  But that does at least let you see the sculpt on the doll’s belly, which is actually pretty nice.  The torsos on these dolls are definitely more realistically sculpted than their scrawny arms and legs.  (Especially the arms.  Why the heck are they so insanely skinny?  I don’t get that.)

Camryn 7

If I had thought to take an in-box shot (or just a shot of the box), then you’d be able to see that Camryn has perhaps the worst facial resemblance of the whole line.  (Which is why it probably wasn’t a good idea to put pictures of the actresses so prominently on the boxes.)  However, resemblance issues aside, I think she’s a very pretty doll, and this near-profile angle is particularly flattering.  (Though I realize it would look better if I had removed the universal annoyance holding the scarf/bandanna/whateveritis on her head, but if I’d done that, then it might not stay on her head anymore, and then end up getting lost in the bracken.)

Camryn 9

On my doll, at least, the hair came out of the box in a terrible mess.  I love the deep red color of it, though.   [EDIT — I just made the mistake of brushing her hair.  Now it’s all frizzy and looks terrible from the front as well as the back.  I’m going to have to try washing it, see if that helps any.]

All in all, this is a nice doll in a very pleasant line which I’d like to see continue for a long time to come.  I’m looking forward to adding most of the Wave 2 dolls to my collection, and I’m eager to see Wave 3, whenever that’ll be. (I’m leery of getting Wave 2 Camryn, though.  Wave 2’s dolls — for those of you don’t actually visit toy stores and thus haven’t seen them — are all wearing coats and “gloves,” by which I mean their hands were molded out of a different color of plastic to simulate gloves, and Camryn’s “gloves” are about the same hideous color as her Wave 1 sweater.  I’m not eager to get a doll with hands that color.  The sweater can be removed and replaced; the hands not so much.  (Although they can be removed.  It’s just replacing them that would prove difficult.))  I’d also like it if Wave 3’s budget dolls would be fully articulated, so I would have more buying options; I’m not going to buy a doll without elbow, knee and wrist joints when I can get the same doll with those joints.

Also, I keep typoing her name as “Camyrn”.  Does anyone else do that, or is it just me?

Oops, almost forgot about the photo album link!  It’s here.  There are a number of other photos of her that I didn’t use, mostly variants on these from slightly different angles.


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