Curvy Barbie and Lammily

So everything’s finally arrived, and I can get this post up.  (In fact, I could probably have posted this a few days ago, but…)

Let’s start out by introducing two new girls who arrived here not too long ago:

Curvy 1 Curvy 4

So, we’ll start with the Curvy Barbie.

Looking at her, I wasn’t sure what to make of her ethnicity.  Is she African-American?  The hair doesn’t seem right for that.  Maybe a very dark Latina?  Somehow, that didn’t seem right, either.  Then it occurred to me that she was probably of a mixed background, partially African and partially something else.  And maybe that something else was of a Native American nature.  And then I knew what to name her.

Curvy 14

Meet Isabelle Yupanqui y Vega.  Her mother is Quechua, descended from Incan royalty (or so she claims), and her father is of African descent, though there might be a little Spaniard in there somewhere.

(Yes, that whole backstory spontaneously came to me while I was contemplating her ethnicity.  Because I’m weird that way.)

Getting back to the doll herself, you’ll notice that despite how her hair was badly messed up in the package, it came out looking great.  Her hair is very fine and smooth; it’s a great texture.  (But an odd texture to give to a doll that I’m sure Mattel describes as African-American…)  However, she does have one major flaw:

Curvy 24

About halfway down her calves, the surface texture of her legs changes from a bit shiny to matte.  The difference is enough that you can actually feel it.  I’m not sure what caused this, to  be honest, but this may be something in particular about the Curvy Barbie process; Esperanza hasn’t got any flaws like this.  (There is a reason I think the problem is larger than just a factory defect on Isabelle alone, but I’ll get to that later on…)

Now, moving on…

Curvy 9

Having folded open the box, one can see that Lammily has a few in-package hair issues as well, but let’s get her out of there before we judge…

Curvy 10

Meet Lana Stein.  I wanted her to be of Germanic extraction, like myself, because…um…because.  (In my own defense, her hair is about the same color as mine.)  She’s very unlike any other doll in my collection, including the Curvy Barbie, but it’s hard to put into words just why…although one thing I’ll say that’s unique about her is how her joints operate!  Like the Barbies I grew up with, she has click-knees:  a slightly rubbery vinyl leg with a joint inside that has a few positions.  But unlike any other doll I’ve ever seen, she also has click-elbows!

Also, you’ll notice that her hair stayed messed up even after I got her out of the package…

Curvy 16 Curvy 12

It’s especially noticeable from behind:  Isabelle’s hair is smooth and gorgeous, and Lana’s looks like she’s just taken a long nap on the couch.

Fortunately, there were several days between de-boxing and between the arrival of the clothes from Etsy…

Curvy 20

The methods I used to get Lana’s hair to behave mostly worked.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s a lot better.

Curvy 18

Seeing them side by side like this makes one of the big differences between the two dolls quite clear:  Isabelle (and all other Curvy Barbies) is an adult woman, whereas Lana (and other Lammily dolls) is still a teenage girl, one who hasn’t finished growing yet, and may even be only at the beginnings of puberty.  The fact that they’re almost the same height automatically makes their proportions and general body shapes almost inappropriate for comparison:  it’s like comparing a Lottie and a Dal just because they can swap clothes.  (Okay, maybe it’s not quite that absurd.)

So, given that — and the fact that I really didn’t want to take that many photos — I’m not going to do a full-on comparison of the two, looking at body shapes under the clothes and all that.  (Especially since I’ve decided Lana is only 14.  That’d just be creepy.)  If you’d like to see the full comparison, check out this post with the full works, comparing all the new Barbie body types to Lammily and a few other dolls.

That being the case, I’m going to just focus on clothing here.

To start with, let’s see how they look in each other’s clothes.

Curvy 23

Isabelle makes this look good…but it’s rather lacking in dignity for someone of royal Incan descent…

"I'm sorry, Miss Yupanqui..."
“I’m sorry, Miss Yupanqui…”

Despite that I knew better (story of my life), I tried pulling Isabelle’s stock stretchy-dress over Lana’s hips….and I heard something rip.  Fortunately it was just a couple of small seams at the top of the dress.  More fortunately, the dress was rather blah to begin with, and I was unlikely ever to put it back on Isabelle or anyone else.  On the other hand, the lace vesty-thing fits her. 😛

Next up, let’s look at a couple of Lammily outfits I ordered from Etsy from the same seller.  (Dang, I should have gotten photos of the outfits by themselves…)  Okay, actually, it’s not two outfits, it’s an outfit and a shirt, by JandJBondEnterprises.

Curvy 29 Curvy 27

Please ignore the fact that Lana’s shoes don’t match her outfit.  I tried to take them off and got the feeling that her feet were going to come off before the shoes were.  (And since I didn’t exactly have any others on hand anyway — unless she can wear Ken shoes, as it rather looks like she might be able to — I didn’t think it was worth continuing to tug on them.)

Anyway, since the lone shirt was of a similar fabric, I thought I’d just leave the skirt on and change shirts…

Curvy 30 Curvy 28

I wondered if the shirt might look a little better with a smaller skirt underneath, since the waist on the skirt is rather loose on Isabelle.  So I tried putting an actual Curvy Barbie skirt on her with this shirt:

Curvy 31

Can’t really call it an improvement…

Anyway, while I was waiting for everything to be delivered (dolls and outfits alike), I noticed a trend on the homepage of Etsy.  One of the sellers I had followed who makes Lammily clothes seemed to tend to sell out quickly:  I’d turn on and go to the homepage and it would list new outfits that were already marked as “Sold” without being old enough for the homepage to skip listing them.  So when I saw one pop up that wasn’t sold yet, and which I liked, I figured “better get it while I can” despite that my Lammily hadn’t even arrived yet.

So, here’s the outfit I ordered from LammilyOutfits:

Curvy 25 Curvy 26

It also came with a matching band and a necklace, but I didn’t want to mess with more fiddly pieces while I was still changing clothes around.  The shirt is like a real T-shirt, in that you have to put it on over the doll’s head.  Consequently, Isabelle’s super-fine hair decided it was time to play the game of “let’s have fun with static electricity!”

In the end, this is the clothing combination I went with:

Curvy 32

I know, the outfit Lana is wearing looked better on Isabelle, but…everything looks better on Isabelle!  She’s a plus-size supermodel, while Lana’s an ordinary teenager.  How could it not look better?  (No, Isabelle isn’t actually a supermodel.  She runs an international corporation out of Lima.  Or something like that.  I haven’t made up that much of her personal history.)  Anyway, to make the top look a little better on Isabelle, I used a safety pin on it to tighten it a little.

And looking at the photo of the Lammily outfit on my “Purchases and Reviews” page on Etsy, I realize to my chagrin that the band was actually for her hair, not to use as a belt. *deep shame*  I, um, I’ll fix that later…

Anyway, as soon as I deboxed Isabelle, long before any of the outfits (or Lana) had arrived, I realized that despite the too-small breasts and total lack of any articulation, I really liked the Curvy Barbie body.  So since they were suddenly on the shelves, I picked up another one at Target:

Curvy 2

It had, after all, been hard for me to pass up her blue hair!  But that outfit had to go…

Curvy 3

And now you know why I had to post this on St. Patrick’s day! 😛

BTW, her name is Deirdre Wilde.  Some of her family members, past and present, like to claim their family is related to Oscar Wilde, and others insist that they most certainly are not.  Deirdre is in the former camp.

Anyway, Deirdre is the reason I think the issue with Isabelle’s legs isn’t unique to her, as she, too, has some issues with the texture on her legs.  It’s nothing as uniform — or as noticeable — as the thing with Isabelle’s legs, but it’s still definitely there.  (Once the Tall Barbies I’m interested in getting move from “Coming Soon” to “In Stock,” I’m going to have to see if they have any issues, too.  If so, it’s some kind of growing pain as Mattel’s factories get used to making slightly larger dolls.  Then again, they’ve made kid-sized dolls for years, so that shouldn’t be an issue…)

Her dress, btw, is by MySweetDollBoutique.  It was part of the same order as the coat for Romana and the Petite Barbie dress that I ended up giving to Francie.  Oh, speaking of Romana, I was thinking about maybe making this Generation Girl into Romana I.

Curvy 37

The hair’s not really right — neither is the face, for that matter — but it turns out that the cuffs on that coat are really tight, and most Barbie hands have somewhat splayed fingers that make it almost impossible to get that coat on.  I thought about making a Monster High Romana (okay, yes, that’s entirely inappropriate, I know) because of their removable hands, but the coat was too big in all the wrong ways.  However, I was able to get it on over the Generation Girl hands, so…well, there you have it.  Any thoughts?

The gallery for this post (which has a lot of side views of dolls and of the Lammily box) is here.

Well, that’s about all I have to say about all this.  Until next time, so long!

"Hi! Did I hear you say that your name is Stein?"
“Hi! Did I hear you say that your name is Stein?”
"Yes, that's right. My name is Lana Stein."
“Yes, that’s right. My name is Lana Stein.”
"OMG, that's freaky-cool! My name is Stein, too! Maybe we're related!"
“OMG, that’s freaky-cool! My name is Stein, too! Maybe we’re related!”
"Um....I really doubt it..."
“Um….I really doubt it…”

2 thoughts on “Curvy Barbie and Lammily

  1. Olive March 17, 2016 / 11:55 am

    Yay new dollies! I really like all the new body positive dolls that have come out. Lara looks like she’d be fun to tote around and photograph.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iphis of Scyros March 17, 2016 / 11:19 pm

      She *should* be, but I think her limited joints will actually hamper her otherwise photogenic nature. Her elbows only click to three positions, the most bent being about a forty-five degree angle, so roughly half the bend of the old Superstar-style Barbie arm. That makes for some awkward photos. 😦 Still, once I have some time on my hands, I plan to see what I can do with her and various of my other new girls. 🙂


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