An Order from the Barbie Collection

I went to The Barbie because I wanted to get the new, articulated Silkstone Barbie.  Because what’s not to want about that?  (Well, if you’re me, anyway.  Online interactions may change the play experience.)

Silky 3

The box actually arrived wrapped up in tissue, but I tore it off in childish glee without thinking about a) photographing it in wrapper first or b) saving it to use as a packing material in case I need to ship anything fragile sometime in the future or c) using it as the interior wrapping in presents around here, as we always use gift bags and my mother recently decided to throw away nearly every piece of tissue any of us had.

Um, that veered off topic a bit…

Silky 4

So the back of the box shows that this doll is limited to 6,000.  Once upon a time, I thought that was a very small number.  But I now own a Pullip whose run size (offiically) was 500, so 6,000 no longer seems so tiny.  (Of course, I think Barbie’s got a wee bit larger market share than Pullip…)  Still, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten Barbies in the past with a smaller edition size than this.  (I would check, but that would involve actual effort. 😛 )

Silky 5

Lifting off the lid, we see a layer of tissue held in place with a tag on a pretty gold ribbon.  Sliding one side of the ribbon out and then gently pushing aside the tissue we see…

Silky 6

She looks surprisingly morose for someone so special.  (Maybe she was depressed by the sight of my place, and all my other dolls…)

She’s held in place by carefully tied black ribbons.  Not a universal annoyance or even a twisty-tie in sight!

Untying the ribbons, I was able to get her out of the box with an ease not experienced in playline dolls.  (Not in playline dolls released in my lifetime, anyway!)  But I couldn’t photograph a doll like this in my usual setting, so I had to try to find something a tiny bit nicer.

Silky 8

It’s still not nice enough, of course.  I really need a proper set for her.  (Actually, I need a proper set, period.  But I don’t have room for one in here…though when I was at Jo-Ann’s today I nearly bought two different things thinking “oh, this could make a nice doll set!” before my brain reminded me I had no place to put such things.  I gotta clean this place up!)

Anyway, a Silkstone Barbie with articulated elbows, knees and wrists is quite a treat!  The Silkstone dolls have a wonderful look and feel to them, but they’ve always been quite rigid, and that definitely limits their possibilities for photography.  (There’s one in my collection (who must have come from Tuesday Mornings) who looks like she just stepped out of the Ziegfeld Follies, and yet she can’t do any dancer-like poses; all she can do is stand there.)

Silky 9

And yet something seems to be troubling her.  (And I don’t mean my lousy job of placing the “flooring” for her photo shoot.)

Maybe she’s just depressed that I didn’t assign her a name like I did my Curvy and Petite Barbies?

Or maybe there’s actually something wrong with her?

Silky 10

How about visible seams?

Silky 11

Admittedly, she only cost $40, so I can see why maybe Mattel didn’t feel it necessary to go all-out in sanding the seams off.  But these are pretty bad.

And furthermore her joints don’t really move as much or as well as I’d like.

Silky 12

But she’s not worried!  (Despite the hideous mismatch of backdrops once she’s standing up.)  When you look this good, a few little flaws are nothing to hold you down.

Silky 14

However!  Someone at Mattel needs to fess up!  Just who thought the dominatrix boots were a good idea on a girl who’s otherwise so classy?!

Those boots gotta go…

Silky 15

Getting them off was insanely tricky, I must say; they really didn’t want to go anywhere.  I think those seams in the back were supposed to go all the way up and someone forgot to finish cutting them. 😦  Also, look how ugly the backs of her knees are!  Ack!

Silky 18

Speaking of “ack,” the dominatrix boots stained her feet.  I’ll have to be careful what shoes she wears from now on.

Silky 17

In any case, the bows on her shoulders are cute.  And it’s a nice face-up.  The eyes and eye make-up are the traditional kind associated with the original facial sculpt (and this is really the original facial sculpt; the copyright date on the back said 1959 and everything) but the delicately pale lips seem much more contemporary, while the beauty mark feels very, very old school.  (Like 18th century old school.)

However, cute shoulder bows not withstanding, I decided the dress needed to go, too.  In part because black isn’t really my thing, and in part because the plastic underneath it to protect her from staining was starting to get stuck in one of her shoulder joints, making it almost impossible to move her arm.

Silky 19

This dress from the Barbie Look collection seemed perfect for her.  (If the dress looks familiar to you, it may be because you’ve seen it on Pyrrha and Barbara.  They’ve both had their turns in this dress.  A much shorter turn in Pyrrha’s case, but a turn none the less.)  I’m not 100% positive those are the shoes that go with it, but…they look pretty good with it, even if they don’t actually belong there.  (Unfortunately, by this point in the photo shoot, my light was starting to go…)

Silky 20

The dress even matches her coloration!

Naturally, after I called off the photo shoot for the day due to a) loss of light and b) needing to go out before going to an evening showing of Zootopia, today I found something at Jo-Ann’s that should make a much better backdrop for future photo shoots.

Silky 21

What do you think of it?  It’s not so busy that it’s distracting, is it?

BTW, the deal with that pose is that she’s supposed to be blowing a kiss.  I guess it more or less kind of looks like that’s what she’s doing, but…

Silky 22

…look how far away from her face her hand had to be!  That’s exactly what I was talking about when I said her joints didn’t really have the range of motion that I’d like from them.  Made-to-Move could do this so much better.  (I am totally going to have to do a “blowing kisses” pose when I de-box my other two Made-to-Moves.  (Yes, two.  I got Teresa and, er, Christie?  Are they still calling the African-American dolls that?))

Actually, with that backdrop, in this pose, it looks like she’s asking to be handed one of those yummy-looking French pastries.  Can’t blame her for that…

Anyway, moving on, the first time I went to the Barbie Collection site to get her, I balked and backed out of the purchase when I saw the shipping fee, as it was quite enormous for a domestic purchase.  But when I wanted to check that I wasn’t misremembering her price (because I saw her on Amazon for $45) and went back, that’s when I noticed the “enjoy free shipping with purchases over $100” line.  Well, given how much some dolls on that site go for, I knew that wasn’t going to be a challenge!  (In fact, there’s a really lovely one that I declined to get who costs that much by herself.)

The first choice of what else to add to the cart was easy:

Silky 1

A special Tokidoki figurine that isn’t blind box, exclusive to the Barbie Collection shop.  I’ve already forgotten exactly which doll’s fashion this is reproducing.  I think they said it was early 1990s, but it looks totally ’80s to me.  Oh, wait, the back of the box actually says:  the doll was called “Totally Hair Barbie.”  Even the name screams ’80s.  But I’m pretty sure the site said it was from the ’90s.  (Well, fashions don’t change the instant the decade does…)

Anyway, super adorable, so of course I added it to the cart (sorry, they call it a “bag”), but that didn’t do much to get me up to $100, ’cause this little cutie was only $10, just like the blind box version.

The next doll was also pretty much of a no-brainer, being one that instantly screamed “buy me!” and which was on sale.

Silky 23

Look, she came in her own shipping carton, just like a Blythe doll!

Silky 24 Silky 25

Yup, this is a whole line of vintage reproduction dolls dedicated to making me feel old.  Er, I mean, this is a line dedicated to the late 1970s and early 1980s.   (I don’t need Mattel’s help to feel old.  I just need to talk to the other museum employee helping me catalog that Disney collection.  Today she told me that she’d never in her life (before starting work on this collection) seen anything labeled “Made in Hong Kong.”  Ouch.  I graduated from college in the year Britain finally gave Hong Kong back to China.  She’s a nice girl, but so young that sometimes it physically hurts.)

Silky 26

I didn’t have the original of this doll as a kid, but as soon as I saw the photo of this reproduction I was like “omg, I remember that one!”  Because even before my mother let me have Barbies, I still saw the ads on television, and this one was so beautiful and glamorous, how could anyone forget her?  (Though if this one was from ’83, then I definitely already had Barbies by then.  I just didn’t happen to have this particular one.)

Silky 27

There was nothing subtle about the ’80s.  But that’s what we love about them, right?

Anyway, even after adding Dream Date here, I was about $8 short of that hundred.  And I didn’t want to go crazy overboard, especially since I’d had to reach $50 to get free shipping from Amazon just the day before.  And that was Barbie (and Monster High), too.  Dangit, Mattel, stop taking my money!


Like I was saying, I still needed a bit more to reach free shipping.  And the least expensive doll there that was really saying “you know you want me” was the second doll in this series, who was still full-priced at $50, a bit higher than I’d have liked to go.  So I looked around and around and around at all that they had on offer, and eventually settled on a doll on clearance sale:

Silky 28

I’ve neither seen these movies nor read the books, and I don’t plan on doing either at any time ever, because they just really don’t sound like my type of thing.  But I’d noticed this doll in the stores and thought that her pixie cut was cute.  (Er, that is the name for that hairstyle, right?)

Silky 29

Bah, stupid camera.  In the distance shot, it insisted on focusing on the photo of the actress down in the corner, and in the close-up, it decided to focus on the dust(?) on the plastic bubble.  (Which, btw, is what the white speck on the lower right side of her mouth is, not a paint flaw.)  Her hideous outfit is going to go as soon as I debox her (whenever that’ll be), but I’m going to have to be careful when I redress her:  I hadn’t realized she had a tatoo on her chest!  I’ll want to make sure I cover that up.  (Assuming I come up with anything good for her to wear, I’ll be sure to post photos when the time comes.)

Okay, so that’s what I have to show you today.  This order was in part a “distract myself from worrying about that test” thing (the Amazon order less so, as it was more a reaction to a super sale price, as I’ll explain when it gets here), and since I re-blogged the post about the test to this blog, I should also let you know that the results came back negative, so I don’t have MS, thank goodness!  (Yes, there was a celebratory order.  From Mandarake, and I spent way too much…though the shipping was a hefty chunk of it, as always.  But you get what you pay for, so it’ll likely be here early next week; their shipping may be crazy expensive, but it’s also crazy fast.)  I had a full post about the test results on my main blog, which is here, if you’d like to read about it.  (Um, the link is to the post, not the main page of the blog…)

I feel like I had more I wanted to say, but now I don’t remember what it was, and it’s already a quarter to ten, and I wanted to write up the “A” posts for next month today, so I better just hit the “Publish” button on this and worry about the rest later.  (I figure if I can get one post written a day for both blogs between now and April 1, I’ll have enough of a comfortable lead that finishing April A-to-Z should be easy, even though I want to do real posts this time on this blog as well as on the other.  Well, okay, not all of them will be “real” posts, but I don’t want to do any more that are just a single photo with no (or almost no) text.  I’m hoping to at least have multiple pictures for each post, even if I don’t have much to say about them.)  Also I’m about 100 pages behind in my reading for next week.  (Ack!)

Oh, right!  The gallery link for this post is here.


3 thoughts on “An Order from the Barbie Collection

  1. Blackkitty March 20, 2016 / 3:28 am

    First of all, congrats for not having MS! Second of all, wow, how different people can be! If I found myself with the first and last doll of this post, I would have kept both outfits and shoes, maybe the bodies if they matched any heads in my collection, or I would have rerooted longer hair on the last doll and put her in something that shows the tattoo (btw, if you don’t like it, you can sand it with a fine nail file/buffer). But I have to admit, the Silky looks better in the blue dress.


    • Iphis of Scyros March 21, 2016 / 7:50 am

      Thanks. 🙂

      I’ll probably put the black dress on another doll at some point, but either one with colorful hair, or I’d add colorful accessories to relieve the black. (This may be psychological: I had a period in my life where I wore all black, and it wasn’t a happy time.)


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